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H1N1 Flu. A Tale of Evolution, Economics,
Power Politics and International Law.

ATS Premium article by member "soficrow,"
May 4, 2009

H1N1 swine flu caused the 1918 flu pandemic: the same type (A) and
strain (H1N1) behind the current crisis, but a different branch or
"clade." Classical H1N1 viruses were "virtually the exclusive cause"
of swine flu in the U.S. and Canada from 1930 (when they were first
isolated) to 1998. Then things changed. In 1997, a new triple
assortment clade of previously human H3N2 flu appeared in U.S.
Mid-West industrial hog barns; it contained genetic material from
human, pig, and bird flu viruses. In 1998, a novel triple assortment
H1N1 swine flu clade infected a human in Wisconsin. In 2001, the 1997
triple assortment H3N2 swine flu clade merged with the classical H1N1
strain to create a novel triple assortment H1N2 swine flu strain.

Another triple assortment clade of H1N1 swine flu was isolated from
a sick Iowan swine farmer in the 2004 Agricultural Health Study. The
study also showed that U.S. farm workers exposed to swine – and their
nonswine-exposed spouses – had been infected with H1N1 swine flu. In
fact, triple assortment flu strains and clades have been bouncing back
and forth between people, pigs and poultry in U.S. and Canadian
industrial hog and poultry barns for about 10 years – bumping into
classical H1N1, re-assorting and picking up new genetic material with
each re-assortment. This is the situation that led triple assortment
H1N1 swine flu to become easily transmissable person-to-person.

Today, several diseases including H1N1 swine flu and H5N1 bird flu
are poised to create a lethal pandemic, likely when they meet and
re-assort. The pandemic potential has been well-recognized for some
time. In January of 2007, the U.S.A. adopted the World Health
Organization (WHO) 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) for
reporting "novel" influenza viruses. Enshrined as International Law,
the regulations are "an international legal instrument that governs
the roles of the WHO and its member countries in …sharing

Negotiated to protect corporate rights and industry, and prioritize
profits over people, the IHR’s pertinent objective is to "…control
and provide a public health response to the international spread of
disease in ways that are …restricted to public health risks, and
which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and
trade." By these terms it is arguably illegal for the WHO, its member
nations and their representatives to tell the truth about H1N1, or to
disclose that the first triple assortment clade of the H1N1 swine flu
strain infected a human in 1998 – in Wisconsin. more…

"…Viruses of the classical H1N1 lineage were virtually the
exclusive cause of swine influenza (in the United States and Canada)
from the time of their initial isolation in 1930 through 1998.
Antigenic drift variants of these H1N1 viruses were isolated in
1991-1998, but a much more dramatic antigenic shift occurred with the
emergence of H3N2 viruses in 1997-1998. In particular, H3N2 viruses
with genes derived from human, swine and avian viruses have become a
major cause of swine influenza in North America.
…H1N2 viruses that resulted from reassortment between the triple
reassortant H3N2 viruses and classical H1N1 swine viruses have been
isolated subsequently from pigs in at least six states."

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