Whose side are they on?

When a tradition and FIRST AMENDMENT exercise become as pivotal as today’s
"Public talk on issues of public concern" in "seeking redress of grievances"
and such rights are NOT TO BE INFRINGED, Tombstone’s Ordinance 821J and the 1994 "Boisterous" Act are clearly
Prima Facie evidence of TREASON, aren’t they? Irrefutable debate concurs:
The appearance of Criminality, with public documented violations and apparent conspiracy to violate civil rights
AND civil liberties undertaken by the Mayor & Marshals of Tombstone

{with its obfuscational city charter now under investigation, a legitimate cloud is over the city’s source of authority}
has become a valid critical question demanding immediate resolution. But not by some LOCAL MAGISTRATE* with inherent conflict of interest*
who should have recused himself before now- upon the filing of these items upon the Tombstone docket,
for just as this ordinance was INEXPEDIENT to LEGISLATE, all actions or causes of action related to these ordinances and their citation during separate crimes of abuse of authority are beyond the scope, authority & jurisdiction of said magistrate;
they should have been removed from the docket prior to this time as NOT GERMAINE to ANY ISSUE before the bench, and unajudicatable given the "a priori" necessity to determine the constitutional validity and/or applicability of the ordinances or their [selective] application has never been examined, nor has any allowance ever been made for their challenge, which in itself is a DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS.

{*Not to mention allowing an abuse of the court for political and/or criminal purposes, advancing an agenda, negating constitutional protections, violations of the Oath of Office, TREASON.}
From local dictatorship & fascism to State & National levels, the betrayals are too similar Not to see the commonality, the same method of demonizing & assaulting those who may not agree with you.
WAR 360 Special news from "The Gunbelt Report":


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