Seeing the forest for the trees

Good afternoon, Earthlings. The news just gets so many knickers in a knot its going to take a republication
of a set of our essays published previously on Republic Broadcasting in March of last year
and some remarks for the day, to get the spoil of reason salvaged after the savaging
Liz & Dick CHENEY spewed- more of their venomous lies and continuing treasons across the TV,
earlier today. As luck would have it, {we are gratified to hear} a considerable discussion developing
across "party" political lines, and among some incredibly hostile, disparate and usually disparaging
[of each other] radio and internet talk show hosts- the most unexpected but righteous indignations
on the same facts, points of law, elements of constitutional rights, human dignity, intellectual honesty,
and most important, the recognition & agreement on truth: the huge betrayals
of everyone, regardless of opinion or position, status, or philosophy…by the government
past & present.

From local insane with abuse of power officials to those ‘all the way up’, people are still just simply humans!
That alone is the TRUTH of the impossibility of continued tolerance for the extremists.
 Failing to arrest Bush et. al.  betrays the very nature of mortal man, suffering & toiling
daily just to survive, much less actually thrive and prosper fairly, justly, honestly.
 LIFE is not to be toyed with by using word-twisting and political skewing or rationalizations, much less TORTURE.

One of our posted mottos has been: "Life is hard enough without being harsh upon each other."

Seeing the forest for the trees…
or, Burnham Wood hath marched to Dunce-Inane, Dude!
previously published on
Frank Lavoie
with help from Barbara Turner
and thanks to Shakespeare for Macbeth Act V Scene V

Here we go again, while the subject of nuclear power is ‘on deck’ in
Ohio, the ‘voter’s theater’ political play of the day is not one, but two nuke reactors shutting down in Florida at Turkey Point, near the old Homestead AFB site. It is not a coincidence.
For those of us familiar with those glorified steam engines, [I was at
Homestead in the 60’s] we are not impressed by such power plants, nor
the sloppy way they are constructed or operated, nor do we tolerate the
callous disregard for safety and radioactive releases they practice. I
remind my readers that I was not just a nuclear weapons specialist
(SAC/USAF) but worked on Navy nuke subs in Civil Service (PNSY) and was
appointed Research Coordinator for the Evacuation Plans for the City of
Portsmouth [NH] from the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant by Mayor Mary
Marconi while the NRC held licensing hearings for Unit Two
construction. If twin reactors BOTH shut down, outside power is
required for restart. It is highly unusual to crash both reactors.
The die-hard anti-nukes of Seabrook [NH] {1} fame were, and remain a
distinguished lot well known for their dignified eloquent impassioned
speeches & testimonials at NRC hearings and floors of legislatures.
They are visually known worldwide for massive protests and politeness
in the face of huge numbers of arrests requiring unprecedented rights
violations and crowd holdings that draw international sympathy protests
& support. Radioactivity Disasters: Three Mile Island, Bannock Street (Denver), Chernobyl & Pripyat, we know the names and what they mean, all of us, now. There’s no need for speeches or long-winded explanations.
Though touted in the propagandist media, the few pounds of enriched
uranium -that Iran is being chastized for- is not a tenth of that
needed for one low yield device of risky effectiveness, and not a
thousandth [in the vaccuum of any manifest war intention, unlike Bush]
of any threat that one off-the-shelf atomic bomb might be, were it not
for ten thousand loose nukes already stored, mounted, or on the
road at any given hour in cities and towns across America and in various states of security or disrepair, like the power plants
. They
are already here from Maine to Alaska, so why would we be in fear of a
remote possibility that remains improbable? A hobby shop radio kit is
no threat to the local radio station either, but the tactic is useful
to distract humans in America from the extreme danger amongst us,
denied and hidden by treacherous and greedy sociopathic corporations
and politicians. {Please recall one of my pieces referring to Bill
Clinton’s connection to the Kahzakstan uranium mine deal.}
nuke industry itself is exactly like its own perpetually poisonous
radioactivity, refusing to die, the Curse of Prometheus, it continues
to deny and ignore both impossibilities- of safe production and use,
& disposition. {2} The simple truth is that Nuclear Weapons and
Nuclear Power are Janus Twins, absolutely unnecessary and obsolete
before the fact, and no more sophisticated or scientific than a
glorified steam engine and a glowing sword of war. The CRIME is in the
LIE that humanity needs or wants nuclear anything. The Crime is in the
nuclear blackmail, humanity taken hostage, not just by the lie, but by
the Industry. The same industry that powers "life’ on one hand, powers
‘death’ on the other. An 84 degree day in February in South Florida:
the greedy, spoiled and lazy Americans along with a nuke industry ready
to take advantage of a political theater opportunity, have blacked out
millions, requiring hospitals to use back-up, because these couch
potatoes are using air conditioning at summer levels? What kind of
carrot and stick act are the politicians and their power brokerage
buddies going to add to the War for Oil scam? This smacks of another
"protection racket"- give us war, or get no oil, give us our uranium or
you get no power?{3, 4,} "Tactical Nukes"?
    But WAIT!
What’s the Next Major Natural Resource [fuel] on the (abundance) list
after uranium and petroleum that corporate can extort or bamboozle
humanity out of the control or free use of…and how can the political
corporates get a monopoly on...BAZILLIONS of TREES and millions of acres of HEMP? {5}  Hey, Macbeth [Act five, scene five] " ‘Fear not, till Birnam Wood Do Come to Dunsinane’ and now, a wood comes toward Dunsinane!" {6} The National Forests are in disaster stage.
The Hayman Wildfire** of Colorado has been a reclamation fiasco in the
years since the 2002 fire, the dead timber left standing harbored a
huge breakout of Mountain Pine Beetle now killing trees across millions
of acres in several western states- but it could go national. The
waste of this lumber, and the corporate grab for it is the new War on
America. Those trees, that lumber, belongs to The People.
Bush official responsible {7} for the mess is now facing court, but the
ISSUE is barely before the people, except where the local communities
are being now devastated by the policy. {8,9,10} This is the LAST
resource war, and it is going to be fought right in our back yards. ONLY 2% of our population is involved in GROWING OUR FOOD. We know what a disaster that has caused.
We know we MUST decentralize our government, our great cities, and our
inappropriate dependencies. We know we must control our own water
sources, our own food sources, our own mines and mountains and forests.
NEW small businesses owned and operated by ourselves, utilizing the
natural resources, the trees, and particularly hemp and medicinal
marijuana, will change the face of our Shakespearean situation from the
tragedy it has become, to the triumph it always came close to being,
but for the ‘tolerance’ we had for those who sought to sell us the view
that they, they alone were to be trusted, they alone to be rulers, or
leaders, or whatever label man makes for the fake that he is. Sustainable independent prudent but comfortable living is sufficient triumph for compassionate honest humans.{11,
12} Politics, I say, is as obsolete as nuclear power, and has been
since Tesla & other alternative technology has been threatening
those obsolete schemes like oil, uranium, and pharmaceutical bunkum-
just like hemp and sophisticated steam- timeless as the solar energy- and no one can patent the
trees, those plants, those "made it in my own workshop" devices that will keep the farms, and us, alive.

Thats a heck of a lot more that what those "leaders" and "Industry"
offer. There is no choice- the wood has come to us, the seeds of change
have come to us, the situation not of our making, but it’s time to
build the scaffold of local wood, and weave a hempen rope and hang
those old ways & ideas like a prayer flag. "Look, a fresh banner
over the Globe! There’s a new play afoot!" Thank you, Bard.

{9, 10}:                      
{11, 12}:
** see "The Hayman Incident" on Youtube

Frank Lavoie and Barbara Turner

April 23rd 2009
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, did anyone else watch those low flying
Stealth ? planes circling from Mustang Corners along Hwy 82 to the Tombstone
Border Checkpoint, North to St. David , back along the Whetstone Mtns,
and starting over about a dozen times in the early AM moonless SATURDAY night?

Hey, prospectors, we put a huge chunk of silver ore from Tombstone on Ebay.

More republication, from January, 2008:
What you SEE is what you get.

                                   What we "See" is what we get.
            Frank Lavoie

    Being careful what we ‘ask for’, because we might just ‘get it’. We know the saying. It doesn’t stop people
from being fearless and taking the stage; its only natural to accept the "mind’s eye" as projectionist or director.
We strut upon the stage of life, sometimes feeling we are not writing our own roles anymore, but
directed by some ‘Bard’ in the darkness. From the audience to the balcony, we puzzle & marvel in the lights
illusions, the characters delusions, the comedy & tragedy of it
all. Many trust their own eyes, their own minds eyes, to "see" all of
the play, the players, and the play-writer’s hand, the story performed,
and the performance, the performers and those parts of the experience
that were shared with others, as well as those which were personal to
you alone in the theater. We want to trust what others say, but we know
when we hear someone trying to misguide us, we "saw" the play.  "Intellectual astigmatism".
The phrase sounds like an attempt at comedy, sarcasm, dry-witted
stand-up satire, a fun poke in the eye of a single-minded cyclop. I can
hear it: "I thought it was gimmick" the young lady in the TV spot says,
genuinely, "But it wasn’t!" So lets consider a dark matter.
    "Astigmatism" is a science term for the small
overlapping dual scenes we get from each eye not quite matching, due to
the lens or even from brain processing. Its effects can be as subtle as
a thin colored edge on a distant moon or star, or it can mean seeing
auras. Everyone, from photographers to astronomers can relate to this,
as well as share a way to visualize what cannot be ‘seen’, specifically
when it comes to the newest revelation about deep sub-atomic ‘reality’.
It depends on "Observation". Yes, No.
if it involves Light, pairs of particles or waves, if ‘observed’ at any
time in their existence by "intelligence", the many possibilities that
may have been in store for the pair is changed, and that changes the
Universe with it, as we "decide" or "observe" that pair to be "matter
and anti-matter", OR NOT, the pair of particles which science says
"just popped into existence" either re-combine, annihilate, and passes
out of "being", or they are FREE, separate, and the universe becomes
more of itself, vibrating.
not everyone sees things the same. It takes a Universe to make us
possible, and some intelligence to make the universe possible. It
remains to be "seen" if we are that intelligence, or ‘just another
dream in the mind of god.’ Is MY moment of observation, any we make, free of the labels
some would put on other humans, in politically correct terms, in
marketing codes, in religious branding of ideas, in nationalistic
corporate logo loyalty surveys [votes], anything more than trying to
"correct" visions, to "freeze-frame" the Vibrating Universe?
it is useful to see auras, to take advantage of the human condition,
where one eye is normally more sensitive to blue-green, the other to
red. We are unique vibrating quantum strings of DNA in pairs, we
encompass and embody freedom and its paradoxes, Not contradictions, or
we will self-destruct. East and west, Yin and Yang, we need no business
nor religion nor government putting prescribed Eisenglassen over our
views of the Free Universe, nor our free human vision. No power
generated is great enough to feed unbridled greed, wastefulness, or
luxury- not because we cannot, but because we should not.
Those who propose or advance the threat of imposing unlimited power,
wealth, enslavement, control, destruction or security- are defiant of
the very laws of the known universe.
Those who attempt it, or
devise schemes dividing the planet, those who say, "With us or against
us."-they label everything from particles to people in terms of
conflict & contradiction, as "matter" and "antimatter". Meanwhile,
the "rest of the universe" truthfully demonstrates within its free,
‘warm & fuzzy’ quantum world of "observation" a view of Heaven or
of Hell, of Peace, or of War, as is our free will to ‘see’ through our
own personal "astigmatisms" of intellect, which for me & thee,
includes the propensity to dream with our eyes wide open.

The Survival Imperative

                        The Survival Imperative
Frank Lavoie

    The number ONE most important story On The Planet is "The US-NATO Preemptive Nuclear Doctrine".

 No other issue, subject, or concern
should occupy or distract all humanity from the absolute necessity to
understand and act upon this, the supreme threat upon Earth. Nothing is more urgent.
I was a nuclear weapons specialist in the Air Force back in the late
sixties. I got used to being visited, after I got out, by agents
checking to see if technician veterans like me were vulnerable to
subversion, espionage, or blackmail, that sort of thing. They followed
many veterans for years just to see if they were stable, or were being
talkative drunks, for instance. It all used to be so straight forward
and logical. Except for the unannounced interruptions caused by agents
visits, I and others who used to have high security clearances just saw
it as part of the program. But yesterday [February 11th, 2008] I had to explain to [Two Secret Service Agents] someone
half my age why the Bush-Cheney Doctrine was a guarantee of a
"worse-case-scenario", an engineered self-destruction doublethink, that
no one can stop after it starts, that no weapon system’s [least of all
nuclear] planned use could defend a hated nation.
"So what, I dared to
call it treason, gentlemen, and I’m still here, and its still your duty
to protect me."

TODAY< April 23rd, 2009>
                                                                                Pakistan has fallen.

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