“Calling out” the corrupt, Old West style

ONLY in the mix of CONFUSION, contradiction, ignorance, and PROPAGANDA, in the mixed medias that thrive on
keeping you ‘all mixed up’ to sell you another newspaper, another newscast, yet another supposed ‘government’ solution,
can they PLAY General Carlson on you.
 As in the POLICY of the US Government in their WAR AGAINST the Navajo
in Arizona, they used an ever-present reality- that among any population, there were, in time, always murders, predations &
thefts. What the highly racially prejudiced US Army did was use an exaggerated and propagandized ’cause’ to justify burning
Native villages, destroying gardens, orchards, and stealing livestock, to the extent that the General had to offer a reward for Indian livestock to keep it all from being slaughtered.

There will always be ‘economic’, political, and ‘social’ problems, because these human endeavors,
like government, religion, and urban society, are obsolete, unnecessary, and only useful to the lazy, dishonest,
or back-ward looking people, who seem to think that things must be consistent, stable, the same, ‘secure’,
safe, reliable way they have always been, as far as they in their short memory spans can remember.
"Its gotta stay like in the bible" they are heard to say, regardless of the issue. Today’s reality only exists for them as a future possibility. They will deny the actuality of war,  of betrayals, of TREASONS, of attacks, of massive plots and agendas
in which many are unwilling if not ignorant participants. INDIVIDUALS ALONE CAN DEAL WITH LIFE-
NO ONE, no government, party, or religion, can live your life for you, so no one but you has any say about your life.
Stop giving power and authority to others. BE YOUR OWN PEACE, Justice, and Liberty. LIVING WELL, Free.

 The justifications and rationalizations are legion, and all wrong.

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