Tombstone’s Good, Bad, & Ugly!

 TLCU was not the first to publicly point a finger and name names, there’s been a long line of Tombstone citizens & visitors bravely taking on both the vendettas and the inaction of ‘higher authorities’ for far too many years! The currently posted video evidence of the intolerable + blatant corruption in Tombstone is but another stone on the mountain of evidence. It is undeniable, or we would choose a diplomatic neutral position, if only in deference to business…but there has been no business hereabouts that one might say puts food on the table.  We would far prefer to help generate a feast than see another day of righteous peoples being done dirt. We believe in ideas being shared right now*, along with some we have published here, are the way we must go right now, not tomorrow, not after some interminable ritualistic process of the ‘establishment’, for we see clearly that we have trusted the prosecutors, the judges, the Feds, and others, to clean our house for us, to paint crosswalks for us, to break some bureaucrat’s "historic" red tape for us, to "get us a grant"… it goes on and on. Haven’t we learned our lesson (here and nationally) there’s NO WYATT EARP here anymore to defend us. We have only ourselves and our RIGHTS, our RESPONSIBILITIES which include both citizen’s arrest and the use of deadly force against a felon in the commission of a felony, not to mention TREASON! History has proven, THAT IS SUFFICIENT. It’s not "our" government, we’ve said as much. In fact, we believe "We don’t need no stinkin badges."

* see the Feature Films section above.

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