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Zadari: Osama was an “Operator” for the United States

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May 10, 2009

In the interview here, NBC’s David Gregory completely ignores
Pakistan president Asif Ali Zadari when he declares that Osama bin
Laden was an “operator” for the United States. Gregory wants to know if
Zadari believes Osama is alive. He wants to know why Pakistan has not
gone after Bin Laden.

Before “everything changed” on September 11, 2001, the corporate
media published truthful stories about Osama bin Laden and his
relationship with the CIA. “As his unclassified CIA biography states,
bin Laden left Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan
after Moscow’s invasion in 1979. By 1984, he was running a front
organization known as Maktab al-Khidamar — the MAK — which funneled
money, arms and fighters from the outside world into the Afghan war,” Michael Moran
wrote for MSNBC on August 24, 1998. “What the CIA bio conveniently
fails to specify (in its unclassified form, at least) is that the MAK
was nurtured by Pakistan’s state security services, the Inter-Services
Intelligence agency, or ISI, the CIA’s primary conduit for conducting
the covert war against Moscow’s occupation.”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

CIA’s intimate relationship with Osama bin Laden came to light during a
the trial of Mohamed Rashed Daoud al-’Owhali and Khalfan Khamis Mohamed
for the 1998 bombings of two American Embassies in Africa. Giles Foden wrote about the “deep and insidious connection” between Osama bin Laden and the CIA on September 13, 2001, for the Guardian.

“FBI investigators examining the embassy bombing sites in Nairobi
and Dar es Salaam discovered that evidence led to military explosives
from the US Army, and that these explosives had been delivered three
years earlier to Afghan Arabs, the infamous international volunteer
brigades involved side by side with bin Laden during the Afghan war
against the Red Army,” Alexandra Richard wrote for Le Figaro on October 11, 2001.

In the same article Richard reports that a CIA agent met with Osama
bin Laden at the American Hospital in Dubai in July, 2001, where the
terrorist underwent surgery. “While he was hospitalized, bin Laden
received visits from many members of his family as well as prominent
Saudis and Emiratis. During the hospital stay, the local CIA agent,
known to many in Dubai, was seen taking the main elevator of the
hospital to go to bin Laden’s hospital room.”

Not only did the CIA and its ISI partner create MAK and ultimately
what the corporate media would call al-Qaeda, they also created the
Taliban, although you won’t read that in the New York Times. The ISI
organized and the United States, Britain, and the Saudis funded the
madrassas (religious schools) that nurtured the fanatical Wahhabi
Taliban. “They were literally the orphans of war [a war orchestrated by
Zbigniew Brzezinski against the Soviets], the rootless and restless,
the jobless and the economically deprived with little self-knowledge.
They admired war because it was the only occupation they could possibly
adapt to. Their simple belief in a messianic, puritan Islam which had
been drummed into them by simple village mullahs was the only prop they
could hold on to and which gave their lives some meaning,” writes Phil Gasper.

NBC’s David Gregory might want to ask the CIA or maybe Robert Gates
about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden (the current secretary of
defense basically ran the Osama operation through Pakistan’s ISI back
in the day when he was Deputy Assistant to the President for National
Security Affairs and then CIA director under Bush Senior).

Gregory and NBC are merely setting the stage for Obama’s increased
meddling in Pakistan. Part of that effort is to make Asif Ali Zadari
look like he is hiding Osama bin Laden and protecting the perennial
bogeyman, al-Qaeda.

Zadari, however, knows the truth and is not afraid to speak it on
American television: Osama bin Laden was an “operative” for the United

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Secret Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Pakistani Accounts Revealed

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Tom Heneghan
May 11, 2009

UNITED STATES of America  –  It can now be reported that the recent
resignation of former New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Chairman, Stephen Frieidman, signals an expanding investigation of New
York Attorny General Andrew Cuomo, who is not only focused on the
massive New York state financial derivative Ponzi Scheme, but is now
centered on money laundry, and possible funding of alleged terrorists
in Pakistan.

Note: Cuomo was recently in a state of shock when he looked at new
evidence linking Citibank, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and AIG, to not
only a terrorist money laundry in Pakistan, but to evidence tying all
of these aforementioned brokerage firms and the Federal Reserve itself
to PRE 9/11 knowledge, which allowed them to profit with put options
and short positions placed before 9/11. 

This allowed these criminal brokerage firms to benefit from the death of near 3,000 in New York City.

Reference: Friedman, who still sits on the Board of Goldman Sachs,
has been recently cooperating with the New York Attorney General, but
as you will find out in the rest of this briefing, Friedman has been
playing both sides against the middle and is now involved in espionage

Sources close to Defense Intelligence and the National Security
Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as European
INTERPOL, have actually fingered Friedman as the bagman for the
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate involving illegal wire
transfers of TRILLIONS of dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds that
were laundred through Goldman Sachs brokerage firm in New York City,
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Israel Discount Bank and the
Federal Reserve itself to the Israeli Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv onto secret U.S. national security accounts in Pakistan.
Note: Assisting Friedman in looting the U.S. Treasury (the back end of
the toxic derivatives) is a Pakistani national who is a joint
U.S.-Pakistan CIA Intelligence officer with the initials " K.H. "

KH, who was presumed dead by many in the intelligence
community, including Stephen Friedman, is now cooperating with European

Note: Early Saturday morning on May 9, 2009, foreign born alleged President Barack Obama ordered a missile attack near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, which was was an alleged attack against so-called Al Qaeda terrorists.

We can now report that it was daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill
Clinton, that ordered Obama to launch the attack given reports that the
whistleblower KH was in the vicinity.

Clearly, folks, this was not an attack on terrorists but an assassination attempt on KH that failed.

KH has fingered Stephen Friedman, former Federal Reserve Chairman
Alan Greenspan, along with former President George Herbert Walker Bush,
former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in setting up these secret
CIA proprietary accounts in Pakistan tied to none other than the late
alleged 9/11 terrorist aka patsy CIA employee Tim Osman aka Osama bin

Note: Bin Laden, who died of kidney failure in December of 2001 and
was a cosignator on these accounts, is claimed to still be alive based
on the U.S. media’s big lie that he is still wandering the hills of

Believe this, folks, he is dead as a door nail!

Should bin Laden’s death be reported, the IRS would have immediate access to these secret accounts that now have rotating access codes aka electronic serial combinations based on biblical chapters and verses.

The Pakistan money laundry has been a piggy bank for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate since the 9/11 attack on America.

These accounts have now been frozen by the World Court and the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) given the cooperation of the now
whistleblower KH in handing over the account numbers and access codes
aka the biblical chapters and verses that have now prevented daddy
Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with former Federal Reserve
Chairman Alan Greenspan from getting into these accounts.

Reference: It has been reported that the Pakistani government
refused Barbara Bush, wife of former President George Herbert Walker
Bush, and Andrea Mitchell, wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan
Greenspan, and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President and daddy
Bush’s little bitch, Bill Clinton, entry into Pakistan.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It was Chelsea Clinton that used funds from a Goldman Sachs hedge fund
to arrange the BRIBING of New York Governor David Paterson in order to
keep Caroline Kennedy from being appointed the next New York Democratic
U.S. Senator.

It is clear now that former Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman, Stephen Friedman, is caught in a double cross.

Friedman had been cooperating with the New York state investigation
while at the same time keeping secret the existence of these secret
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate’s accounts in Pakistan, which now
not only have a possibly link to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme but to
the funding of alleged worldwide Al Qaeda terrorists as well as the 9/11 attack itself.

He clearly thought that KH had died – well he is clearly alive and kicking, folks.

P.S. At this hour the Obama Administration is ignoring a French
Intelligence warning of a possible FALSE FLAG terrorist attack that
would be staged in New York City around the Broad Street area aka the
location of the Goldman Sachs brokerage firm.

We can now divulge that there are tape recorded conversations
involving current White House Chief of Staff and former head of the
North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel, and current Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, concerning the existence of certain files,
documents and computer downloads currently held at Goldman Sachs that
involve former Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Chairman Stephen
Friedman, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the secret money laundry
from the U.S. to Israeli to Pakistan.

French Intelligence sources have, once again, identified certain
alleged Al Qaeda types that are linked to the noted 9/11 Israeli
Mossad’s Urban Moving Systems espionage group, that is still operating
in New Jersey, and have been recently photographed outside the New York
financial district.

P.P.S. At this hour there is NO Justice Department as the Obama
Administration continues to allow Bush Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
rule over the United States.

The bought and paid for U.S. Congress, along with the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS), continue to run rampant in
attempts to attack the American People.

For example, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who has lunch on
occasion with former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, still has a
terrorist watch list that includes enemies of Karl Rove aka former
Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

Napolitano and Chertoff have also put together a list called the
"Domestic Extremist Lexicon", which classifies individuals as
terrorists if they do not agree with corporate, fascist media versions
of events.

Not to be left out, radical feminista and tribalist Congresswoman
Linda Sanchez (D-CA), is sponsoring legislation (H.R. 1966), which
would allow the government to censor the internet if it was determined
that internet bloggers brought "emotional distress" to alleged
individuals that were being criticized.

Ms. Sanchez is also working on legislation, which would allow the
2nd Amendment rights of the American People to be infringed on should a
DHS oversight panel decide that an individual American citizen might be
a terrorist and therefore be unable to buy a firearm.

Clearly, according to Ms. Sanchez, if you are critical of Ms. Sanchez you are therefore a "terrorist".

Ms. Sanchez, who favors the illegal invasion of the United States by
illegal aliens from Mexico is the REAL terrorist and a THREAT to our
U.S. Constitution.

Call the DHS and tell them you have identified a terrorist in our Congress:

     Operator Number: 202-282-8000

     Comment Line: 202-282-8495 

Final note: I want to make it clear to all of our loyal readers that
the Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate is desperate.

We, the American People, have uncovered the truth about their
TREASONOUS activities.  So, their next step aka the Swine Flu will be
to attack us.

Daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill Clinton, are sociopaths. They
are loosing their money and their power and the U.S. Military has told
foreign born alleged President Obama that they will not tolerate him
enabling any more of this TREASON.

Again, folks, prepare for revolutionary mode.  The best defense is a great offense.

We will do whatever is necessary to save our U.S. Constitution, our
beloved Republic, our freedoms and our American way of life and remove
these TRAITORS from American soil.

We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers:  YOU ARE TOO CORRUPT TO CONTINUE!

We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!

* * *  REMEMBER  * * *

The orders of the day for ALL patriots as we continue to identify the
enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the
21st Century and eradicate them:

Oath Keepers: Orders We Will NOT Obey

When it comes to the enemies of the American Republic
and the American Revolution in the 21st century, we dedicate ourselves
to the 2nd American Revolution and making these enemies a memory.

We must remove them from American soil, and DO IT NOW!

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.

At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine
and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly eletected,
non-inaugurated,  REAL natural born  President of the United States.

Article printed from Infowars: http://www.infowars.com

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