Snake Oil for the American Disease

Prescription for "The American Disease".  COME HOME & LIBERATE America!
NOT wanting to admit the ‘bottle’ of snake oil is empty, or worse, that it is deadly, Americans are now being asked to  fund a refill.
130 countries, 700 bases…the ‘Great American Empire’s vast military expedition has just now discovered… the ever-present enemy
is one they carried with them from ‘home’; the corrupting ethers of callous avarice, unbounded greed and criminal war profiteering
as vast and powerfully skilled as the militant merchants of death, armed with the technologies of an otherwise peaceful future…
but merciless & unfettered, loosed upon the planet through the ‘American’ military-industrial-banker-politician’s Cartel. It has NO regard
for national sovereignty [not even US] nor religious freedom. In simple terms, the people of the US probably will not allow their ‘government’
to exist any longer in its current form, knowing of the CIA "undoings" with the last straw being their direct complicity in supporting
the opium trade and terrorists. {Karzai’s brother & control of Afghan opium and financing of ‘Al Queda" thus conclusive proof
911 was an inside job, another ‘false flag’ operation i.e. ‘Operation Northwoods’} This is just as the FBI seems also to have an
informant provocateur instrumental in every ‘wanna be’ theatrical terror cell they seem to ‘find’, yes, by circumstances of their own creation.
 Why would the CIA stop at destabilizing only other countries?
After enough provocation and targetting, the US’s many victims have developed [beyond localized reactions] the awareness
 & recognition of the roots of what Empire only now vaguely senses, shuddering at the Horror in the Mirror.


It totally goes to the heart of the matter when the Congressional Ethics Committtee (in the case of Murtha) finds clear connections between the lobbyists for defense contractors making campaign contributions  and the congresssman’s buddy getting big no-bid contracts. But because the "law" has been set up & written by such legislators, it appears the TREASON stays protected behind a proceedural wall due to lack of whistle-blower protections and the required independent inside evidence. Thus the WARMONGERS have triumphed over the 1st victim of war: Truth.

And The Truth is that it is the American Disease that has infected the world, causing reactive counter-terrorism [which the dunderheads call ‘terrorism or insurgency.] and to SAFEGUARD HUMANITY from the nuclear state sponsored terrorism of the US,
there must now be applied A CURE.
It will NOT be found in the 1900 pages of "health care" deception.
It will never be bought with "bail-outs".
It will never be legislated.
It will never come as a miracle no matter how much money is worshiped.

This Prescription means each patient must Think, Act & Live as a defender of peace, dismantling & destroying the Warmongering Mentality as well as the machinery of death which has personified American racism, Greed, Theft, & Genocide for its entire bloody history. There is No nationalism justified by war, only by a nation’s preservation and promotion of peace. America has failed criminally. Our military must now invade America from its scattered and ineffective deployments, must now fight the treasonous coup, the ‘Shadow’ government, the corrupted Pentagon & its corporate co-conspirators who, with Congress, the CIA and outside forces, sent them away on false pretenses, so that we, The People, could be suppressed tyrranized betrayed and ripped off, our whole Treasury plundered-  without The Peoples’ ability to overthrow the political police state by use of our own defense, our militarized citizens, our own Defenders of the Constitution, in effective numbers to overcome the private armies & politicized police now among us.
It is TIME for Our Forces
{they are NOT the private military of a dictatorship, nor the permutations of Blackwater style mercenaries under corporate control…are they?}



Beyond Propaganda, or SEE!! All politicians ARE liars!

We were wondering:  Why it took a YouTube video for the Cochise County Prosecutor’s Office to finally stop YEARS of stonewalling {& in effect protection of  the local mafioso} and at long last proceed with an investigation of Tombstone’s ‘government’? Why has there also been NO ACTION by DEA or the FBI after a pile of stinking evidence has been directed at them similarly for YEARS? Occam’s Razor says, simple corruption faciliated by cowardice, laziness, politics, and "The Status Quo". Could it be the scrutiny of an alerted public eye could not be swept under the rug, diverted, or delayed any longer without it being clear [damned if you do, damned if you don’t.] the local, regional, and state governments are as UNRELIABLE & UNTRUSTWORTHY as any other group of organized liars & Theives out of any western film you care to name?

Tombstone’s Good, Bad, & Ugly!

 TLCU was not the first to publicly point a finger and name names, there’s been a long line of Tombstone citizens & visitors bravely taking on both the vendettas and the inaction of ‘higher authorities’ for far too many years! The currently posted video evidence of the intolerable + blatant corruption in Tombstone is but another stone on the mountain of evidence. It is undeniable, or we would choose a diplomatic neutral position, if only in deference to business…but there has been no business hereabouts that one might say puts food on the table.  We would far prefer to help generate a feast than see another day of righteous peoples being done dirt. We believe in ideas being shared right now*, along with some we have published here, are the way we must go right now, not tomorrow, not after some interminable ritualistic process of the ‘establishment’, for we see clearly that we have trusted the prosecutors, the judges, the Feds, and others, to clean our house for us, to paint crosswalks for us, to break some bureaucrat’s "historic" red tape for us, to "get us a grant"… it goes on and on. Haven’t we learned our lesson (here and nationally) there’s NO WYATT EARP here anymore to defend us. We have only ourselves and our RIGHTS, our RESPONSIBILITIES which include both citizen’s arrest and the use of deadly force against a felon in the commission of a felony, not to mention TREASON! History has proven, THAT IS SUFFICIENT. It’s not "our" government, we’ve said as much. In fact, we believe "We don’t need no stinkin badges."

* see the Feature Films section above.

For our many guests from around the world Wintering in Tombstone

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The Case for Individual Self-Governance

Good Morning, Neighbors! Our local festival of the Old West, Helldorado, ended on a tragic note, with two elderly visitors, a British couple 75 & 82 yrs old, struck & killed in a horrible auto/pedestrian accident on Fremont Street across from the town marshal’s office. The irony being that it was a local driver who struck them, one familiar with the crowds of guests during Helldorado frequently crossing Hwy 80. The double whammy has been the TV news also showing the major & marshals pointing the finger at D.O.T., while themselves under recent criticism for "Policing" the town in a way that serves a private agenda while failing to safeguard the town. This really strikes at the heart of the matter when one observes the NEW PAVEMENT & PAINT recently put on Fremont Street by AZDOT, with double bike lanes BUT NO CROSSWALKS PAINTED. It looks clearly like contributory negligence on the parts of BOTH AZDOT and the City of Tombstone. We have seen, on previous occasions, Arizona Rangers assisting pedestrians at the site of the recent deaths…but no one was present on behalf of the town assuring safe crossings, and no one took time to PAINT CROSSINGS FOR THE CITIZENS< Schoolchildren, nor Our Guests, who number in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS each season.   The {six} crosswalks WILL BE PAINTED, by the Responsible Officials, or by Vigilantes in the dead of night, mayor, if you are not seen out there in daylight with a brush in your hand… DUSTY!

Repertory Co. presents, "The Orps of Tombstone" ~ October
17, 24 & 25, and November 14, 15 & 21, 2009

– An Old West comedy presented by the Tombstone Repertory Company and
performed in historic Schieffelin Hall, corner of Fourth & Fremont
streets in Tombstone, Arizona. October 17th, 24th, November 14th & 21st performance at 7:00 PM. October 25th & November 15th matinee at 3:00 PM. For more information contact the producer Ron Zatochill at (520) 249-8944 or visit their website at: here to view the poster

TLCU  Editorial note by Frank Lavoie:
With all the resources we have at hand, WE can ALL wonder why Tombstone has FAILED to PROTECT the newly recognized HOHOKAM VILLAGE SITE on the north side of town, within city limits [wouldn’t a proper ‘dig’ & interpretive center be a visitor draw?]; Why it has FAILED to trade some of its abundant rock resources for top grade paving on every street in town? We can ask WHY there is still no network of SAFE RIDING trails & paths for everyone, nor even a completed sidewalk system which currently is in disrepair? Why are there still unfair restraints on Tombstone people who may not need or cannot get a storefront, do not qualify for a non-resident peddler’s license, and are SHUT OUT of doing business in Tombstone, or FROM Tombstone, because the prejudicial city council, mayor, and "rules" make NO PROVISION for such free enterprise, home craft or artist endeavors to be licensed by residents here? WTF?

Further, if I may be so bold as to propose this: The old high school building is still unsold [no wonder, at that price!] WHY NOT GRANT IT to the non-profit coalition TACO, to be Tombstone’s  Disabled Veterans’ BENEFIT DINNER THEATER & Media Production Facility, hosting the Community Web TV studio?  !!! The town might realize a much greater return of guests and revenue with a regular performing arts center, shared with all!
Where is our clinic? Our Community garden?
With too much currency going to bankers, war maker corporations, even the small local misuse or under-use of resources, talent, and possibilities…becomes clearly intolerable. This is harder to bear each day when the ‘answers’, the breaking out of self-imposed limitations & conventional thinking is the truthful solution. Its such a shame for so many to be ‘snapping’ under the pressure, the lack of confidence, the unwillingness to abandon failing strategies!

Here again, is a TLCU  Special guest documentary. It’s worth the time if it just helps focus how locally and globally, people tend to make the same errors in thinking, in trusting others to govern them.  WAR itself shows as clearly as any writing in the sky, that God’s Children Enjoy Enlightened Self-Governance. They know that to give that privilege & responsibility to Anyone Else is to deny the Center of the Universe within You! 

To ACT, or to merely re-enact, that is the question.

Fellow Tombstoners….

AS enjoyable as the recent COCHISE TALK.COM forum at the Crystal Palace was…
as idealistic and positive as it seemed, it was still ‘too little too late’ by some opinions after the Web Broadcast had a few days to circulate.
 Too Little and Too Late IF we don’t also include some realistic if negative Truth.
 The Theater that is Tombstone can be a "Hollywood eat your heart out"  experience of unquestionable class and dramatic ‘gravitas’…
and of commercial success IF we still enjoyed a world-wide audience which was NOT aware of the serious crime
in the border zone, in the wide availability of dangerous drugs & the presence of gang & cartel elements…
and IF there were Not such a citizen ostrich with its head down a mine shaft in Denial of this uncomfortable
embarrassing counter-productive circumstance & its logical implied corruptions.
We can rapidly set aside our differences, develop an ‘Off Broadway’ theatrical effort to bring back our many visitors
 from around the world in great numbers and spirits….
BUT we must inspire others to abandon our troubled  & heavily corrupted reputation ONLY by
ACTING ON  The  PRINCIPLES that made our town a legend- not by re-enacting others’ brave stand against organized crime-
Of course, no one said it could not be done in high Victorian or period STYLE during HELLDORADO, did they?
{Oops, that sort of applies Nation-wide, doesn’t it!}

Endless war or Revolution?

W. A. R.  360  and TLCU Web TV editorial:

Is there any question THIS IS NO LONGER "OUR" Government? Revolution is overdue.
Is there any real debate, when it comes to a choice between Endless War and PEACE? Only if Humanity is left out!

Our children are asking, and if they can master live video teleconferencing, research & rapid response, devices well beyond computers and phones, why is our society, ‘our’ government engaged in Blunt & Stupid Criminal WAR & refusing to communicate with anyone, EVEN US, on the honest intellectual level of innocent children?


Bankers & governments & the military pretend to "protect" us from "Thieves", { read also "radicals, terrorists, ‘the other party’} from those who would take anything: homes, lives. liberties, away. But they cost us more than the thieves when we fail to assume the privilege or responsibility of dealing with the thieves ourselves, and responsibility for our own currency or property or lives, don’t they? The {False Evidence Appearing Real} of a small risk, the laziness & irresponsibility of citizens, and the abandonment of responsibilities to deal personally with theft, with prejudice, corruption, with lies and abuse… -abandoned to a Police State and a mountain of irrational magic words on paper called ‘laws’ and a truly criminal "justice" system of slavery & imprisonment…FUELS the very fires of Hell..what’s that smell? Its money burning!

Regardless of the political/economic system, capitalist, communist, democracy, democratic republic, dictatorship, or party of nationalist drunks…it is by nature the weakest social exchange possible, with the most shallow of commitments or exchanges, because, on average, CURRENCY is only as valuable as the use to which it is put. "Imagine," said one pundit, "the Chinese give
us televisions and we only have to give them printed paper!" By its own artificiality, such printed paper symbolic of something else, like legislation, and all such ink on paper is no better than the broken paper chain of the Constitution of the now defunct republic turned narco-democracy, crumbling like our infrastructure, our social structure…widespread systems collapse underway, irreversible…leaving too many citizens in mid-air. At least many know from there that what was ‘taken for granted’ is no longer so. A single piece of paper, call it a Constitution, a law, money, mortgage, diploma, license, deed, charter, insurance policy, bible, warrant…it is STILL just ‘magic words on paper’ and only as valuable or meaningful or useful as the parties agree & act to
faithfully accomplish in REALITY, here, now. The exchange or convention which once was the inflated, conflated or corrupted abstract involvement of TOO MANY others- by use of "currency" in the Private interaction & busy-ness of individuals…
can be made obsolete overnight! Barter, trade, and FOOD is the real ‘currency’.

By Destiny rather than choice, we revolt against the schemes now attacking individual freedoms & liberties. Millions are clue-less, mission-less, aimless..asking "Why me?’ "What’s next?" Even a good job of one’s own choice doesn’t seem as attractive as it used to,  Does it? Since then the same costs, impacts & demands on your time have been compounded with multiple interest, taxes, permits, licenses, and other "hands out" & too many "bail-outs" and generational indebtedness and national debts incurred, not to mention WAR COSTS UNENDING!

One solution among us is to be Open-minded. If not, the discomfort of today and the fear of an unknown tomorrow avoided by obsessing with the past, ‘establishment & history’, social convention, religion & tradition as unchanging as possible… ENSLAVES.
The false comfort of agreement is not as common a sentiment among Open-minded, forward-looking innovators. By Nature, evolutionary adaptation and creativity are survival skills. Our Timeless advantage -the willingness to choose our own individual paths, FREE from the chains that still hold our neighbors, has not been SO PRECIOUS as now.
Dance to a different tune.
All kinds of "MUSIC" have been labeled as ‘dangerous’. Music is dangerous to the demagogs & self-appointed guardians of the Status Quo. But music in and of itself cannot save us from political or social oppression, though it remains one of many tools we must use in our ongoing
 cultural Revolution.   


Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

October already? Wow, Time does fly while we are having fun!
A word from Frank & Barbara at Amethyst Ranch…
Our opening phase of mining engineering is done, we are opening our miner’s camp, and taking reservations now.
Our active participation in a growing web video network dedicated to the current mining "rush" * is happening now, so our guests can anticipate many high definition video expeditions & discoveries will be widely watched & appreciated. TLCU Web TV is also seen on Blip TV!
We will be posting LOTS of new content here, with Tombstone’s historic mining as well as current activities in the area featured. We will also continue our very popular series on the local theatrical & film community, local news, border zone reports, talk, and of course, those documentaries you will find only on TLCU Web TV!

Support your local FOOD BANK!

* [over 7500 mining claims filed in Santa Cruz County, Az in the first six months of 2009. Thats a "Boom" by any standard!]


been busy haven’t we! At the local Cafe, and a dozen other places where
we take our breaks with our friends and neighbors to compare notes and
news and progress reports, there’s been the most gratifying concurrence
among the busy people getting things done. We agree, this is a historic
example of an Harmonic Convergence: We see the exact correlation
between the local clueless
authorities and the county, state, and federal governments ALL
struggling in their ignorance, lack of education, conventional limited
awareness & INTENTIONAL failing to keep peace, working against any
support, inspiration or opportunity AT HAND, thwarting enterprise, and
ignoring the wide range of solutions, resources, talents, and
potentials -to preserve the ‘staus quo’ and the good old boys network
of ranchers & politicians in a county [& country of NO
accountability] where there has NEVER been an audit of [the Fed] a
single real-estate appraisal, ever! We Share the reality, (when one
finally leaves that corrupt culture & through honest work and
accomplishments in defiance of their every scheme, this gains us also
the objectivity to conclude) that the "Wake Up Call" thundered long
ago, and those who did not heed the clear writing in the sky, who can’t
see the lesson in TODAY…fall into that funny category- "If you have
to ask, you will never know."

other words, the public culture is SATURATED with obsession on the
monetary, on dependence on currency, within a false paradigm of
fear…False Evidence Apearing Real.. the delusion of helplessness, its
in almost every moment of media broadcasting, giving rise to much
amusement among us expatriots, us exurbanites, among the EARTHLING,
who, like the ghosts of campfires past, have returned to guide us back
to the everpresent peace, the abundance and generousity of nature, the
solutions and paths well chosen where so many have trod before us, and
which shall NOT be blocked to us nor our children, nor shall we let the
liars and thieves called politicians or their warmongering cabals ever
again make innocent Earthlings believe we do not, cannot, live in
peaceful harmony with each other on our planet, which despite the wide
searches across the Cosmos by NASA and HUBBLE< REMAINS the ONLY HUMAN
HABITATION IN THE UNIVERSE, & we can be creatures of Heaven if we wish. Which is why we sought the amazing Amethyst Ranch…which if you have been watching KEN BURNS National Parks Documentary on PBS, needs no fuurther explanation, just our guests’ enlightenment & enjoyment of all that is gifted by God & the mountains. We are but the stewards, like those many patient citizens of Tombstone, a National Historic Landmark, keeping History  & its lessons alive.