Bio-warfare! Evidence links Alaskan 1917 epidemic bodies, Army

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H5N1 Originates From Alaska in 1997

Robert S. Finnegan
April 26, 2009

In 1997, freelance investigative reporter Robert S. Finnegan, then
living and based in Alaska was present when Dr. John Hultin managed to
con the Natives of Brevig Mission Alaska into allowing him to exhume
the bodies of several Native Alaskans against the almost violent
protests of the Natives.  Plying the Natives with lies and money,
Hultin managed to find two corpses that appeared still viable for
extraction of the H5N1 DNA buried in the permafrost.  One corpse
retained the viral DNA in its desiccated lungs.  He then returned to
the lower 48 with enough DNA to resurrect this killer virus that had
been eradicated in the early 1900’s.  Hultin turned virus samples over
to the CDC and the U.S. Army (Jeffery Taubenberger) who then proceeded
to weaponize the virus H5N1, baptizing his new doomsday creation with
the name “Bird Flu.”  This virus that had long been eradicated has now
been released once more to kill again, this time possibly billions of
human beings across the planet, by combining with the brand new killer
H1N1 that has the capability to cross barriers in pigs, birds and
humans  becoming a “Super-Super” virus.

featured stories   H5N1 Originates From Alaska in 1997

Dr. Death

“Dr. Death,” Johan Hultin. Photo by Kim Komenich.

Today, on this date the world is seeing the results of this evil
“research” as a new pandemic roars out of Mexico into the United
States.  I was in Alaska when this travesty occurred.  Unfortunately,
the Alaska Native Federation was unable to stop this theft.  “Doctor”
Hulin, the CDC, and the United States Army are guilty of crimes against
humanity – especially the CDC – who are now in the business of killing
rather than curing, and probably have been for some time now under the
Bush/Cheney crime regime.  The blame for this pandemic, if it indeed
becomes one, can be laid squarely at their feet.
 I have been waiting
for this to occur since 1997.  Martial Law, forced vaccinations and
mass death will follow shortly if this comes to pass.

Perhaps we slept too long.

Robert S. Finnegan
Jakarta, Indonesia
April 26, 2009

Origin of Virus

One theory is that the virus strain originated at  Fort Riley,  Kansas, by two  genetic mechanisms —  genetic drift and  antigenic shift
— in viruses in poultry and swine which the fort bred for local
consumption. Though initial data from a recent reconstruction of the
virus suggested that it jumped directly from  birds to humans, without traveling through swine [1], this has since been cast into doubt. One researcher argues that the disease was found in  Haskell County, Kansas as early as January 1918. [2]

Discovery of viral genomes
In February 1997,  Johan Hultin recovered samples of the 1918 influenza from the frozen corpse of a Native Alaskan woman buried for nearly eight decades in  permafrost near  Brevig Mission, Alaska [3]. He brought the samples to a team led by Jeffery Taubenberger of the US  Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). ...more follows….

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for the rest of the COMPLETE RESEARCH REPORT with scientific details and references:

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