The Curse of a Criminal Nation

If the question of the day is to ARREST GEORGE BUSH & Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Don Rumsfeld, and so on..or not…
WE SAY it is neither a matter of policy nor politics, it is a matter of the

Curse of a Criminal Nation by Frank Lavoie
or, Why haven’t they been EXECUTED yet?
from a Republic Broadcasting Exclusive on Feb 22nd, 2008

The Big Curse of America : 500 years of terrorism on 500 nations- is an end to it near?
    We ask first if you saw the PBS special on Kit Carson before launching this essay,
or most recently "We Shall Remain"  on PBS
or are familiar with the series 500 Nations, or How the West Was Lost.
Please bear such American History in mind, in that we wish to merely
suggest a perspective to be pondered or used to illuminate the current
situation, including Kosovo  [Iraq?]  independence- in the light of some reports
that part of the opium marketing interests in addition to the CIA’s
regional instability services section, have been fingered in the
apparently manipulated controversy within and outside of Serbia. That
isn’t to say that other correlations are not also intended. Now the
exclusive essay:
When we use Google Earth to get a view of places in the news, or of our
own neighborhoods, we enjoy the familiar recognizable landscape from a
new perspective. We know exactly what we are looking at, even if we are
seeing it now from a point of view where we know it’s impossible for us
to stand. The places we walk, thinking we know well how straight the
path may be, is revealed in all its bends and curves. What seemed a
mountain when we climbed it is now shown realistically a hill.
Likewise, the topography, the geology of the land, exists without
boundaries.The subject is more than an imaginary line on the ground.
The rock under all our feet sets the course of rivers and the range of
mountains, no matter who draws a boundary around the resources, at the
convenience of the times and the politicians. Whole nations change
hands among global corporate tides of fortune
; Whole populations and
the natural resources at their feet are fought over by others far away.
Oil fields, pipelines, mines, private and public properties are traded
for favors, or traded as favors among politicians & "leaders" who
care not where we stand, what we stand for, or what piece of Earth upon
which we wish to stay.

1860: Gen. Canby waged war against the Navajo indiscriminately, or more
accurately, with great discrimination. Typical to the ‘manifest
destiny’ mindset of divide, conquer, and plunder, many ‘battles’ were
won but never the ‘war’. In efforts to bring an endless campaign to a
‘successful’ close, Canby & others negotiated "Peace" on their
terms in treaties they drafted & imposed upon the native
landholders. In most cases, troops were withdrawn immediately upon
effect of the ‘treaties’, leaving open opportunities for revenge by
displaced & disenfranchised survivors of the raids, battles, and
trick treaties. It didn’t mean widespread bad faith on either side to
live in peace, though not necessarily among each other- the sides were
trapped in an armistice which was neither dependable nor enforceable.
The general lack of any central authority remaining in the scattered
tribes left even the great Navajo Nation fragmented. Among both
settlers and natives, many families and groups conducted themselves
individually and independently. Peace itself is not neccessarily free
of theft, murder, depredations, or hostilities within or between
groups; they continue with or without a ‘peace treaty’, with or without
war, or the presence of force.

So it is possible, even today, to see worthless treaties and false
peace again predicated as it was in 1863 by General Carleton in New
Mexico. [June 15th] "
For a long time
past the ‘indians’ have murdered and robbed the people of New
Mexico…they were warned & told to inform their people that for
these murders & robberies The Tribe Must Be Punished, unless some
binding guarantees should be given that in the future these outrages
should cease…additional murders & additional robberies have been
perpetrated upon the persons & properties of our un-offending
citizens…it is therefor ordered…to prosecute a vigorous war upon
the men of the tribe…until it is considered at this headquarters that
they have been effectively punished for their long-term atrocities."


The order went out to kill all male resistors, to capture all the women
and children, and of course, TO TAKE all their LANDS in the process. To
control the looting, Carleton offered $20 for each captured Navajo mule
or horse, $1 for each sheep. "Volunteers" roamed the country destroying
crops, orchards, and gardens, stealing livestock for Carleton. "This
way will be pursued against you if it takes years, now that we have
begun, until you cease to exist or move. There can be no other talk on
the subject." From their point of view, the aim was to END 180 YEARS OF
WAR with the Native Americans- not to live in peace.

Using Divide & Conquer strategies continued through 1882 with
unscrupulous Indian Agents conspiring with land grabbers. Near
TOMBSTONE AZ the Chiricahua & Jacarilla Apaches finally had enough
of the provocations and with Tanza &  Naiche, sons of Cochise,
found new ways to retaliate, different from Geronimo. They made the
settlers dependent on their Farming and Orchards
while working on a
Really Big Curse
. 130 years later, we may be seeing the culmination of
almost 500 years of terroristic warfare, of trick treaties and broken
promises, in that what was started in America so long ago against the
Native residents of America may have been Just Cause for
a curse of revenge:  the
500 year long trace of a path American Government chose for itself, a
policy, a mindset, a ‘philosophy’ of murder, theft, genocide, and lies..
albatross of legacy and reputation which might take another 500 years to
forgive, but it shall never be forgotten, for "General George Bush, and General Dick Cheney" may have finally replayed the bad karma from early
fascist American history by completing the curse-
such people who would do such things so forbidden by the Great Spirit & the Nation So Gained were Doomed to Repeat the behavior for 500
years until the other Tribes of Earth, seeing 500 years of such crime,
would bring the White Buffalo to Dance upon them and return them to the
Earth forever to bring Peace itself back to every lodge.

Frank Lavoie

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