Endless war or Revolution?

W. A. R.  360  and TLCU Web TV editorial:

Is there any question THIS IS NO LONGER "OUR" Government? Revolution is overdue.
Is there any real debate, when it comes to a choice between Endless War and PEACE? Only if Humanity is left out!


Our children are asking, and if they can master live video teleconferencing, research & rapid response, devices well beyond computers and phones, why is our society, ‘our’ government engaged in Blunt & Stupid Criminal WAR & refusing to communicate with anyone, EVEN US, on the honest intellectual level of innocent children?


Bankers & governments & the military pretend to "protect" us from "Thieves", { read also "radicals, terrorists, ‘the other party’} from those who would take anything: homes, lives. liberties, away. But they cost us more than the thieves when we fail to assume the privilege or responsibility of dealing with the thieves ourselves, and responsibility for our own currency or property or lives, don’t they? The {False Evidence Appearing Real} of a small risk, the laziness & irresponsibility of citizens, and the abandonment of responsibilities to deal personally with theft, with prejudice, corruption, with lies and abuse… -abandoned to a Police State and a mountain of irrational magic words on paper called ‘laws’ and a truly criminal "justice" system of slavery & imprisonment…FUELS the very fires of Hell..what’s that smell? Its money burning!

Regardless of the political/economic system, capitalist, communist, democracy, democratic republic, dictatorship, or party of nationalist drunks…it is by nature the weakest social exchange possible, with the most shallow of commitments or exchanges, because, on average, CURRENCY is only as valuable as the use to which it is put. "Imagine," said one pundit, "the Chinese give
us televisions and we only have to give them printed paper!" By its own artificiality, such printed paper symbolic of something else, like legislation, and all such ink on paper is no better than the broken paper chain of the Constitution of the now defunct republic turned narco-democracy, crumbling like our infrastructure, our social structure…widespread systems collapse underway, irreversible…leaving too many citizens in mid-air. At least many know from there that what was ‘taken for granted’ is no longer so. A single piece of paper, call it a Constitution, a law, money, mortgage, diploma, license, deed, charter, insurance policy, bible, warrant…it is STILL just ‘magic words on paper’ and only as valuable or meaningful or useful as the parties agree & act to
faithfully accomplish in REALITY, here, now. The exchange or convention which once was the inflated, conflated or corrupted abstract involvement of TOO MANY others- by use of "currency" in the Private interaction & busy-ness of individuals…
can be made obsolete overnight! Barter, trade, and FOOD is the real ‘currency’.

By Destiny rather than choice, we revolt against the schemes now attacking individual freedoms & liberties. Millions are clue-less, mission-less, aimless..asking "Why me?’ "What’s next?" Even a good job of one’s own choice doesn’t seem as attractive as it used to,  Does it? Since then the same costs, impacts & demands on your time have been compounded with multiple interest, taxes, permits, licenses, and other "hands out" & too many "bail-outs" and generational indebtedness and national debts incurred, not to mention WAR COSTS UNENDING!

One solution among us is to be Open-minded. If not, the discomfort of today and the fear of an unknown tomorrow avoided by obsessing with the past, ‘establishment & history’, social convention, religion & tradition as unchanging as possible… ENSLAVES.
The false comfort of agreement is not as common a sentiment among Open-minded, forward-looking innovators. By Nature, evolutionary adaptation and creativity are survival skills. Our Timeless advantage -the willingness to choose our own individual paths, FREE from the chains that still hold our neighbors, has not been SO PRECIOUS as now.
Dance to a different tune.
All kinds of "MUSIC" have been labeled as ‘dangerous’. Music is dangerous to the demagogs & self-appointed guardians of the Status Quo. But music in and of itself cannot save us from political or social oppression, though it remains one of many tools we must use in our ongoing
 cultural Revolution.   


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