Obama, like Bush, fiddles while our homes burn

April 23rd, the debate heats up, DHS Janet Napolitano has been labeled as a terrorist-traitor herself,
and even Chris Simcox of Minuteman fame, resurfaced in a bid to remove traitor John 13th house McCain from his Arizona Senate seat. The weird place last year from which we editorialized for Republic
Broadcasting seems to keep resurfacing, too, as strangely pertinent.

                The Fire this time, or Why Obushma fiddles while Home burns.
                         Frank Lavoie
We thrill in the ability to dance, race, even fly because we master
visualizing things in 3-D, taking pride in our sense of spacial
position, of knowing where we are.
Our eyes are tickled like our imaginations by skillful motion,
gymnastics, extreme sports, an heroic moment seized. Our ever-present
video cameras capture these "cinema veritas" clips into six-figures of
sharing around the planet in a few hours. Nature’s own fireworks get
playtime on our computers as well when an active volcano like Chile’s
LLaima spews lava dramatically. Not everyone notices, as reminders of
our planet’s true magnitude of force doesn’t often make it into
sophomoric or juvenile sex jokes on Jaynolettersman TV. What goes viral
on internet video sites also runs the gamut from base to intellectually
volcanic, though, luckily. Selectively searching for the "most shared"
videos can give us a quick holographic glimpse of where we are
on the Path of History, and where some seem willing to lead us, if they
are allowed. Time & again, the Volcano erupts [the hurricane hits,
the earthquake breaks loose, the war strikes home, take your choice]
and our ‘leaders’ seem too willing to stand behind us & push,
direct, & decide where we will go, what countries’ sovereignty we
will violate next, nation after nation.

    The Tug of War, literally, threatens to overwhelm all sensibilities, as
the revealed width & breadth of CIA & American Military Intervention becomes an ‘end of the world’ style Clear & Present Danger,
as surely as that of the advancing tsunami of Ban’d Ache Dec. 26th was-
to the victims. Today, the threat of Chinese, Indian, and Russian
flying missiles is the clear & present danger, in response to
C&W’s Satellite Gambit, while he takes unilateral action in
Pakistan and one may wonder if there isn’t a Barry Seal Team "securing"
Pakistan’s nukes
while he junkets in Africa. That makes the volcano
look all warm & interesting,
 But wait! A swarm of earthquakes has
appeared where some geologists, following the northward trend of
volcanic activity, have predicted. Continuing at this hour are
earthquakes under the largest and oldest geothermal field on the
continent. Cerro Prieto generated 5K GW in 1998. Is this in South
America? NO: This place provides 70% of the power generated in the Baja California
system. The "Popo" volcano outside of Mexico City has been puffing
regularly lately, but this geothermal site is just a few miles from
Yuma, AZ, The Cerro Prieto Volcano, has its lava lake at the same depth as the ongoing earthquakes,
and it is covered by just 15,000 feet of waterlogged strata, saturated
and steaming hot. This is getting a bit scary, Fire overhead, fire
under our feet! I don’t think FEMA is ready for a volcano. Who is, when
a great nation diddles away its blood and treasure for WAR, and
devastates, threatens or alienates the rest of the planet, who will
want to help us after The Fire in our sky? Nature’s fury or man-made nuclear disaster, disease or destruction, keep it up, America, you will have your choice, for the Karmic debt has been deeply incurred!
And there is HELL TO PAY…

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