A teardrop for Earth

                                            Our World in a teardrop. Opened eyes cry…
                                            Frank Lavoie
I shall author metaphor in hopes it may rain on the parade. What
parade? What but the parade of people like lemmings plunging off the
end of the dock into the seize of confusion, delusion, deception &
propaganda. If we paced such a pell-mell rush differently, it could be
scored like music. We should see clearly the orchestration of the ‘soft
attack’ ongoing, like a bass line rumbling underneath our feet. If
instead we hear thunder, see the flash of lightning, & the hard
rain falls, but there is no weather report, what should we think, day
after day, when the storm continues, the rain falls, day after day- do
we wait until the 40th day or night? Did we not notice the absence of
the weatherman? As conspicuously absent from news, or even "propaganda
for public consumption" are the [trials of the] Capones of the
pharmaceutical industries, from the War & Defense Industries, from
the Media & Nuke Power Industry. What should we think when the
weatherman speaks sunshine, but the storms continue? THAT weather
report is sponsored by the smokescreen called "thermonuclear
protection"and "national security". It is still raining, but somehow I
feel the sunburn of lies and D.U. & treason. I look across the
fields, woods, hills, and sky, knowing well which way the wind blows. I
pledge myself again to farm, lest I abandon hope to a "Silent Spring".
Honey, do we own a radiation detector?
Its the small things we need reminders of, in spite of the political
theater of war, with its fury, its megadrama, the movie called
‘terrorism’, as it’s promoted through its largest special effects- the
non-Hollywood blasts, carnage, injustices, that dominate our attention.
{Not to say we might fail to notice all that.} It is still the tiny
enemy at work beneath our feet we also need to focus upon. We can be
well aware of the corporate enemies of humanity, of the political
enemies, of the religious enemies, of criminals and traitors. We can be
well aware of weapons systems, devices, Presidential Directives,
mechanisms for usurpation of sovereignty, of constitutions, rights,
freedoms. But like the invaders in HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds, the
powerful only seem
invincible. Whether we identify with the Martians or the Earthlings
hiding underground, no matter how suppressed or driven by war, we both
answer to a tiny microbe eventually. It was proven in the 1970 expose
from WMUR-TV9 about the Manchester NH Amoskeag Mill #9 under US
Government control-contaminated with Anthrax but open to pigeons and
rats and kids. It was proven in the recent confirmation of the Ames
Strain of anthrax coming from the US Government in the 911 ‘bio-attack’
The Las Vegas Ricin story was characterized by an ‘instant’ FBI
assessment that there was "no terrorist connection", curiously, issued
by the same agent involved in the classified raid last fall of Magician
David Copperfield’s warehouse. The same agents who "missed" TWO VIALS
[four originally reported] of ricin. The same agents who also missed
the ‘subversive’ materials evidencing the fact that there was potential
intent for killing thousands. It is still raining isn’t it! Are we
safe? I think not, nor is any other part of America. It is not safe
because of the FBI and the "small lies". The storm continues. The
Israeli continue to bomb, the Americans, bomb, bomb, bomb.
Long known in ‘farmers’ wisdoms’ living microbes are responsible for
soil being ‘alive’, and science has just recognized that such microbes
are also responsible for frost resistance as well as for the majority
of ‘nucleation’ of moisture as it condenses as rain or snow, not so
much from dust as assumed. This means "back to the drawing boards" for
weathermen & climatologists, and puts the global warming premise
into the junk-science bin. What this knowledge also means is that
genetic engineering of crops will likely come to a grinding halt as the
illusion of ‘isolation’ falls to the revelation of earth-wide
interdependency of life, even on a microscopic level. War on one
‘level’ manifests on all levels. Now consider the Mutations to viruses,
to natural and engineered pathogens added by war, radioactivity, by
mobile populations, by experimental pharmaceuticals, by the new
pollutants, chemicals, and electromagnetic fields, by failures of water
treatment plants to protect us from perchlorates, from hormones, from
drugs, from a long list of new behavioral drugs getting into our water
supplies along with other things we were not ‘designed’ to tolerate.
But, neither are any of the smallest of lives on our planet. If our
understanding of ‘grand design’ is correct, that the system of our
planet operates as a whole, then it follows that we may not, must not
allow this culture of America, of global corporate greed and war
international and un-ending. There are no winners of war. NONE.  As our
Native American wisdom says, you may war upon each other, upon us, but
the Earth itself is what you war upon, and The Great Spirit will reward
you accordingly; the rain will not fall, the crops will not grow, and
your days of war will end with you. Peace itself will never be
defeated, for peace is the face of the Great Spirit, and so it is… in
every raindrop and every tear, even that upon His Cheek.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. If you kill the most tiny, even the greatest will die.

Frank Lavoie

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