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LCU ‘WAR 360’ : The wolf is on the run, the sheep are in stampede.

I can say confidently, we saw the bite of ugly transparent shallow American thinking drawing near.
The time has come to Pay the Piper.

Guest Featured below, one of the best ‘first words’ opening the ultimate debate of the millenia:
{and this, along with the perversity of the warmongers, is why,
if we were elsewhere than Arizona, we’d be "Gone Fishing".
 Instead, "See you on the mountain!"






Maybe We Should Take the North Koreans at Their Word

Wednesday 27 May 2009

by: Tad Daley  |  Visit article original @ Tikkun.org

A South Korean marine stands guard at an anti-aircraft gun position on Yeonpyeong
Island in the disputed waters of the Yellow Sea on May 28, 2009. (Photo: Getty

    Shortly after North Korea exploded its second nuclear device in three years
on Monday morning, it released a statement explaining why. "The republic
has conducted another underground nuclear testing successfully in order to strengthen
our defensive nuclear deterrence."(1) If the Obama Administration
hopes to dissuade Pyongyang from the nuclear course it seems so hell bent on
pursuing, Washington must understand just how adroitly nuclear arms do appear
to serve North Korea’s national security. In other words, perhaps we should
recognize that they mean what they say.

    From the dawn of history until the dawn of the nuclear age, it seemed rather
self-evident that for virtually any state in virtually any strategic situation,
the more military power one could wield relative to one’s adversaries, the more
security one gained. That all changed, however, with Alamogordo and Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. During the Cold War’s long atomic arms race, it slowly dawned
on "nuclear use theorists" – whom one can hardly resist acronyming
as NUTS – that in the nuclear age, security did not necessarily require superiority.
Security required simply an ability to retaliate after an adversary had struck,
to inflict upon that opponent "unacceptable damage" in reply. If an
adversary knew, no matter how much devastation it might inflict in a first strike,
that the chances were good that it would receive massive damage as a consequence
(even far less damage than it had inflicted as long as that damage was "unacceptable"),
then, according to the logic of nuclear deterrence, that adversary would be
dissuaded from striking first. What possible political benefit could outweigh
the cost of the possible obliteration of, oh, a state’s capital city, and the
leaders of that state themselves, and perhaps more than a million lives therein?

    Admittedly, the unassailable logic of this "unacceptable damage"
model of nuclear deterrence – which we might as well call UD – failed to put
the brakes on a spiraling Soviet/American nuclear arms competition that began
almost immediately after the USSR acquired nuclear weapons of its own in 1949.
Instead, a different model of nuclear deterrence emerged, deterrence exercised
by the capability completely to wipe out the opponent’s society, "mutually
assured destruction," which soon came to be known to all as MAD. There
were other scenarios of aggression – nuclear attacks on an adversary’s nuclear
weapons, nuclear or conventional attacks on an adversary’s closest allies (in
Western and Eastern Europe) – that nuclear weapons were supposed to deter as
well. However, the Big Job of nuclear weapons was to dissuade the other side
from using their nuclear weapons against one’s own cities and society, by threatening
to deliver massive nuclear devastation on the opponent’s cities and society
in reply. "The Department of Defense," said an Ohio congressman in
the early 1960s, with some exasperation, "has become the Department of

    Nevertheless, those who engaged in an effort to slow the arms race often employed
the logic of UD in their attempts to do so. "Our twenty thousandth bomb,"
said Robert Oppenheimer, who directed the Manhattan Project that built the world’s
first atomic weapons, as early as 1953, "will not in any deep strategic
sense offset their two thousandth."(3) "Deterrence does not depend
on superiority," said the great strategist Bernard Brodie in 1965.(4) "There
is no foreign policy objective today that is so threatened," said retired
admiral and former CIA director Stansfield Turner in 1998, "that we would
É accept the risk of receiving just one nuclear detonation in retaliation."(5)

    Consider how directly the logic of UD applies to the contemporary international
environment, to the twin nuclear challenges that have dominated the headlines
during most of the past decade, and to the most immediate nuclear proliferation
issues now confronting the Obama Administration. Because the most persuasive
explanation for the nuclear quests on which both Iran and North Korea have embarked
is, indeed, the notion that "deterrence does not depend on superiority."
Deterrence depends only an ability to strike back. Iran and North Korea appear
to be seeking small nuclear arsenals in order to deter potential adversaries
from launching an attack upon them – by threatening them with unacceptable damage
in retaliation.

    Neither North Korea nor Iran could hope to defeat its most powerful potential
adversary – the United States – in any kind of direct military confrontation.
They cannot repel an actual attack upon them. They cannot shoot American planes
and missiles out of the sky. Indeed, no state can.

    However, what these countries can aspire to do is to dissuade the American
leviathan from launching such an attack. How? By developing the capability to
instantly vaporize an American military base or three in Iraq or Qatar or South
Korea or Japan, or an entire U.S. aircraft carrier battle group in the Persian
Gulf or the Sea of Japan, or even an American city on one coast or the other.
And by making it implicitly clear that they would respond to any kind of assault
by employing that capability immediately, before it’s too late, following the
venerable maxim: "Use them or lose them." The obliteration of an entire
American military base, or an entire American naval formation, or an entire
American city, would clearly seem to qualify as "unacceptable damage"
for the United States.

    Moreover, to deter an American attack, Iran and North Korea do not need thousands
of nuclear warheads. They just need a couple of dozen, well hidden and well
protected. American military planners might be almost certain that they could
take out all the nuclear weapons in these countries in some kind of a dramatic
lightning "surgical strike." However, with nuclear weapons, "almost"
is not good enough. Even the barest possibility that such a strike would fail,
and that just one or two nuclear weapons would make it into the air, detonate
over targets, and result in massive "unacceptable damage" for the
United States, would in virtually any conceivable circumstance serve to dissuade
Washington from undertaking such a strike.

    In addition, it is crucial to recognize that Iran and North Korea would not
intend for their nascent nuclear arsenals to deter only nuclear attacks upon
them. If the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States disappeared tomorrow
morning, but America’s conventional military superiority remained, it still
would be the case that the only possible military asset that these states could
acquire, to effectively deter an American military assault, would be the nuclear

    The "Korean Committee for Solidarity with World Peoples," a mouthpiece
for the North Korean government, captured Pyongyang’s logic quite plainly just
weeks after the American invasion of Iraq in March 2003. "The Iraqi war
taught the lesson that É the security of the nation can be protected
only when a country has a physical deterrent force É"(6) Similarly,
a few weeks earlier, just before the Iraq invasion began, a North Korean general
was asked to defend his country’s nuclear weapons program, and with refreshing
candor replied, "We see what you are getting ready to do with Iraq. And
you are not going to do it to us."(7)

    It really is quite a remarkable development. North Korea today is one of the
most desperate countries in the world. Most of its citizens are either languishing
in gulags or chronically starving. And yet – in contrast to all the debate that
has taken place in recent years about whether the United States and/or Israel
ought to launch a preemptive strike on Iran – no one seems to be proposing any
kind of military strike on North Korea. Why not? Because of the mere possibility
that North Korea could impose unacceptable damage upon us in reply.

    Perhaps the most remarkable thing about UD is that it seems every bit as effective
as MAD. North Korea today possesses no more than a handful of nuclear warheads,
and maintains nothing like a "mutual" nuclear balance with the United
States. In addition, the retaliation that North Korea can threaten cannot promise
anything like a complete "assured destruction." To vaporize an American
carrier group in the Sea of Japan, or a vast American military base in South
Korea or Japan, or even an American city, would not be at all the same thing
as the "destruction" of the entire American nation – as the USSR was
able to threaten under MAD.

    And yet, MAD and UD, it seems, exercise deterrence in precisely the same way.
Astonishingly, it seems that Washington finds itself every bit as thoroughly
deterred by a North Korea with probably fewer than 10 nuclear weapons as it
did by a Soviet Union with 10,000. Although UD hardly contains the rich acronymphomaniacal
irony wrought by MAD, it appears that both North Korea and Iran intend now to
base their national security strategies solidly upon it.

    There is very little reason to suppose that other states will not soon follow
their lead.

    President Obama, of course, to his great credit, has not only made a nuclear
weapon-free Iran and North Korea one of his central foreign policy priorities,
he has begun to chart a course toward a nuclear weapon-free world. In a groundbreaking
speech before a huge outdoor rally in Prague on April 5th, he said, "Today,
I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and
security of a world without nuclear weapons." (Unfortunately, he followed
that with the statement that nuclear weapons abolition would not "be achieved
quickly, perhaps not in my lifetime," suggesting that neither he nor the
nuclear policy officials in his administration fully appreciate the magnitude
and immediacy of the nuclear peril. Do they really think the human race can
retain nuclear weapons for another half century or so, yet manage to dodge the
bullet of nuclear accident, or nuclear terror, or a nuclear crisis spinning
out of control every single time?)

    The one thing we can probably say for sure about the prospects for universal
nuclear disarmament is that no state will agree either to abjure or to dismantle
nuclear weapons unless it believes that such a course is the best course for
its own national security. To persuade states like North Korea and Iran to climb
aboard the train to abolition would probably require simultaneous initiatives
on three parallel tracks. One track would deliver foreign and defense policies
that assure weaker states that we do not intend to attack them, that just as
we expect them to abide by the world rule of law they can expect the same from
us, that the weak need not cower in fear before the strong. Another track would
deliver diplomatic overtures that convince weaker states that on balance, overall,
their national security will better be served in a world where no one possesses
nuclear weapons, rather than in a world where they do-but so too do many others.
And another track still would deliver nuclear weapons policies that directly
address the long-simmering resentments around the world about the long-standing
nuclear double standard, that directly acknowledge our legacy of nuclear hypocrisy,
and that directly connect nuclear non-proliferation to nuclear disarmament.

    The power decisively to adjust all those variables, of course, does not reside
in Pyongyang or Tehran. It resides instead in Washington.


    (1) The Washington Post, May 25, 2009.

    (2) Quoted in Daniel Lang, An Inquiry Into Enoughness: Of Bombs and Men and
Staying Alive (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1965), p. 167.

    (3) Quoted in Ibid., p. 38.

    (4) Bernard Brodie, Strategy in the Missile Age (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University
Press, 1971 – first published in 1965), p. 274, quoted in Sarah J. Diehl and
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    (5) Quoted in The Nation, Special Issue Containing Jonathan Schell’s interviews
with several nuclear policy professionals and intellectuals, February 2/9, 1998,
p. 40.

    (6) Quoted in Securing Our Survival: The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention,
Tilman Ruff and John Loretz, eds. (Boston: IPPNW, 2007), p. 37.

    (7) Don Oberdorfer, PBS, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, October 9, 2006, quoted
in Jonathan Schell, The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger (New
York: Henry Holt, 2007), p. 141.


    Tad Daley is the Writing Fellow with International Physicians for the
Prevention of Nuclear War, the Nobel Peace Laureate disarmament advocacy organization.
His first book, Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free
World, is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press in January 2010.





Let us not forget that the

Fri, 05/29/2009 – 17:09 — Anonymous (not verified)

Let us not forget that the U.S. Air Force used conventional Napalm
bombs to burn every city in North Korea to the ground (some of them
more than once) during the "Forgotten War," 1950 to 1953. Pyongyang
itself was destroyed twice. The estimate of the number of civilians who
perished in the firestorms ranges between 2 and 4 million. Only
President Truman’s opposition kept General MacArthur from using nuclear
weapons in North Korea, along the Chinese border.

The WOLF cries “Wolf!”, but this time, the sheep don’t buy it.

Life at the Center of the Universe, sometimes because it seems soooo far away, occasionally gets a clear view of

the strange world of mankind’s folly.

The terrorist, caught in the mirror,  is revealed to all time-traveling Truth-Seekers. Remember Daniel Webster,

the man who debated the Devil, & won!

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Who will Stand Up To America and Israel?

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Paul Craig Roberts
May 28, 2009

  "Obama Calls on World to ‘Stand Up To’ North Korea" read the headline. The United States, Obama said, was determined to protect "the peace and security of the world."

Shades of doublespeak, doublethink, 1984.

North Korea is a small place. China alone could snuff it out in a
few minutes. Yet, the president of the US thinks that nothing less than
the entire world is a match for North Korea.

Is this the same America that is
responsible for approximately one million dead Iraqis, leaving orphans
and widows everywhere and making refugees out of one-firth of the Iraqi

We are witnessing the Washington gangsters construct yet another
threat like Slobodan Milosevic, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, John
Walker Lindh, Hamdi, Padilla, Sami Al-Arian, Hamas, Mahkmoud
Ahmadinejad, and the hapless detainees demonized by the US Secretary of
Defense Rumsfeld as "the 700 most dangerous terrorists on the face of the earth," who were tortured for six years at Gitmo only to be quietly released. Just another mistake, sorry.

The military/security complex that rules America, together with the
Israel Lobby and the financial banksters, needs a long list of
dangerous enemies to keep the taxpayers’ money flowing into its

The Homeland Security lobby is dependent on endless threats to
convince Americans that they must forego civil liberty in order to be
safe and secure.

The real question is who is going to stand up to the American and Israeli governments?

Who is going to protect Americans’ and Israelis’ civil liberties,
especially those of Israeli dissenters and Israel’s Arab citizens?

Who is going to protect Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Lebanese,
Iranians, and Syrians from Americans and Israelis?

Not Obama, and not the right-wing brownshirts that today rule Israel.

Obama’s notion that it takes the entire world to stand up to N.
Korea is mind-boggling, but this mind-boggling idea pales in comparison
to Obama’s guarantee that America will protect "the peace and security of the world."

Is this the same America that bombed Serbia, including Chinese
diplomatic offices and civilian passenger trains, and pried Kosovo
loose from Serbia and gave it to a gang of Muslin drug lords, lending
them NATO troops to protect their operation?

Is this the same America that is responsible for approximately one
million dead Iraqis, leaving orphans and widows everywhere and making
refugees out of one-firth of the Iraqi population?

Is this the same America that blocked the rest of the world from
condemning Israel for its murderous attack on Lebanese civilians in
2006 and on Gazans most recently, the same America that has covered up
for Israel’s theft of Palestine over the past 60 years, a theft that
has produced four million Palestinian refugees driven by Israeli
violence and terror from their homes and villages?

Is this the same America that is conducting military exercises in
former constituent parts of Russia and ringing Russia with missile

Is this the same America that has bombed Afghanistan into rubble with massive civilian casualties?

Is this the same America that has started a horrific new war in
Pakistan, a war that in its first few days has produced one million

"The peace and security of the world"? Whose world?

On his return from his consultation with Obama in Washington, the
brownshirted Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that it
was Israel’s responsibility to "eliminate" the "nuclear threat" from Iran.

What nuclear threat? The US intelligence agencies are unanimous in
their conclusion that Iran has had no nuclear weapons program since
2003. The inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency report
that there is no sign of a nuclear weapons program in Iran.

Who is Iran bombing? How many refugees is Iran sending fleeing for their lives?

Who is North Korea bombing?

The two great murderous, refugee-producing countries are the US and
Israel. Between them, they have murdered and dislocated millions of
people who were a threat to no one.

No countries on earth rival the US and Israel for barbaric murderous violence.

But Obama gives assurances that the US will protect "the peace and security of the world." And the brownshirt Netanyahu assures the world that Israel will save it from the "Iranian threat."

Where is the media?

Why aren’t people laughing their heads off?

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Thanks again to Alex Jones

With such truth at hand, and righteous missions to undertake, only those compromised, controlled, or unable to comprehend the imperative of simply saving the futures of all mankind {forever}will not rejoice in the great privilege of responsibility lived.

Rotten ‘apples’ spoiled the barrelfull

From The Center of the Universe, we see this daily escalation of crisis & confusion,

frustration and revolution as if from the balcony of America’s Theater of the Absurd

-from local myopia to national delusions & diversions resorted to, in denying the obvious,

in avoiding the reality and responsibilities of Today…Georgia, North Korea, Iran…all ‘so-called’ threats

were established and produced by the CIA. Mankind faces the imminent possibility of Nuclear War.

NUCLEAR WAR KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES {Its a small world after all.} Rain eventually touches all dust.

Is it a "Rational" war threat, or massive criminal Nuclear Blackmail by a corrupt, criminal, terrorist entity?

The original threat to mankind was AMERICA’s willingness to use hydrogen bombs on civilians in 1945,

and recently reissued by the FIRST STRIKE POLICY, threatening everyone ‘considered’ a "terrorist" state

with a "pre-emptive" incineration. Somehow, even local authorities are ‘snapping’ under the unadmitted stresses,

WRONG to continue their unwillingness to admit their limits, their lack of courage, their hesitancy to be realistic, practical, and

insistent that all citizens similarly adjust their focus, their priorities, and gather the PRESENCE OF MIND to deal with the

seriousness of the moment. It is time to solve the petty differences, to drop the make-work business of the status quo,

to stop tolerating mere politicians, officials, mayors, ‘leaders’ who fail to follow the people’s many wisdoms,

substituting their own singular brainpower in an ignorant, arrogant self-centered personal abuse of public trust.

They shall never see our lives, feel our lives, be in our shoes…they will never act prudently nor wisely nor quickly enough

to save anyone. They do not yet see, when it may be argued that it is too late, that no threat from world-wide deployed US Forces or weapon systems can defend or protect a Hated Nation -not even nuclear- can effect any deterrence to an entire planet dedicated to ending the threat of America’s Sword of Damocles.

It is TIME to prepare for WAR with wisdom & humility, dedication & the courage we get from clear visions of our missions,

knowing well TRUTH, PEACE & Justice.

– Infowars – http://www.infowars.com

The Ultimate Cheney Deception is 9/11 Conspiracy

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Allen L Roland / Oped News | May 27, 2009

Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are the key co-conspirators
in the 9/11 cover up and all will soon have their day in court when the
appalling truth of America’s most treasonous act is laid bare for the
world to see ~ If Obama allows it to happen.

The noose is slowly closing on Dick Cheney’s ultimate
deception ~ which is his role in expediting or allowing the attacks
against America on 9/11 and then utilizing torture to obtain so-called
confessions to bolster the questionable 9/11 Commission findings.

knows the noose is closing and rightfully fears that he is being hung
out to dry by Poppy Bush which explains G.W’s silence while Cheney
attempts to justify torture.

As the Daily Kos reported yesterday ~ "
Don’t be fooled, Dick and Liz aren’t fighting for the GOP nor for the
Bush administration, they are fighting to keep Dick out of jail. Liz
Cheney even, herself, admitted on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 that her father’s recent Media Tour was motivated by the fear to be prosecuted
Since Dubya is mum, I won’t be surprised that he threw Cheney under the bus a long time ago with the help of his Poppy." http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/5/25/735177/-If-Waterboarding-works,-what-about-Cheney

George W Bush, likely signed off on the 9/11 plot but was purposely kept somewhat out of the loop by Cheney ~ which explains his unconscious My Pet Goat Moment when informed of the attack ~ he was awaiting directions from Cheney.

Dick Cheney was in the bunker on 9-11 directing several “war games” and lied to 9-11 Omission Commission about the timing of his 9/11 activities and Donald Rumsfeld, a close friend of Cheney, was at Pentagon on 9-11 ~ and once slipped and said when that missile hit the Pentagon 

But there are scores of other possible suspects in this conspiracy as seen in this graphic article ~ 9/11 Who Really Did It   ttp://www.whodidit.org/cocon.html

It certainly appears that those who confessed to master minding the 9/11 attacks were also tortured ~ making their confessions highly suspect if not completely invalid along with the findings of the 9/11 Commission report.

So the obvious question is
~ Why Is President Obama not pushing the torture investigations ?
The obvious answer is that Obama knows that any extensive torture
investigation will lead to the so-called 9/11 confessions ( which were
obtained under torture ) and open up a Pandora’s Box ~ which will virtually implicate the entire Cheney/Bush administration.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

However, this is a fire that won’t go out as witnessed by John Hatch’s May 22nd article in ICH entitled Torture and 9/11.

Excerpt: " The
Iraq invasion was conceived long before 9/11 which was simply used as a
pretext for achieving ‘full spectrum domination’ of land, sea, air,
space, and cyberspace as outlined in The Project for a New American
Century, of which Dick Cheney was a founding member, and President Bush
a willing dupe. The goal was nothing short of attempted world
domination, and Iraq and Afghanistan were pawns on a list which
included Syria and Iran.
PNAC spoke longingly of a ‘new Pearl
Harbor event’ as a catalyst to galvanize fearful American opinion to
allow the former to have its way, which is exactly what happened after
9/11 (and don’t forget that mailed weaponized Lawrence Livermore
anthrax, that ‘bonus terror’ that hurried the Patriot Act unread
through Congress and that was since so conveniently blamed on a dead
guy)… An investigation would reveal (indeed we already know)
that torture was employed to establish a false link between Saddam and
al Qaeda in order to make a preconceived invasion more acceptable to
the American people
. (Lots of troops in Iraq still think that
Saddam was responsible for 9/11, and still exact bloody revenge against
innocent people.).. Since everything the people were told
turned out to be lies, questions would inevitably arise regarding the
‘catalyst’ itself, the new Pearl Harbor 9/11 event that was so useful
to PNAC and the Bush Administration… "

Hatch concludes with this observation ~ " This, I submit is what officials in the Obama Administration fear the most. An investigation of torture would inevitably lead to questions about what 9/11 was really about. We
know with certainty that the official version of events is a pack of
lies; what if America had to confront the fact that 9/11 really was an
inside job
? (The recent finding of nano-thermite in WTC dust is just one more compelling argument.)…Such a finding would so undermine Americans’ core beliefs as to have profoundly unpredictable consequences.
It would mean that no American is safe from its own terrorist
government. It would mean that government is not only corrupt to its
very foundations, but also that it is a force of malevolence toward its
citizens. It would mean that there is nothing in which to place one’s
political faith. It would mean that the same forces that killed 3000
Americans on that day (and many subsequently) still operate behind the
scenes in Washington, and ‘change’ is only cosmetic. It would
prove that over the last two terms, democracy was a cruel illusion in
America (and some would say since November 22, 1963
). It would
mean that for the patriotic American citizen, at last there’s nothing
left to lose… That’s what they’re ( Obama Administration ) are rightly
afraid of … That’s why they want to allow the Bush putsch to get away
with murder… and avoid looking further into the abyss.. "

But look into the abyss we must ~ for true transformation is never painless and must start with the truth and transparency ~ regardless of the consequences. We have a malignant cancer and it must be fully identified and isolated before it can be treated.

It’s time for Congress to investigate the massive Iraq-Torture Scandal  ~ and for the Department of Justice to prosecute Dick Cheney for creating it.

Please sign the new petition to Congress and Attorney General Holder: http://www.democrats.com/iraq-torture-petition?cid=ZGVtczY1MzMzZGVtcw

Allen L Roland  http://blogs.salon.com/0002255/2009/05/26.htm

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The Military-Cartel Coup continues, America falls faster into armed rebellions

Life at the Center of the Universe is almost TOO interesting lately.

The local scene in Tombstone has gone well beyond the WTF? stage, and last nights diversion tactic by the Mayor

& Historical Commission was a hysterical video sideshow (Ch. 9 10 PM News) that bluntly avoided

[intended to distract] from the Rest of the Story" ….the  close-to-gunfighting  hostility and revolting atmosphere

-against the threats and attacks perpetrated or ‘helped along’ by the LIHOP city management,

{including an attempted murder many suspect was a conspired HIT set up by the Mayor and his Gang.}

-against the plainly exploitational abuse of power, violations of rights, and out & out arrogant, in-your-face-what-you-gonna-do-about-it CORRUPTION.{Saloons involved}.

Its not enough to suggest a recall, or other form of removals -we do not have the luxury of such conventions,

of such a prolonged time-consuming task, even though we prefer to preserve DUE PROCESS, there is a time

when citizens MUST recognize the ugly reality before us: That these officials, these FELONS ARE DAILY,


are subject to the use of deadly force by any citizen(s) who is/are (a) witness to stop the felony.

Why are we saying we do not have time to waste?

Because the CARTEL transports White Death though the Ports of Entry, using large bribes, FREQUENTLY

and it is a FACT that these trucks had to come through HERE to have been able to deliver across the nation.

How do they go through town after town near the border,"checkpoint" after ‘checkpoint’? Once they get as far as BENSON, many people, {besides that Border Patrol guy who hangs out at the bridge letting everything go by, go by…} presume the trucks have already been checked… but they bring murder, theft, slavery, rape, violence, corruption, and torture with them…

they end up everywhere across the land and the BLOOD IS ON THE TOMBSTONE CITY COUNCIL’S HANDS,

along with Mayor Escapule, Marshal Talvy, and even the City Clerk & the water boys!

YOU HAVE NEVER INTERCEPTED ONE major load of anything dangerous or expensive

coming through TOMBSTONE, have you? Pot does NOT count. YOU ARE GUILTY of Failing to Safeguard the village

and COMMITTING TREASON on the towns thusly victimized, attacked, damaged, and reduced by the

damned meth, coke, heroin, etc. that YOU TOOK BRIBES TO LET THROUGH, to be too ‘busy’ to see, or catch,

while engaged in administrative shenanigans ‘policing’ the historic/theatrical district.

Thats YOU,  TALVY. Car wash rendezvous ring a bell? Hey, J.M.SMITH, got any ‘strawberrymeth’ left over?

While you HARRASSED SIX GUN CITY in a CLEARLY ILLEGAL and serious violation of the Constitution

and ALL OUR RIGHTS, you were DERELICT in your DUTY, signaled your criminal intentions and self-serving

agenda, and gave many JUST CAUSE to seek REDRESS, revenge, and retribution, which many know is merely

responsible righteous indignation at the least, and an understandable expression of anger & hatred.

Of course, if you thought citizens might actually effect JUSTICE, think about this…even our neighbor-soldiers

may not be able to come to our defense. DHS has plans to disarm you AND our sons & daughters in uniform?

Oh, man, its another WTF moment!

Oh, well, there’s always that Civil War Sword for removing

mindlessness and replacing it with relatively harmless headlessness.

– Infowars – http://www.infowars.com

Military Personnel Ordered To Comply With Illegal Private Firearms Registration

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An alarming document sent to us by an Infantryman based out of Fort
Campbell Kentucky shows that active duty military

personnel are being
secretly ordered to submit information to their Chain of Command on how
many firearms they own privately, their location, as well of details of
any Concealed Carry permits.

Though the order was apparently rescinded, the fact that active duty
soldiers are being asked to submit every detail of their private
firearm collection is a telltale sign that the second amendment is in
dire straights.

The directive orders active duty personnel to report details of all
privately-owned firearms to their Chain of Command, as well as future
firearms purchases.

The memorandum was sent to us by a concerned 11B Infantryman based
at Fort Campbell. In his e mail, the man expresses his shock at being
ordered to comply with what amounts to a registration of
privately-owned firearms.

“I live off post, with my firearms (which I don’t bring on post for
any reason). A very frightening thing happened at work yesterday,” he
writes. “I was ordered to fill out a list containing my firearm
information. This included make, model, caliber, and serial number of
all firearms I currently posses. In addition, I was also required to
list registration information, location of all weapons individually,
and information regarding any CCW permits I posses.”

The man tried to ascertain why such information was being demanded
by speaking to his First Sergeant but was told,

“Just put your info on
the form.”

“I don’t know how high this goes, but I am hearing that this is
going on in other units at Fort Campbell as well,” writes the
Infantryman. “It just seems a little coincidental to me that within 90
days: the most anti-firearm President in history is inaugurated, some
of the nastiest anti-firearm laws are put on the table in Washington,
and then the Army comes around wanting what amounts to a registration
on all firearms, even if they are off post, and doesn’t provide any
reason or purpose as to why.”

The man said he had been at Fort Campbell for almost 8 years and had never encountered anything like this directive before.

“I fear something really nasty is blowing in the wind here,” he warns.

According to a World Net Daily article, the order was stopped when it was discovered the commander was not “acting within his authority.”

However, the story emphasizes how gargantuan threats to the second
amendment are not being reported by the mainstream media nor by big gun
groups like the NRA.

Read the document below.

Article printed from Infowars: http://www.infowars.com

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The “WARS” have come home, treason by the CIA

CIA= Civil war In America
CIA created and supports, still, terrorists organizations, including Al C I A Duh!
Pakistans’s President tried to tell you, did say so- even saying, like Bhutto did, that Bin-Laden is dead.
THE C I A have, and still LIE to us, to everyone. Their BLACK OPS include, like back in the days of IRAN-CONTRA
fiasco, back in the days of Barry Seal…DRUG TRAFFICKING, using MILITARY TRANSPORTS…today…

Pubdate: Sun, 10 May 2009
Source: Charlotte Observer (NC)
Copyright: 2009 The Charlotte Observer
Contact: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/contact/#editor
Website: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/
Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/78
Author: Tom Lasseter


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Locals call them "poppy palaces," the three-or
four-story marble homes with fake Roman columns perched behind razor
wire and guard shacks in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

Most are owned by Afghan officials or people connected to them, men
who make a few hundred dollars a month as government employees but
are driven around in small convoys of armored SUVs that cost tens of
thousands of dollars.

Kabul’s gleaming upscale real estate seems a world away from war-torn
southern Afghanistan, but many of the houses were built with profits
harvested from opium poppy fields in the southern provinces of
Helmand and Kandahar.

"When you see these buildings, that’s not normal money … that’s
drug money," said Ghulam Haider Hamidi, the mayor of Kandahar’s
provincial capital since 2007. "The ministers and the governors are
behind the drug dealers, and sometimes they are the drug dealers."

Last year, Helmand and Kandahar provinces accounted for about 75
percent of Afghanistan’s poppy cultivation, and Helmand alone was the
world’s biggest supplier of opium.

Afghan and Western officials say that’s because U.S. and NATO-led
forces failed to take the drug problem seriously for more than six
years after the U.S.-led invasion in 2001 ousted the Taliban regime.

"They (the Western military) didn’t want anything to do with either
interdiction or eradication," said Thomas Schweich, a former Bush
administration ambassador for counternarcotics and justice reform for
Afghanistan. "We warned them over and over again: Look at Colombia."

Now Helmand and Kandahar have become the core of a narco-state within
Afghanistan, effectively ruled by the resurgent Taliban. Drugs are
the main economic engine there, and most politicians and police are
said to be under the thumbs of dealers. "I haven’t seen any good
police during the last two years in Kandahar," Hamidi said.

In the west Helmand district of Nad Ali, thousands of acres of
government land reportedly have been irrigated and cultivated –
including wells and farm boundaries dug by heavy machinery – as poppy
plantations. Police in the area fired on government eradication teams
last year.

Asked what American and NATO forces have done to halt the flow of
opium and heroin in the southern provinces, Afghanistan’s minister
for counternarcotics, Col. Gen. Khodaidad, who like many Afghans uses
only one name, had a quick answer: "Nothing."

The Afghan government hasn’t done much, either. Schweich said that at
the highest levels of government the issue wasn’t always corruption,
but political considerations.

For example, he said, U.S.-backed Afghan President Hamid Karzai was
seen in 2007 as "trying to prevent serious law enforcement efforts in
Helmand and Kandahar to ensure that he did not lose the support of
drug lords in the area whose support he wanted in the upcoming
election." But Schweich added that Karzai has recently appeared to
"adopt a more hands-off approach."

A spokesman for Karzai, Humayun Hamidzada, denied that the government
was soft on drugs and said it was waging "an active campaign against
corruption and drug dealing."

Mohammed Ayub Salangi, a former Kandahar and Kabul police chief, said
recently that he didn’t think drug money tainted many Afghan
officials. Salangi, who said he was paid about $6,500 a year, was
sitting in front of his house in Kabul with a Lexus SUV parked in the
driveway and a small posse of gunmen out front. Rents in the
neighborhood run up to $10,000 a month. Officials from provinces
where Salangi worked in the past told McClatchy they weren’t aware of
any accusations that he’s corrupt. In fact, Salangi was waiting to
hear whether he’d be named the police chief of yet another province.

Britain Leads Anti-Drug Effort

Some Western and Afghan officials say southern Afghanistan spun out
of control because of a serious miscalculation by U.S. and British
officials, who all but ignored the long rows of poppy and the opium
trafficking that flows from them.

The results were grim.

After the Taliban banned poppy cultivation in July 2000, Afghanistan
produced about 185 tons of opium in 2001. The next year, production
was 3,400 tons, according to U.N. statistics, and by 2007 it was
about 8,200 tons, making Afghanistan the source of about 93 percent
of the world’s opium and heroin. U.S. numbers differ from the U.N.
statistics but reflect the same trend.

Production declined last year, but there are differences about how
much. The State Department puts it at 5,500 tons; the U.N. says that
while the area of cultivation fell by 19 percent, farmers still
produced about 7,700 tons of opium because they had higher yields.

Most experts attribute the decrease in land usage to farmers
diversifying because of rising prices for wheat and bumper crops in
Afghanistan causing a slide in opium prices. Afghanistan, however,
still supplied more than 90 percent of the world market last year.

As a lead donor nation to Afghanistan, Britain agreed in 2002 to head
up counternarcotics efforts, but it did little to crack down on drugs
and largely avoided the eradication of poppy crops.

While NATO-led forces in Afghanistan provided training for Afghan
anti-narcotics units, they would "not take part in the eradication of
opium poppy or in pre-planned and direct military action against the
drugs trade," Jack Straw, Britain’s foreign secretary from 2001 to
2006, wrote in a 2006 letter to Parliament.

The British worried that strong-arming poppy farmers could create
more militants, and they preferred to wait for the rule of law to be
strengthened, at which point – the thinking went – the Afghans could
take care of their drug problem themselves.

"We think that this was a rather simplistic view of the issue,
because as we have seen in Colombia, as we have seen in the Golden
Triangle" – an opium and heroin production area in southeast Asia –
"at the end of the day it is very hard to make a distinction between
the drug cultivation and the insurgency," said Jean-Luc Lemahieu,
representative for the United Nations office on drugs and crime in Afghanistan.

The softer British approach often didn’t achieve much.

During 2003, for example, the British and Afghan governments tried to
buy up the poppy crop in Helmand. The $40 million effort "failed to
produce lasting results," according to a subsequent report by the
U.S. State and Defense departments’ inspectors general.

"It was not just the British, it was also ISAF (the NATO-led forces)
and the U.S. military" that did little about the opium trade, said a
Western official working with counter-narcotics efforts in
Afghanistan, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the
sensitivity of the subject.

The British and U.S. embassies in Kabul declined to comment.

Some experts on counternarcotics contend that in the middle of a war,
in a country with a weak central government and a tattered economy,
the British had limited options.

"Peace first, drugs next," said Ekaterina Stepanova, a senior analyst
at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute who’s studied
drug economies in conflict zones. "If you want counternarcotics
policy to succeed, you first need a functional and domestically
accepted state."

The issue was left mainly to underequipped and often-corrupt Afghan
police, who had little inclination to take on the hordes of militants
and warlords who were protecting poppy fields.

The police are infamous for being on the payrolls of drug dealers big
and small.

"When the police arrested me I would give them 1,000 or 2,000
afghanis" – $20 or $40 – "and they’d let me go," said Ahmadullah, a
20-year-old junkie and former two-bit heroin dealer from Kandahar who
was interviewed at an abandoned building in Kabul that’s become an
opium and heroin den.

When he was asked when heroin started becoming a major problem in
Kandahar, Ahmadullah, his hair matted with dirt and face drooping
with the lazy gaze of a heroin addict, paused and asked: When did the
Western armies and Hamid Karzai come? It was a few years after that, he said.

Christopher Langton, a retired British army colonel who’s a senior
analyst at the London-based International Institute for Strategic
Studies, pointed to the fragile state of the Afghan government,
"which has little control over the country," as a major factor.

"Weak control allows cultivation," he said.

Obama’s Confusing Signals

The Western powers’ hands-off counternarcotics policy in Afghanistan
has begun to change, however slowly. Much of President Obama’s surge
of 17,000-plus troops to Afghanistan will target the south, a move
that’s sure to put pressure on the Taliban’s drug-running operations.
The State Department and other agencies are spearheading eradication
campaigns and agricultural development projects across the country, a
carrot-and-stick approach.

In Helmand, the Afghan government – with U.S. and British backing –
has distributed wheat seed to about 30,000 farmers as part of a pilot
program for crop substitution and has begun to map out supply chains
for fruits and vegetables to lucrative markets such as Dubai.

Afghan eradication teams now have regular backup from Western
military units that serve as quick reaction forces. Former U.S. Drug
Enforcement Administration officers are mentoring Afghan Interior
Ministry narcotics officials, and a central drug court in Kabul is
seen as relatively promising.

Last December, the British military led a contingent of at least
1,500 troops for an operation in and around Helmand’s Nad Ali
district – home to thousands of acres of poppy – to establish a
foothold. Then in February, the British conducted one of the first
high-profile military raids of a reputed Taliban drug base in
Helmand, in its northeast district of Sangin. They found more than
2,700 pounds of opium and a lab for making heroin.

The number of poppy-free provinces reportedly climbed to 18 from 13
out of 34 last year, including the former No. 2 producer of opium,
and there are expectations that the number will increase this year.

However, as poppy cultivation has shifted almost exclusively to five
of the country’s southern provinces, Taliban areas such as Kandahar
and Helmand have become even more volatile. In 2007, 19 Afghan police
were killed during eradication efforts. In 2008, that number more
than tripled to 72, according to the Western official involved with

Government eradication troops in the south now come under attack by
platoon-sized Taliban teams broken into squads firing mortars,
grenade launchers and machine guns.

Amid the new, fragile momentum in the battle against drugs, the Obama
administration has sent some confusing signals.

The president’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard
Holbrooke, recently lashed out at U.S. policy, saying that American
efforts to date have been useless.

"We have gotten nothing out of it, nothing," Holbrooke said at a
March conference in Brussels, Belgium. "It is the most wasteful and
ineffective program I have seen in 40 years."

During a briefing for White House reporters the same month, Holbrooke
acknowledged that the Obama team hadn’t finalized its strategy for
counternarcotics in Afghanistan.

In Helmand, convoys of Land Cruisers still speed across the desert
loaded with heroin and gunmen, and no one dares stop them, said Sher
Mohammed Akhundzada, who was the governor there for about four years.

Sitting in his living room in Kabul, Akhundzada bemoaned the state of
his home province. It’s a place run by the Taliban and
narco-traffickers, he said with a shake of the head.

Akhundzada didn’t mention that during his time as governor he was
caught storing about 9 tons of opium in the basement of his office.
Instead of being prosecuted, he became a senator. Akhundzada now
lives in a large house in Kabul.

— MAP Posted-by: Richard Lake

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v09.n512.a04.html

Its not over, Joe Lieberman, its just begun!  The "WAR" on drugs is over, for the drugs just lay there and don’t fight back. Drugs are INANIMATE- Its a war on PEOPLE, stupid!

Pubdate: Thu, 14 May 2009
Source: Houston Chronicle (TX)
Page: Front Page
Copyright: 2009 Houston Chronicle Publishing Company Division, Hearst Newspaper
Contact: viewpoints@chron.com
Website: http://www.chron.com/
Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/198
Author: Dane Schiller


A highly trusted former deputy attorney general, who later became
Mexico’s drug czar and was embraced by Washington until his death, is
accused in a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration report of taking
bribes from one of Mexico’s oldest narcotics trafficking cartels.

Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, killed in November in a mysterious
plane crash over Mexico City, is among three senior federal
law-enforcement officials named in an April 21-page DEA briefing on
organized crime and drug trafficking south of the border.

Vasconcelos was never charged with a crime. The other two are being
prosecuted by Mexico.

The report, prepared as a primer on drug cartels, does not say when,
or how much money was allegedly taken by Vasconcelos, who spearheaded
counternarcotics efforts for President Felipe Calderon and had similar
duties as deputy attorney general over fighting organized crime for
Calderon’s predecessor, Vicente Fox.

He is alleged to have been snared by the Beltran Leyva organization,
which the DEA report says is known to use bribery and assassinations
to ensure its share of Mexico’s drug trade, and go "toe to toe" with
larger syndicates.

When contacted Wednesday, DEA spokesman Garrison Courtney, said the
agency could neither refute nor offer a source for the highly charged
allegation, which appears in the report as fact. The information was
included without being fully vetted for release, Courtney said.

The Calderon administration declined comment.

Not Above Suspicion

Tony Garza, the former U.S. ambassador to Mexico who knew Vasconcelos
personally, said he was respected and trusted, but not above suspicion.

"Countless times, U.S. agents told me of his bravery," Garza said. "He
was not, however, immune to the suggestion he was tainted.

"We heard it, and others did, too. It’s poker, you work with the hand
you are dealt; make the most of it, and don’t bet the ranch."

Three retired DEA agents, who held senior posts and knew Vasconcelos,
said it’s hard to believe he was corrupt and noted it doesn’t take
long to be smeared in Mexico.

"Jesus Christ could be named the head of a law-enforcement agency
there and within hours they would be torching him and making
allegations against him," one of the former agents said.

Vasconcelos was behind many of Mexico’s highest-profile actions
against the cartels, including extraditing Osiel Cardenas Guillen, the
reputed head of the Gulf Cartel, who faces trial in Houston later this

The contention that Vasconcelos may have been corrupt stands as an
example of why it has long been difficult for some U.S. officials to
fully trust Mexican counterparts.

It comes as Mexico has increasingly sought to gain the trust of the
U.S. in combined efforts to take on the cartels, including an
initiative to give Mexico up to $1.4 billion for training and equipment.

The cartel that allegedly bribed Vasconcelos is described in the DEA

"Arturo Beltran-Leyva had a major influence in the government of
Mexico with his ability to bribe high-level government officials
including former Deputy Attorney General Jose Luis Santiago
Vasconcelos … ," it reads.

Despite Mexican government officials saying the plane crash that
killed Vasconcelos was caused by the wake of a large passenger jet,
many Mexicans still believe it was a cartel hit.

There had been attempts on his life before. Bribes, organized

Among the people killed in the crash was Interior Secretary Juan
Camilo Mourino, who oversaw domestic security and was the highest-
ranking member of the presidential cabinet.

Vasconcelos is the highest-ranking official named in the document as
being corrupt.

The other two are former deputy attorney general Noe Ramirez and
former secretary for public security commander, (Victor) Gerardo
Garay. Ramirez is accused of taking $450,000 in bribes from
traffickers. Garay is also accused of involvement with organized crime.

Don DeGabrielle, a Houston-based attorney who was the region’s top
federal prosecutor, said he knew Vasconcelos and that he attended a
meeting with U.S. and Mexican prosecutors in Mexico City last year.

"There — just like here — anybody that is ever accused of a crime
ought to at least have the opportunity to defend themselves against
those accusations," he said. "There is no way he could do that now."

— MAP Posted-by: Richard Lake

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v09.n517.a03.html


Pubdate: Fri, 8 May 2009
Source: Capital Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2009 The Capital Times
Contact: tctvoice@madison.com
Website: http://www.madison.com/tct/
Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/73
Author: Gary Storck


Dear Editor: A recent letter writer called for the removal of U.S. Judge
Jay Bybee for writing memos supporting torture when he was part of the
Bush administration. Bybee was also part of a three-judge panel of the
9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that recently reaffirmed the 10-year
mandatory minimum sentence of California medical cannabis provider Bryan
Epis, on charges of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

Epis’ case began in 1997, shortly after the passage of California’s
groundbreaking medical cannabis law by voters in 1996. According to
NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), Epis’
appeal was filed on various grounds, including prosecutorial
misconduct and "the unclarity of the law at the time of his arrest."
The judges did not even bother to hold a hearing, only issuing an
11-page denial.

Bryan Epis has already served part of the sentence, and he and his
family have already been tortured enough by federal authorities. It is
incredibly disgusting that torture was used widely to further our
foreign policies in the Bush administration. Denying medicine to sick
people and engaging in long, wasteful prosecutions of patients trying
to help others legally under state laws, as Bryan Epis did, is a stain
on a nation that claims to be an example of freedom and democracy. Not
only should Bybee be impeached for his torture memos, but Bryan Epis
deserves a full pardon under the new policy announced by Attorney
General Eric Holder that state medical cannabis laws will be respected.

Gary Storck


— MAP Posted-by: Richard Lake

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v09.n517.a06.html


The LIES, the horror, the sheer untrustworthiness…its is clear the


We are all about to experience WAR, upclose & PERSONAL

The research trail PROVES a CARTEL-MILITARY takeover,
a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT by FORCE (local to national) that is needing to be
countered, resisted, undermined, eliminated.

Render unto Cheney the things that are Cheney’s and Unto GOD the things that are Gods’.

197 other "American" Corporate Military Bases around the planet.

Don’t water-board me, Bro!

Since when? Since the revolt against the British FAILED.
They thought they were ‘free’, but the Queen and her Bankers had their hooks into the ‘new republic’ from day one…

 They refuse to account for TRILLIONS, enough to pay off all of every Americans’ debts.
Yet "they" have the audacity to ACT OUT their criminal intent now in the open.

WE also CONDEMN the FOOLS in that AZ State Patrol car that rolled into an RV campground
 today at 4 pm-onto private property without a warrant. One scream by the lady they were harrassing/visiting
would have brought their careers to an abrupt end, for many neighbors were watching, guns in hand, for this is, after all, TOMBSTONE. This is where we have told Border Patrol they are cowards and traitors for failing to take simple possession of the border, and we tell them in NO UNCERTAIN WORDS, ‘don’t go staging a gunfight (with smugglers) here, or the neighbors are bound not to have it, and will return fire on both your asses, bringing an end to such foolhardiness and taking risks in our backyards instead of doing duty on the Border.
only rational fear.

It would appear the TIPPING-POINT has been reached.

7PM MST We predict the next headline will be only 3 letters, and it will be a DOMESTIC story:

                                                           W A R


– Infowars – http://www.infowars.com

It’s Getting Very Serious Now

Posted By admin On May 12, 2009 @ 3:50 pm In Featured Stories | 312 Comments

Chuck Baldwin
May 12, 2009

First, it was a Missouri Analysis and Information Center (MIAC)
report; then it was a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report; now
it is a New York congressman’s bill. Each of these items, taken on
their own, is problematic enough; taken together they portend “a clear
and present danger” to the liberties of the American people. It is
getting very serious now.

If one doubts the intention of
the elitists in government today to deny the American people their
right to keep and bear arms, consider what former Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger is purported to have said just a couple of weeks ago.

As readers may recall, the MIAC report profiled certain people as
being potential violence-prone “militia members”: including people who
supported Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and myself. In
addition, anyone who opposed one or more of the following were also
included in the list: the New World Order, the U.N., gun control, the
violation of Posse Comitatus, the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, the
Ammunition Accountability Act, a possible Constitutional Convention,
the North American Union, the Universal Service Program, Radio
Frequency Identification (RFID), abortion on demand, or illegal

The MIAC report prompted a firestorm of protest, and was eventually
rescinded, with the man responsible for its distribution being
dismissed from his position. The DHS report profiled many of the same
people included in the MIAC report, and added returning Iraq and
Afghanistan war veterans as potentially dangerous “extremists.”

As I have said before, it is very likely that when all of the
opinions and views of the above lists are counted, 75% or more of the
American people would be included. Yet, these government reports would
have law enforcement personnel to believe we are all dangerous
extremists that need to be watched and guarded against. If this was not
bad enough, a New York congressman has introduced a bill in the House
of Representatives to deny Second Amendment rights to everyone listed

According to World Net Daily, May 9, 2009, “A new gun law being
considered in Congress, if aligned with Department of Homeland Security
memos labeling everyday Americans a potential ‘threats,’ could
potentially deny firearms to pro-lifers, gun-rights advocates, tax
protesters, animal rights activists, and a host of others–any already
on the expansive DHS watch list for potential ‘extremism.’

“Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has sponsored H.R. 2159, the Denying
Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, which
permits the attorney general to deny transfer of a firearm to any
‘known or suspected dangerous terrorist.’ The bill requires only that
the potential firearm transferee is ‘appropriately suspected’ of
preparing for a terrorist act and that the attorney general ‘has a
reasonable belief’ that the gun might be used in connection with

“Gun rights advocates, however, object to the bill’s language,
arguing that it enables the federal government to suspend a person’s
Second Amendment rights without any trial or legal proof and only upon
suspicion of being ‘dangerous.’”

WND quotes Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt as
saying, “By [DHS] standards, I’m one of [DHS Secretary] Janet
Napolitano’s terrorists. This bill would enable the attorney general to
put all of the people who voted against Obama on no-gun lists, because
according to the DHS, they’re all potential terrorists. Actually, we
could rename this bill the Janet Napolitano Frenzied Fantasy
Implementation Act of 2009.”

Pratt was also quoted as saying, “Unbeknownst to us, some bureaucrat
in the bowels of democracy can put your name on a list, and your Second
Amendment rights are toast.” He went on to say, “This such an
anti-American bill, this is something King George III would have done.”

Now that DHS has established both a list and a lexicon for
“extremists,” it looks to Congress to confer upon it police-state-style
powers through which these individuals may be disarmed and eventually
done away with. Rep. Peter King is accommodating this goal with H.R.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

me ask a reasonable question: how long does anyone think it would be,
after being profiled by DHS and denied the lawful purchase of firearms,
that those same people would be subjected to gun confiscation? And how
long do you think it would be before DHS began profiling more and more
groups of people, thus subjecting them to gun confiscation?

This was exactly the strategy employed by Adolf Hitler. The Jews
were the first people denied their civil rights–especially the right to
own and possess firearms. Of course, after disarming Jews, the rest of
the German citizenry was likewise disarmed. And we all know where that

I’m not sure how many of the American people realize that it was the
attempted confiscation of the colonialists’ cache of arms in Concord,
Massachusetts, that started America’s War for Independence. Yes, my
friends, it was attempted gun confiscation that triggered (pun
intended) the “shot heard ’round the world.” And now it would appear
that, once again, a central government is on the verge of trying to
deny the American people their right to keep and bear arms.

I am told that as of 2004, 50% of the adults in the United States
own one or more firearms, totaling some 270 million privately owned
firearms nationwide. I would venture to say that the vast majority of
these gun owners would find themselves matching the DHS profile of a
potential “extremist.” I wonder how many gun owners realize the way
they are now being targeted by their government, and just how
serious–and how close–the threat of gun confiscation has become?

If one doubts the intention of the elitists in government today to
deny the American people their right to keep and bear arms, consider
what former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is purported to have
said just a couple of weeks ago. Kissinger attended a high-level
meeting with Russian President Medvedev that also included former
Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz; former Secretary of
Defense William Perry; and former Senator Sam Nunn. Included in the
discussions was Kissinger’s assertion that the American people were now
ready to accept a “New Global Order.” He is also reported to have told
Medvedev, “By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns
so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge.”
(Even though the national news media has not reported this statement,
the Internet is abuzz with Kissinger having said it. Whether Kissinger
actually made that statement or not, he, and rest of his ilk, have
repeatedly called for a New World Order, in which there will be no
constitutional protection for the right to keep and bear arms.)

This leads to a very serious question: how many of America’s gun
owners would allow their government to deny them gun ownership?
Further, how many would passively sit back and allow their guns to be

As humbly and meekly as I know how to say it: as for me and my
house, gun confiscation is the one act of tyranny that crosses the
line; debate, discourse, discussion, and peaceful dissent cease and
desist at that point. I say again, it is getting very serious now.

Article printed from Infowars: http://www.infowars.com

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A Tale of Trails

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Zadari: Osama was an “Operator” for the United States

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May 10, 2009

In the interview here, NBC’s David Gregory completely ignores
Pakistan president Asif Ali Zadari when he declares that Osama bin
Laden was an “operator” for the United States. Gregory wants to know if
Zadari believes Osama is alive. He wants to know why Pakistan has not
gone after Bin Laden.

Before “everything changed” on September 11, 2001, the corporate
media published truthful stories about Osama bin Laden and his
relationship with the CIA. “As his unclassified CIA biography states,
bin Laden left Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan
after Moscow’s invasion in 1979. By 1984, he was running a front
organization known as Maktab al-Khidamar — the MAK — which funneled
money, arms and fighters from the outside world into the Afghan war,” Michael Moran
wrote for MSNBC on August 24, 1998. “What the CIA bio conveniently
fails to specify (in its unclassified form, at least) is that the MAK
was nurtured by Pakistan’s state security services, the Inter-Services
Intelligence agency, or ISI, the CIA’s primary conduit for conducting
the covert war against Moscow’s occupation.”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

CIA’s intimate relationship with Osama bin Laden came to light during a
the trial of Mohamed Rashed Daoud al-’Owhali and Khalfan Khamis Mohamed
for the 1998 bombings of two American Embassies in Africa. Giles Foden wrote about the “deep and insidious connection” between Osama bin Laden and the CIA on September 13, 2001, for the Guardian.

“FBI investigators examining the embassy bombing sites in Nairobi
and Dar es Salaam discovered that evidence led to military explosives
from the US Army, and that these explosives had been delivered three
years earlier to Afghan Arabs, the infamous international volunteer
brigades involved side by side with bin Laden during the Afghan war
against the Red Army,” Alexandra Richard wrote for Le Figaro on October 11, 2001.

In the same article Richard reports that a CIA agent met with Osama
bin Laden at the American Hospital in Dubai in July, 2001, where the
terrorist underwent surgery. “While he was hospitalized, bin Laden
received visits from many members of his family as well as prominent
Saudis and Emiratis. During the hospital stay, the local CIA agent,
known to many in Dubai, was seen taking the main elevator of the
hospital to go to bin Laden’s hospital room.”

Not only did the CIA and its ISI partner create MAK and ultimately
what the corporate media would call al-Qaeda, they also created the
Taliban, although you won’t read that in the New York Times. The ISI
organized and the United States, Britain, and the Saudis funded the
madrassas (religious schools) that nurtured the fanatical Wahhabi
Taliban. “They were literally the orphans of war [a war orchestrated by
Zbigniew Brzezinski against the Soviets], the rootless and restless,
the jobless and the economically deprived with little self-knowledge.
They admired war because it was the only occupation they could possibly
adapt to. Their simple belief in a messianic, puritan Islam which had
been drummed into them by simple village mullahs was the only prop they
could hold on to and which gave their lives some meaning,” writes Phil Gasper.

NBC’s David Gregory might want to ask the CIA or maybe Robert Gates
about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden (the current secretary of
defense basically ran the Osama operation through Pakistan’s ISI back
in the day when he was Deputy Assistant to the President for National
Security Affairs and then CIA director under Bush Senior).

Gregory and NBC are merely setting the stage for Obama’s increased
meddling in Pakistan. Part of that effort is to make Asif Ali Zadari
look like he is hiding Osama bin Laden and protecting the perennial
bogeyman, al-Qaeda.

Zadari, however, knows the truth and is not afraid to speak it on
American television: Osama bin Laden was an “operative” for the United

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Secret Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Pakistani Accounts Revealed

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Tom Heneghan
May 11, 2009

UNITED STATES of America  –  It can now be reported that the recent
resignation of former New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Chairman, Stephen Frieidman, signals an expanding investigation of New
York Attorny General Andrew Cuomo, who is not only focused on the
massive New York state financial derivative Ponzi Scheme, but is now
centered on money laundry, and possible funding of alleged terrorists
in Pakistan.

Note: Cuomo was recently in a state of shock when he looked at new
evidence linking Citibank, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and AIG, to not
only a terrorist money laundry in Pakistan, but to evidence tying all
of these aforementioned brokerage firms and the Federal Reserve itself
to PRE 9/11 knowledge, which allowed them to profit with put options
and short positions placed before 9/11. 

This allowed these criminal brokerage firms to benefit from the death of near 3,000 in New York City.

Reference: Friedman, who still sits on the Board of Goldman Sachs,
has been recently cooperating with the New York Attorney General, but
as you will find out in the rest of this briefing, Friedman has been
playing both sides against the middle and is now involved in espionage

Sources close to Defense Intelligence and the National Security
Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as European
INTERPOL, have actually fingered Friedman as the bagman for the
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate involving illegal wire
transfers of TRILLIONS of dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds that
were laundred through Goldman Sachs brokerage firm in New York City,
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Israel Discount Bank and the
Federal Reserve itself to the Israeli Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv onto secret U.S. national security accounts in Pakistan.
Note: Assisting Friedman in looting the U.S. Treasury (the back end of
the toxic derivatives) is a Pakistani national who is a joint
U.S.-Pakistan CIA Intelligence officer with the initials " K.H. "

KH, who was presumed dead by many in the intelligence
community, including Stephen Friedman, is now cooperating with European

Note: Early Saturday morning on May 9, 2009, foreign born alleged President Barack Obama ordered a missile attack near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, which was was an alleged attack against so-called Al Qaeda terrorists.

We can now report that it was daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill
Clinton, that ordered Obama to launch the attack given reports that the
whistleblower KH was in the vicinity.

Clearly, folks, this was not an attack on terrorists but an assassination attempt on KH that failed.

KH has fingered Stephen Friedman, former Federal Reserve Chairman
Alan Greenspan, along with former President George Herbert Walker Bush,
former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in setting up these secret
CIA proprietary accounts in Pakistan tied to none other than the late
alleged 9/11 terrorist aka patsy CIA employee Tim Osman aka Osama bin

Note: Bin Laden, who died of kidney failure in December of 2001 and
was a cosignator on these accounts, is claimed to still be alive based
on the U.S. media’s big lie that he is still wandering the hills of

Believe this, folks, he is dead as a door nail!

Should bin Laden’s death be reported, the IRS would have immediate access to these secret accounts that now have rotating access codes aka electronic serial combinations based on biblical chapters and verses.

The Pakistan money laundry has been a piggy bank for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate since the 9/11 attack on America.

These accounts have now been frozen by the World Court and the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) given the cooperation of the now
whistleblower KH in handing over the account numbers and access codes
aka the biblical chapters and verses that have now prevented daddy
Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with former Federal Reserve
Chairman Alan Greenspan from getting into these accounts.

Reference: It has been reported that the Pakistani government
refused Barbara Bush, wife of former President George Herbert Walker
Bush, and Andrea Mitchell, wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan
Greenspan, and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President and daddy
Bush’s little bitch, Bill Clinton, entry into Pakistan.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It was Chelsea Clinton that used funds from a Goldman Sachs hedge fund
to arrange the BRIBING of New York Governor David Paterson in order to
keep Caroline Kennedy from being appointed the next New York Democratic
U.S. Senator.

It is clear now that former Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman, Stephen Friedman, is caught in a double cross.

Friedman had been cooperating with the New York state investigation
while at the same time keeping secret the existence of these secret
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate’s accounts in Pakistan, which now
not only have a possibly link to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme but to
the funding of alleged worldwide Al Qaeda terrorists as well as the 9/11 attack itself.

He clearly thought that KH had died – well he is clearly alive and kicking, folks.

P.S. At this hour the Obama Administration is ignoring a French
Intelligence warning of a possible FALSE FLAG terrorist attack that
would be staged in New York City around the Broad Street area aka the
location of the Goldman Sachs brokerage firm.

We can now divulge that there are tape recorded conversations
involving current White House Chief of Staff and former head of the
North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel, and current Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, concerning the existence of certain files,
documents and computer downloads currently held at Goldman Sachs that
involve former Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Chairman Stephen
Friedman, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the secret money laundry
from the U.S. to Israeli to Pakistan.

French Intelligence sources have, once again, identified certain
alleged Al Qaeda types that are linked to the noted 9/11 Israeli
Mossad’s Urban Moving Systems espionage group, that is still operating
in New Jersey, and have been recently photographed outside the New York
financial district.

P.P.S. At this hour there is NO Justice Department as the Obama
Administration continues to allow Bush Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
rule over the United States.

The bought and paid for U.S. Congress, along with the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS), continue to run rampant in
attempts to attack the American People.

For example, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who has lunch on
occasion with former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, still has a
terrorist watch list that includes enemies of Karl Rove aka former
Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

Napolitano and Chertoff have also put together a list called the
"Domestic Extremist Lexicon", which classifies individuals as
terrorists if they do not agree with corporate, fascist media versions
of events.

Not to be left out, radical feminista and tribalist Congresswoman
Linda Sanchez (D-CA), is sponsoring legislation (H.R. 1966), which
would allow the government to censor the internet if it was determined
that internet bloggers brought "emotional distress" to alleged
individuals that were being criticized.

Ms. Sanchez is also working on legislation, which would allow the
2nd Amendment rights of the American People to be infringed on should a
DHS oversight panel decide that an individual American citizen might be
a terrorist and therefore be unable to buy a firearm.

Clearly, according to Ms. Sanchez, if you are critical of Ms. Sanchez you are therefore a "terrorist".

Ms. Sanchez, who favors the illegal invasion of the United States by
illegal aliens from Mexico is the REAL terrorist and a THREAT to our
U.S. Constitution.

Call the DHS and tell them you have identified a terrorist in our Congress:

     Operator Number: 202-282-8000

     Comment Line: 202-282-8495 

Final note: I want to make it clear to all of our loyal readers that
the Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate is desperate.

We, the American People, have uncovered the truth about their
TREASONOUS activities.  So, their next step aka the Swine Flu will be
to attack us.

Daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill Clinton, are sociopaths. They
are loosing their money and their power and the U.S. Military has told
foreign born alleged President Obama that they will not tolerate him
enabling any more of this TREASON.

Again, folks, prepare for revolutionary mode.  The best defense is a great offense.

We will do whatever is necessary to save our U.S. Constitution, our
beloved Republic, our freedoms and our American way of life and remove
these TRAITORS from American soil.

We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers:  YOU ARE TOO CORRUPT TO CONTINUE!

We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!

* * *  REMEMBER  * * *

The orders of the day for ALL patriots as we continue to identify the
enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the
21st Century and eradicate them:

Oath Keepers: Orders We Will NOT Obey

When it comes to the enemies of the American Republic
and the American Revolution in the 21st century, we dedicate ourselves
to the 2nd American Revolution and making these enemies a memory.

We must remove them from American soil, and DO IT NOW!

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.

At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine
and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly eletected,
non-inaugurated,  REAL natural born  President of the United States.

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Tombstone AZ in Cartel control. Fallen city joins Columbus, NM

updated, High Noon May 9th TOMBSTONE controlled by Mexican Cartel
Pay attention! What are you waiting for, "The Hand of God" to slap down
the corrupted around you?
TOMBSTONE — Justice of the Peace Michael Skiles said Wednesday that he
released a Tombstone man accused of attempted second-degree murder
because the paperwork submitted to him didn’t contain sufficient
details of the alleged crime.

Despite a felony charge of attempted second-degree murder, Wood was
released on his own recognizance Saturday by Skiles, the justice of the
peace in Cochise County Justice Court No. 6 in Bowie.

Wood’s release was met with outrage.
{Stiles:}"The arresting officer is alleging a felony in this case, and based on
the information I was provided, the probable cause statement did not
support the charge (attempted second-degree murder),” he said.

other words, the paperwork that Talvy provided did not contain
sufficient details about how the crime was committed. Therefore, Skiles
said, he did not have the information he needed to hold Wood.

…knowing with each swipe the what why & how this proper? justice came about…BUT
because YOU DID NOT act as the righteous should…EXPECT to be NEXT!

Suspected HIT attempt fails. Who put RW up to it?

lawman wrote on May 9, 2009 9:01 AM:

To 8 miles out. A bad example can be as follows. "subject drove vehicle
through gate at a high rate of speed and struck victim. Victim was
airlifted to tucson for injuries." Unfortunately, I have seen PC
statements written by cops that are that general. No details has to hoe
the cop camer to any conclusions. I’m not saying that the Tombstone
Marshal PC statement was like I wrote, but I have seen it that bad. I
admit that I have never seen it that bad in an attempted murder charge.

8 Miles Out wrote on May 8, 2009 10:27 PM:

OK Lawman, using your logic and your assumed understanding of the law
and police pocedures, ,,, let us read your mock PC statement that
represents the basic facts of the incident (person drives to other
persons home and runs vehicle through fence and into other person) AND
does not convey the idea that the vehice was intentionally used as a
weapon and that ANY person doing such an act would not think that
running down someone with a vehicle would not kill that other person. "

Investigate before bodies wrote on May 8, 2009 4:18 PM:

Tombstone, has been getting away with this for a long time. Enforcing
what laws they feel like "this week" as long as it suits them or their
purposes. They should be embarassed how they look to the rest of the
world. Talk about typical good ole boys crap! This time it’s just let
the kid go….You wonder how long or what it will take before they get
investigated. This time someone almost got killed! Does someone have to
lose their life before anyone will act. "

lawman wrote on May 8, 2009 12:33 PM:

I guess every one of you who doubts the Judge had the opportunity to
read the PC statement. Unfortunately none of us have. Skiles is a
retired cop. He has an good idea of what is supposed to be included in
the PC. To 8 MILES OUT, It is not the report that the Judge sees for an
initial appearance. Reprts are not approved for days sometimes. The PC
statement is generally much shorter and needs to ready right away. Does
"SMARTER" want to dispute that too? "

Smarter lawman I guess wrote on May 8, 2009 8:09 AM:

" Well, I don’t know where you learned the law, lawman, but you learned it wrong. lol "

To wondering wrote on May 8, 2009 7:00 AM:

Let’s see- surgical repair to arm and wrist fractures and a fractured
femur. The fractured femur= upper leg bone. Not too hurt? Are you
kidding me? Just because everything was stabilized and hospitals don’t
keep you admitted for pain management now days doesn’t mean he walked
out. Most likely he is unable to walk on the femur fracture, can’t use
crutches with the arm and wrist fractures, so this kid is stuck in a
wheelchair for the next 6 weeks unable to do squat for himself. Then
depending on the wrist/arm fractures it could debilitate him for life. "

8 Miles Out wrote on May 7, 2009 9:35 PM:

"The Let-um go judge",,Reads the report and cant understand the simple
facts. The suspect drove his truck to a persons residence and ran it
through a fence and intentionaly struck the person in his own yard,,,,
Heck Mr. Let-um-go-judge forget about even reading the report ,,, Just
look at the pictures and ask yourself how did that-there truck get
there and what happened when it did???! !!! "

lawman wrote on May 7, 2009 3:29 PM:

The Judge is not supposed to request clarification from a PC statement.
It is up to the arresting officer to show probable cause. The Judge
cannot pick up a phone and ask for clarification. That can get a case
tossed just as quick and would be considered tampering. All in law
enforcement understand that the PC statement needs to show probable
cause. If not, the subject gets released. The source of that procedure
is in our constitution. I have seen many cases get tossed because of a
poor PC statement. "

Oh Boy wrote on May 7, 2009 1:12 PM:

" Police didnt get a statement from the man on his death bed ???? Hello No "

onlooker wrote on May 7, 2009 11:42 AM:

Interesting how people want to pick apart a small town, when the County
they live in has such bigger problems. Wake up and look at the bigger
picture! Are County employees treated fair? How can they be when they
have no rules to follow! Ask why it has taken over 10 years to get one
policy from Human Resources. They same people keep saying we are
working on the Merit rules, for 10 years, give me a break. Why does the
BOS allow this???? "

Communication is lacking wrote on May 7, 2009 10:54 AM:

Seems to me there are inconsistencies in a line of communication
between the local sheriff in Tombstone and the judges in our county.
What kind of damage has this done to the reputation of the law
enforcement that represents the town of Tombstone? Also, with the
resources of the Cowan family do they play into the matter in not
holding the alleged perpetraitor? Various questions that are intriguing
to say the least! I hope that the Herald keeps the public informed on
this matter in the coming weeks & months ahead. "

Gator wrote on May 7, 2009 9:13 AM:

This is crazy!! It shouldn’t matter if RW and Matt were fighting all
day or all week the point is RW came to Matt’s home and rammed his
gates with a big truck with the intent to harm Matt. To me the case is
closed! Who cares if the fight started in the school yard… it ended
with Matt being run over on his own property. RW should have gone home
to cool off, but he didn’t. "

Wondering…… wrote on May 7, 2009 8:39 AM:

I honestly feel for everyone involved in this situation…. but really
how hurt was Matt…if it happened on Friday and he was relased from
the hospital on Sunday? "

tmbstn resident wrote on May 7, 2009 8:35 AM:

looks like its just another case of ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!
for tombstone LEOs, and a failure for cochise county judicial to rake
the LEOs over the coals for incomplete reporting. HEY AMERICA LOOK WERE

Seems to me wrote on May 7, 2009 8:25 AM:

It seems to me that two people dropped the ball here very badly.
Apparently Marshall Talvey can’t write a clear statement. At the same
time Judge Skiles made the decision to release someone without knowing
what happened. Thud! "

FBI wrote on May 7, 2009 8:15 AM:

This is a situation where the FBI needs to step in and get involved
first they investigate this issue then they will see other problems in
the Town, get ready for the Tombstone government to fall like a house
of cards. "

Tombstone man charged with attempted murder

Marshal says R.W. Cowan Wood tried to run over Matt Carrafa with a three-quarter-ton pickup truck

By Dana Cole  
R.W. Cowan Wood was arrested after driving his pickup truck onto
property belonging to 27-year-old Matt Carrafa of Tombstone, destroying
one side of a gate leading into a driveway and striking Carrafa with
the Ford F-250 diesel.

Judge Michael Skiles of Cochise County Justice Court No. 6 released
Wood, who is 18, on his own recognizance sometime Saturday, according
to Carol Capas, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office.


Cochise Cty. History wrote on May 3, 2009 10:01 AM:

Look up the Cowan / Wood history in Cochise County and you will find
out why RW was released on his own recognizance. As a matter of fact
search the Herald web site for the name Cowan. "
RW was released because of the Cowan family political history here. 😦
Anyone that knows either the Cowan or Wood family could of seen this
coming miles away."

What wrote on May 3, 2009 6:42 AM:

Let’s see, a guy in a truck hits, and injures, one man, and the
Marshall is going to investigate whether or not the father’s actions
(shooting at the truck engine to disable it) is justified? Give me a
break! If someone hit my son, I’m not so sure I’d have only aimed at
the truck’s engine!… "

W.A.R. 360:
As we said, typical  CARTEL M.O. is to have the local authorities, whom they have bribed with millions of dollars, busy "policing" their towns with hard-nosed enforcement of every trivial ordinance or rule that establishes or maintains an iron-fist of control, using every opportunity to oppress, suppress, intimidate, threaten, silence, or effect revenge, to appear as an un-opposable [deadly] force. Freespeech is thwarted or harrassed. First and second amendment rights exercised are always being questioned. People’s free and independent thinking, conversations, & judgements are always attacked.
They present themselves as if they were judges.
Their arrogance now alienates even their families. {


Most importantly, distant uninvolved observers like myself are outraged by the clear dereliction of duty by the FBI agents,  [16 miles away] by the DEA agents,
by anyone who could address the obvious corruption, treason, and criminality
{HILARIO TALVY} being foistered upon the residents of Tombstone.
Those poor fools, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.
Meanwhile, the smuggling,
the slave trafficing, the truckloads of methdeath
and worse, keep rolling
through. The whole Nation,
all generations -suffer from
your cowardice & inappropriate tolerance of local corruption.
I accuse Mayor Dustin Escapule of TREASON.

If you have to, find a place where you can Think Freely- give yourself some quality time
go on a long walk, whatever it takes. It won’t take long, you will also wonder why so many people are tolerating such intolerable corruption. How is it that small town Arizona mayors can cover and protect family members & ‘friends’ who cook meth and deal??!!? How do those trucks with BILLIONS in meth onboard, get from the Border to the rest of the nation? How can so many people know with such certainty and evidence, of the criminals in our Marshal’s Office, and even with this evidence & testimony in the hands of the Feds, NOTHING HAPPENS <yearafteryear>???
In part because newspapers like the Sierra Vista Herald will not tell the truth. In part because the Tombstone News propagandizes, poisons the jury pool and the case and all of them censor the UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH.

Who needs terrorists when we have these kinds of mayors &’hired
We’re with you, Mike!
The real Vigilantes

– Infowars – http://www.infowars.com

YouTube’s Parent Google is a Corporate Member of the Council on Foreign Relations

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May 5, 2009

As Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo
note today, Google is in bed with the CIA. In 2006, Robert David
Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer and a
former clandestine services case officer with the CIA, told Alex Jones
as much. Steele went so far as to name Dr. Rick Steinheiser as the
CIA’s liaison at Google.

But it is not simply the CIA. Google is high up on the elitist NWO
pyramid, a fact pointed out by an Infowar’s reader and missed by the
editors. As it turns out, Google is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
In late 2006, Google bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock, so it
is fair to say YouTube is also pushing the CFR’s one-world government

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It also explains why YouTube is going after Alex Jones and why The Alex Jones Channel was scrubbed from the popular website.

“The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in
England, and which believes that national boundaries should be
obliterated, and a one-world rule established,” the late Carroll
Quigley wrote in his book, “Tragedy & Hope.”

“The ultimate aim of the CFR is to create a one-world socialist
system, and to make the U.S. an official part of it,” explained Dan
Smoot, a former member of the FBI Headquarters staff in Washington,

“The CFR is the establishment,” writes Congressmen John R. Rarick.
“Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making
positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from
above, but it also finances and uses individuals and groups to bring
pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting
the U.S. from a sovereign Constitution Republic into a servile member
of a one-world dictatorship.”

CFR “members have run, or are running, NBC and CBS, ‘The New York
Times’, ‘The Washington Post’, ‘The Des Moines Register’, and many
other important newspapers. The leaders of ‘Time’, ‘Newsweek’,
‘Fortune’, ‘Business Week’, and numerous other publications are CFR
members. The organization’s members also dominate the academic world,
top corporations, the huge tax-exempt foundations, labor unions, the
military, and just about every segment of American life,” write Jack
Newell and Devvy Kidd.

The “pressure from above” mentioned by Rarick is being used to
silence influential critics of the concept of a one-world dictatorship
now in motion.

It is, however, too late for the control freaks and one-worlders to
squash the opposition. Google’s YouTube may have swept The Alex Jones
into the memory hole, but this will not prevent the message from
reaching millions of people who now know the New World Order is
determined to reduce the planet to a slave labor gulag run by the
international bankers and their minions.

Article printed from Infowars: http://www.infowars.com

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Don’t tell me “It ain’t personal’ Get off my land!!!

Life at the Center of the Universe affords a ‘distant’, objective perspective.

Is a virus in the air equal to the threat of a Fed in your face?

"I may be a "loose cannon", but at least I KNOW WHEREFOR I AIM."

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Americans are terrorists if they own a bible, a pocket Constitution or guns, and still believe in Life, Liberty and Freedom

Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America?

JB Williams  Bio
Email Article

&lt;a href="http://media.fastclick.net/w/click.here?sid=18589&amp;m=3&amp;amp;c=5138&quot; target="_blank"&gt;&lt;/a&gt;

 By JB Williams  Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Republican Senator Judd Gregg was Obama’s first choice for the
Secretary of Commerce post, and Gregg was actually considering joining
the Obama team, until he found out that control of the US Census was
being stripped from the Commerce Department and placed under the direct
control of White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

Then, the same week that Americans learned that they were “domestic
terrorists”—at least according to Obama’s new DHS (Department of
Homeland Security),—if they own a bible, a pocket Constitution or guns,
and still believe in Life, Liberty and Freedom, – they also learned
that Obama’s Census Bureau had hired thousands of new temporary
employees, equipped each with a handheld GPS computer and sent them out
to mark GPS coordinates for every residential front door in America.

Oddly, it was this same period that news was breaking of an
international flu pandemic, suspected of being a weaponized strain of
the virus never before seen, – and that Obama’s team still sees no need
to close the US-Mexican border, despite the cross continental spread of
a deadly illness now claiming American lives.

Now, if any one of these events happened alone, one might not get
too excited. But when a string of such events happen all at once, one
begins to question the string of freedom and life threatening

I can’t resist the urge to question the authority and purpose behind
such a BIG BROTHER initiative, when the official Census itself is not
due to be taken until 2010…

No imagination is required to think up a whole laundry list of evil
that could be done with a nationwide GPS grid of coordinate’s markers
painted on every private home across the country. But I was having
trouble thinking up one good reason for it, even one legitimate use
that would justify what must be a very expensive undertaking.

According to one of the Census workers, who spoke with me on
condition of anonymity, they must GPS mark the coordinates “within 40
ft of every front door” in America and they are supposed to complete
that mission nation wide, within 90 days, by the end of July 2009.

The workers were not told why they were GPS marking every front
door. But a supervisor is sent out to follow them door-to-door, to make
certain that no door is left unmarked. Every door will be marked by one
employee, and then checked by a follow-up supervisor.

So, I had to ask, why?

Why does the Obama administration need or want the latitude and
longitude coordinates for every home in America? Why the rush to GPS
paint every home in the next 90 days? Why must the marker be within 40
ft of every front door? For what possible purpose does the Fed need GPS
coordinates for every home, and under what authority do they have the
right? Census workers, whom I asked, had the same holy-crap look on
their faces that I had by then…

signed on as a national partner with the U.S. Census Bureau in February
2009 to assist with the recruitment of the 1.4 million temporary
workers needed to go door-to-door to count every person in the United
States — currently believed to be more than 306 million people. But the
count doesn’t take place until 2010… This is April 2009.

Obama’s interest in an ACORN controlled 2010 Census, for the purpose
of redistricting to the advantage of Democrats before the 2010 mid-term
elections, comes as NO shock from a regime known for their heavy handed
Rules for Radicals political strategies. But what does this have to do with GPS marking every home in the country?

The 2% of Americans, who have served military duty at some point in
life, are very familiar with the most common use of GPS target
painting. The other 98% of Americans might want to pick up a book on
the subject, such as The Precision Revolution: GPS and the Future of Aerial Warfare

Their Authority?

RightSoup.com has just about the only online report available on the
matter, and they report, “Why does the government (and ACORN) need to
have the GPS coordinates of your FRONT DOOR? Your house is probably on
Google Maps already. But the front door? Sounds like a jackboot
convenience to me. This is a developing story, and several reports of
those who have already been visited by the GPS squad can be found in this forum thread.”

If you challenge Census Bureau employees about the GPS marking of your
private residence, you will be handed a preprinted explanation
referring you to Sec. 223, Title 13, U.S. Code, Chapter 7, Subtitle 2,
which explains the penalties for refusing to provide names and
statistics of occupants when asked for by a census taker. This only
applies when they are taking a census, (which will not be taken until
next year), and the penalty for refusing to answer questions for a
census is up to a $500 fine.

However, since the actual Census is not due to be taken until 2010,
nobody is asking for any information today. They are only GPS marking
your front door today, and Sec. 223, Title 13, U.S. Code, Chapter 7, Subtitle 2 provides the Fed NO authority to GPS paint your front door.

Best I can tell, the Fed has NO authority whatsoever, to paint the
front door of every private residence in America. Still, that is
exactly what they are doing. Now, the trillion dollar question is, why?

A State of Emergency

From Wikipedia – The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385)
passed on June 16, 1878 after the end of Reconstruction, with the
intention of substantially limiting the powers of the federal
government to use the military for law enforcement. The Act prohibits
most members of the federal uniformed services from exercising
nominally state law enforcement, police, or peace officer powers that
maintain “law and order” on non-federal property (such as states and
their counties and municipal divisions) within the United States.

In short, the statute generally prohibits federal military personnel
and units of the National Guard operating under federal authority, from
acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States.

As members of the military are sworn to protect and defend the
Constitution and the American people against all enemies, both foreign
and domestic, a federal order to do the exact opposite, and take aim at
American citizens, would be a clear violation of the US Constitution
and the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, unless…

US Military personnel are trained to follow orders. But they are
also obligated to refuse any order deemed “unlawful.” In order to make
such an order appear “lawful,” the federal government would first have
to declare a national “state of emergency,” such as in the case of an
international pandemic, which can be demonstrated to threaten the
health and well-being of American citizens.

Following a state of emergency declaration, a federal order for
Martial Law would be expected, to allegedly provide law enforcement and
security for citizens. This type of scenario can be followed by a
presidential order to quarantine, disarm and contain American citizens
in the name of national security, all of it, having the appearance of
being “lawful.”

Is this what is happening?

Connecting the Dots

Alone, individual events look concerning, but not conspiratorial.
What about when you place the pieces of the puzzle together and take a
look at the entire picture developing?

Under this “theory,” how does the GPS marking of every private residence in the nation fit into the picture?

I wish I knew… but I don’t!

What I do know is this… Coincidences of this number and magnitude
don’t happen. They certainly do not happen all at the same time, within
hours or days of each other, out of the wild blue tin-foil hat heaven…

I also know that people had better start asking the right people the
right questions and demanding answers fast. Begin with asking the
mainstream press why there has been no public notification of the
federal governments GPS marking your front door?

Then, I suggest contacting your local Census Bureau office
immediately, and demanding an explanation as well as advice as to what
law gives them the right to GPS paint every front door in America?

I’d also recommend sending a copy of this column to your state and
federal representative, demanding that they put a stop to it or explain
why it’s necessary, and what law gives them the right?

Unfortunately, we live in a moment of history when real events are
much stranger than nutty conspiracy theories. The people have every
right to know what is happening. But unless you demand to know,
nobody’s talking!

Bill Clinton sold US nuclear technology to Red China for a mere
$300,000 in campaign contributions. The event landed Chinese bagman
Johnny Chung in prison, but put Hillary Clinton in the US Senate, and
now at the helm of the US State Department.

Highly secured government servers are hacked daily. Soon, hackers
will be able to grab a nation wide GPS grid map, marking the front door
of every home in America.

How much is a GPS grid of every American household worth to the enemies
of America, both foreign and domestic? I’d estimate, PRICELESS!

There is a foul odor resonating from the current regime in
Washington DC and most Americans can smell it. Can most Americans
gather the strength to do something about it?

U.S. Census Bureau

The Department of Commerce

Contacting the Congress

Follow up letter to all comments from JB Williams on Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America?

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a
father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics,
American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide
and in many countries around the world. JB Williams’ website is jb-williams.com/

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Research behind “What’s bugging you, Bonzo?”

Life at the Center of the Universe

from Above Top Secret:

H1N1 Flu. A Tale of Evolution, Economics,
Power Politics and International Law.

ATS Premium article by member "soficrow,"
May 4, 2009

H1N1 swine flu caused the 1918 flu pandemic: the same type (A) and
strain (H1N1) behind the current crisis, but a different branch or
"clade." Classical H1N1 viruses were "virtually the exclusive cause"
of swine flu in the U.S. and Canada from 1930 (when they were first
isolated) to 1998. Then things changed. In 1997, a new triple
assortment clade of previously human H3N2 flu appeared in U.S.
Mid-West industrial hog barns; it contained genetic material from
human, pig, and bird flu viruses. In 1998, a novel triple assortment
H1N1 swine flu clade infected a human in Wisconsin. In 2001, the 1997
triple assortment H3N2 swine flu clade merged with the classical H1N1
strain to create a novel triple assortment H1N2 swine flu strain.

Another triple assortment clade of H1N1 swine flu was isolated from
a sick Iowan swine farmer in the 2004 Agricultural Health Study. The
study also showed that U.S. farm workers exposed to swine – and their
nonswine-exposed spouses – had been infected with H1N1 swine flu. In
fact, triple assortment flu strains and clades have been bouncing back
and forth between people, pigs and poultry in U.S. and Canadian
industrial hog and poultry barns for about 10 years – bumping into
classical H1N1, re-assorting and picking up new genetic material with
each re-assortment. This is the situation that led triple assortment
H1N1 swine flu to become easily transmissable person-to-person.

Today, several diseases including H1N1 swine flu and H5N1 bird flu
are poised to create a lethal pandemic, likely when they meet and
re-assort. The pandemic potential has been well-recognized for some
time. In January of 2007, the U.S.A. adopted the World Health
Organization (WHO) 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) for
reporting "novel" influenza viruses. Enshrined as International Law,
the regulations are "an international legal instrument that governs
the roles of the WHO and its member countries in …sharing

Negotiated to protect corporate rights and industry, and prioritize
profits over people, the IHR’s pertinent objective is to "…control
and provide a public health response to the international spread of
disease in ways that are …restricted to public health risks, and
which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and
trade." By these terms it is arguably illegal for the WHO, its member
nations and their representatives to tell the truth about H1N1, or to
disclose that the first triple assortment clade of the H1N1 swine flu
strain infected a human in 1998 – in Wisconsin. more…

"…Viruses of the classical H1N1 lineage were virtually the
exclusive cause of swine influenza (in the United States and Canada)
from the time of their initial isolation in 1930 through 1998.
Antigenic drift variants of these H1N1 viruses were isolated in
1991-1998, but a much more dramatic antigenic shift occurred with the
emergence of H3N2 viruses in 1997-1998. In particular, H3N2 viruses
with genes derived from human, swine and avian viruses have become a
major cause of swine influenza in North America.
…H1N2 viruses that resulted from reassortment between the triple
reassortant H3N2 viruses and classical H1N1 swine viruses have been
isolated subsequently from pigs in at least six states."

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additional links, and startling conclusions (as well as the replies
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