Beyond Propaganda, or SEE!! All politicians ARE liars!

We were wondering:  Why it took a YouTube video for the Cochise County Prosecutor’s Office to finally stop YEARS of stonewalling {& in effect protection of  the local mafioso} and at long last proceed with an investigation of Tombstone’s ‘government’? Why has there also been NO ACTION by DEA or the FBI after a pile of stinking evidence has been directed at them similarly for YEARS? Occam’s Razor says, simple corruption faciliated by cowardice, laziness, politics, and "The Status Quo". Could it be the scrutiny of an alerted public eye could not be swept under the rug, diverted, or delayed any longer without it being clear [damned if you do, damned if you don’t.] the local, regional, and state governments are as UNRELIABLE & UNTRUSTWORTHY as any other group of organized liars & Theives out of any western film you care to name?

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