Over the weekend, while we were fishing…

Good Morning, Campers, We sure enjoyed last night’s campfire story! The ludicrous news that greeted us this morning as we tried to eat breakfast had an immediate effect, as I imagine it is having -across the Planet…


That’s enough to change the menu, isn’t it!
We can’t wait to get back to the CAMP.
The Peaceful fishing, camping, hiking, star-gazing- did you see that fireball in Arizona!?…the crickets, the birds, the LACK
I repeat…the LACK of political military economic theaters, fake news, risky business, scandalously corrupt ‘government by scheme & dream’, local gossip, monetary fears…THE LIST GETS Proportionately longer the more Time one spends in the countryside.
The INVERSE SQUARE LAW predicts this effect- the further ‘away’ you get from the{take your pick:}magnet, light, planet’s gravity, bonfire, war, chaos, politics, religion, social delusion, disease-supporting population density, military target or activity (same thing), ignorance, greed, dishonesty, religious fanaticism, {see the list goes on and on when you take time to think about it…}
…the less INFLUENCE, control, impact, effect it can have–to the point where the geometric progression of the Force of Freedom means that after the first mile, you are leaving most of the hikers (and the social fumes) behind…

We found a video series worth watching:

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