Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

October already? Wow, Time does fly while we are having fun!
A word from Frank & Barbara at Amethyst Ranch…
Our opening phase of mining engineering is done, we are opening our miner’s camp, and taking reservations now.
Our active participation in a growing web video network dedicated to the current mining "rush" * is happening now, so our guests can anticipate many high definition video expeditions & discoveries will be widely watched & appreciated. TLCU Web TV is also seen on Blip TV!
We will be posting LOTS of new content here, with Tombstone’s historic mining as well as current activities in the area featured. We will also continue our very popular series on the local theatrical & film community, local news, border zone reports, talk, and of course, those documentaries you will find only on TLCU Web TV!

Support your local FOOD BANK!

* [over 7500 mining claims filed in Santa Cruz County, Az in the first six months of 2009. Thats a "Boom" by any standard!]


been busy haven’t we! At the local Cafe, and a dozen other places where
we take our breaks with our friends and neighbors to compare notes and
news and progress reports, there’s been the most gratifying concurrence
among the busy people getting things done. We agree, this is a historic
example of an Harmonic Convergence: We see the exact correlation
between the local clueless
authorities and the county, state, and federal governments ALL
struggling in their ignorance, lack of education, conventional limited
awareness & INTENTIONAL failing to keep peace, working against any
support, inspiration or opportunity AT HAND, thwarting enterprise, and
ignoring the wide range of solutions, resources, talents, and
potentials -to preserve the ‘staus quo’ and the good old boys network
of ranchers & politicians in a county [& country of NO
accountability] where there has NEVER been an audit of [the Fed] a
single real-estate appraisal, ever! We Share the reality, (when one
finally leaves that corrupt culture & through honest work and
accomplishments in defiance of their every scheme, this gains us also
the objectivity to conclude) that the "Wake Up Call" thundered long
ago, and those who did not heed the clear writing in the sky, who can’t
see the lesson in TODAY…fall into that funny category- "If you have
to ask, you will never know."

other words, the public culture is SATURATED with obsession on the
monetary, on dependence on currency, within a false paradigm of
fear…False Evidence Apearing Real.. the delusion of helplessness, its
in almost every moment of media broadcasting, giving rise to much
amusement among us expatriots, us exurbanites, among the EARTHLING,
who, like the ghosts of campfires past, have returned to guide us back
to the everpresent peace, the abundance and generousity of nature, the
solutions and paths well chosen where so many have trod before us, and
which shall NOT be blocked to us nor our children, nor shall we let the
liars and thieves called politicians or their warmongering cabals ever
again make innocent Earthlings believe we do not, cannot, live in
peaceful harmony with each other on our planet, which despite the wide
searches across the Cosmos by NASA and HUBBLE< REMAINS the ONLY HUMAN
HABITATION IN THE UNIVERSE, & we can be creatures of Heaven if we wish. Which is why we sought the amazing Amethyst Ranch…which if you have been watching KEN BURNS National Parks Documentary on PBS, needs no fuurther explanation, just our guests’ enlightenment & enjoyment of all that is gifted by God & the mountains. We are but the stewards, like those many patient citizens of Tombstone, a National Historic Landmark, keeping History  & its lessons alive.

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