The Case for Individual Self-Governance

Good Morning, Neighbors! Our local festival of the Old West, Helldorado, ended on a tragic note, with two elderly visitors, a British couple 75 & 82 yrs old, struck & killed in a horrible auto/pedestrian accident on Fremont Street across from the town marshal’s office. The irony being that it was a local driver who struck them, one familiar with the crowds of guests during Helldorado frequently crossing Hwy 80. The double whammy has been the TV news also showing the major & marshals pointing the finger at D.O.T., while themselves under recent criticism for "Policing" the town in a way that serves a private agenda while failing to safeguard the town. This really strikes at the heart of the matter when one observes the NEW PAVEMENT & PAINT recently put on Fremont Street by AZDOT, with double bike lanes BUT NO CROSSWALKS PAINTED. It looks clearly like contributory negligence on the parts of BOTH AZDOT and the City of Tombstone. We have seen, on previous occasions, Arizona Rangers assisting pedestrians at the site of the recent deaths…but no one was present on behalf of the town assuring safe crossings, and no one took time to PAINT CROSSINGS FOR THE CITIZENS< Schoolchildren, nor Our Guests, who number in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS each season.   The {six} crosswalks WILL BE PAINTED, by the Responsible Officials, or by Vigilantes in the dead of night, mayor, if you are not seen out there in daylight with a brush in your hand… DUSTY!

Repertory Co. presents, "The Orps of Tombstone" ~ October
17, 24 & 25, and November 14, 15 & 21, 2009

– An Old West comedy presented by the Tombstone Repertory Company and
performed in historic Schieffelin Hall, corner of Fourth & Fremont
streets in Tombstone, Arizona. October 17th, 24th, November 14th & 21st performance at 7:00 PM. October 25th & November 15th matinee at 3:00 PM. For more information contact the producer Ron Zatochill at (520) 249-8944 or visit their website at: here to view the poster

TLCU  Editorial note by Frank Lavoie:
With all the resources we have at hand, WE can ALL wonder why Tombstone has FAILED to PROTECT the newly recognized HOHOKAM VILLAGE SITE on the north side of town, within city limits [wouldn’t a proper ‘dig’ & interpretive center be a visitor draw?]; Why it has FAILED to trade some of its abundant rock resources for top grade paving on every street in town? We can ask WHY there is still no network of SAFE RIDING trails & paths for everyone, nor even a completed sidewalk system which currently is in disrepair? Why are there still unfair restraints on Tombstone people who may not need or cannot get a storefront, do not qualify for a non-resident peddler’s license, and are SHUT OUT of doing business in Tombstone, or FROM Tombstone, because the prejudicial city council, mayor, and "rules" make NO PROVISION for such free enterprise, home craft or artist endeavors to be licensed by residents here? WTF?

Further, if I may be so bold as to propose this: The old high school building is still unsold [no wonder, at that price!] WHY NOT GRANT IT to the non-profit coalition TACO, to be Tombstone’s  Disabled Veterans’ BENEFIT DINNER THEATER & Media Production Facility, hosting the Community Web TV studio?  !!! The town might realize a much greater return of guests and revenue with a regular performing arts center, shared with all!
Where is our clinic? Our Community garden?
With too much currency going to bankers, war maker corporations, even the small local misuse or under-use of resources, talent, and possibilities…becomes clearly intolerable. This is harder to bear each day when the ‘answers’, the breaking out of self-imposed limitations & conventional thinking is the truthful solution. Its such a shame for so many to be ‘snapping’ under the pressure, the lack of confidence, the unwillingness to abandon failing strategies!

Here again, is a TLCU  Special guest documentary. It’s worth the time if it just helps focus how locally and globally, people tend to make the same errors in thinking, in trusting others to govern them.  WAR itself shows as clearly as any writing in the sky, that God’s Children Enjoy Enlightened Self-Governance. They know that to give that privilege & responsibility to Anyone Else is to deny the Center of the Universe within You! 

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