To ACT, or to merely re-enact, that is the question.

Fellow Tombstoners….

AS enjoyable as the recent COCHISE TALK.COM forum at the Crystal Palace was…
as idealistic and positive as it seemed, it was still ‘too little too late’ by some opinions after the Web Broadcast had a few days to circulate.
 Too Little and Too Late IF we don’t also include some realistic if negative Truth.
 The Theater that is Tombstone can be a "Hollywood eat your heart out"  experience of unquestionable class and dramatic ‘gravitas’…
and of commercial success IF we still enjoyed a world-wide audience which was NOT aware of the serious crime
in the border zone, in the wide availability of dangerous drugs & the presence of gang & cartel elements…
and IF there were Not such a citizen ostrich with its head down a mine shaft in Denial of this uncomfortable
embarrassing counter-productive circumstance & its logical implied corruptions.
We can rapidly set aside our differences, develop an ‘Off Broadway’ theatrical effort to bring back our many visitors
 from around the world in great numbers and spirits….
BUT we must inspire others to abandon our troubled  & heavily corrupted reputation ONLY by
ACTING ON  The  PRINCIPLES that made our town a legend- not by re-enacting others’ brave stand against organized crime-
Of course, no one said it could not be done in high Victorian or period STYLE during HELLDORADO, did they?
{Oops, that sort of applies Nation-wide, doesn’t it!}

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