Snake Oil for the American Disease

Prescription for "The American Disease".  COME HOME & LIBERATE America!
NOT wanting to admit the ‘bottle’ of snake oil is empty, or worse, that it is deadly, Americans are now being asked to  fund a refill.
130 countries, 700 bases…the ‘Great American Empire’s vast military expedition has just now discovered… the ever-present enemy
is one they carried with them from ‘home’; the corrupting ethers of callous avarice, unbounded greed and criminal war profiteering
as vast and powerfully skilled as the militant merchants of death, armed with the technologies of an otherwise peaceful future…
but merciless & unfettered, loosed upon the planet through the ‘American’ military-industrial-banker-politician’s Cartel. It has NO regard
for national sovereignty [not even US] nor religious freedom. In simple terms, the people of the US probably will not allow their ‘government’
to exist any longer in its current form, knowing of the CIA "undoings" with the last straw being their direct complicity in supporting
the opium trade and terrorists. {Karzai’s brother & control of Afghan opium and financing of ‘Al Queda" thus conclusive proof
911 was an inside job, another ‘false flag’ operation i.e. ‘Operation Northwoods’} This is just as the FBI seems also to have an
informant provocateur instrumental in every ‘wanna be’ theatrical terror cell they seem to ‘find’, yes, by circumstances of their own creation.
 Why would the CIA stop at destabilizing only other countries?
After enough provocation and targetting, the US’s many victims have developed [beyond localized reactions] the awareness
 & recognition of the roots of what Empire only now vaguely senses, shuddering at the Horror in the Mirror.


It totally goes to the heart of the matter when the Congressional Ethics Committtee (in the case of Murtha) finds clear connections between the lobbyists for defense contractors making campaign contributions  and the congresssman’s buddy getting big no-bid contracts. But because the "law" has been set up & written by such legislators, it appears the TREASON stays protected behind a proceedural wall due to lack of whistle-blower protections and the required independent inside evidence. Thus the WARMONGERS have triumphed over the 1st victim of war: Truth.

And The Truth is that it is the American Disease that has infected the world, causing reactive counter-terrorism [which the dunderheads call ‘terrorism or insurgency.] and to SAFEGUARD HUMANITY from the nuclear state sponsored terrorism of the US,
there must now be applied A CURE.
It will NOT be found in the 1900 pages of "health care" deception.
It will never be bought with "bail-outs".
It will never be legislated.
It will never come as a miracle no matter how much money is worshiped.

This Prescription means each patient must Think, Act & Live as a defender of peace, dismantling & destroying the Warmongering Mentality as well as the machinery of death which has personified American racism, Greed, Theft, & Genocide for its entire bloody history. There is No nationalism justified by war, only by a nation’s preservation and promotion of peace. America has failed criminally. Our military must now invade America from its scattered and ineffective deployments, must now fight the treasonous coup, the ‘Shadow’ government, the corrupted Pentagon & its corporate co-conspirators who, with Congress, the CIA and outside forces, sent them away on false pretenses, so that we, The People, could be suppressed tyrranized betrayed and ripped off, our whole Treasury plundered-  without The Peoples’ ability to overthrow the political police state by use of our own defense, our militarized citizens, our own Defenders of the Constitution, in effective numbers to overcome the private armies & politicized police now among us.
It is TIME for Our Forces
{they are NOT the private military of a dictatorship, nor the permutations of Blackwater style mercenaries under corporate control…are they?}



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