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AND [updated Dec. 8th….}

{A Mission Statement & disclaimer}
Opinionated or
open-minded, educated or in-experienced, the participants in the
historic land & gold ‘Rushes’ of the Old West were sorted by the
tasks at hand. Only a few -cast in the ancient mold of patience
perserverence, attention to detail- also mastered the physical
challenges of exploration & development. Fewer still among those
became the skilled farmers & miners of legendary accomplishments,
significant discoveries, respectable production and long-lasting social
contributions.Their achievements and voices have been foundation stones
in the history of humanity for over a thousand years, while empires
rose & fell, and wars were fought over the resources under our
feet. The dedicated educated modern professional miners, particular
those now participating in the new "Gold Rush" by prospecting
developing & operating their own mines, they are aware of HISTORY
REPEATING ITSELF. This is one voice aware of speaking through time for others who dug the mountain before me, and for those still coming up the trail…

from ARIZONA State Geologist Lee Allison’s Blog:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anti-mining bill could halt all access to southern Arizona forest lands

bill intended to stop the Rosemont copper mine south of Tucson, could
effectively ban access by anyone to US Forest Service lands in Pima and
Santa Cruz counties [right], including places such as Sabino Canyon and
the rest of Coronado National Forest in the two counties.

sources say that US Forest Service attorneys are advising department
officials that a section of HR2944, "Southern Arizona Public Lands
Protection Act of 2009," that would prevent "all forms of entry,
appropriation, and disposal under the public land laws," would mean not
only no mining, but no grazing, logging, hunting, fishing, hiking or
any other use of forest lands.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Raul
Grijalva and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, also would prevent entry to BLM
lands under the general mining laws.

The bill targets mining and
geothermal energy, a renewable energy resource that BLM has been
promoting by direction of the President, on federal lands in Pima and
Santa Cruz counties.

A hearing on HR2944 is set for Dec. 8, 2009 with the House Natural Resources Committee;
National Parks, Forest, and Public Lands Subcommittee in Washington DC.

Here is the full text of the bill:


withdraw certain Federal lands and interests located in Pima and Santa
Cruz counties, Arizona, from the mining and mineral leasing laws of the
United States, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Southern Arizona Public Lands Protection Act of 2009′.


Subject to valid existing rights, after the date of enactment of this Act–

(1) all federally owned interests in National Forest lands in Santa Cruz County and Pima County, Arizona, are withdrawn from–

(A) all forms of entry, appropriation, and disposal under the public land laws;

(B) location, entry, and patent under the mining laws; and

(C) operation of the mineral leasing and geothermal leasing laws, and the mineral materials laws;

all federally owned subsurface interests under the administrative
jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management in lands in Pima County,
Arizona, with respect to which the surface interests are owned by such
county, including in such lands located in Davidson Canyon, are
withdrawn from–

(A) all forms of entry, appropriation and disposal under the public land laws;

(B) location, entry, and patent under the mining laws; and

(C) operation of the mineral leasing and geothermal leasing laws, and the mineral materials laws; and

all federally owned interests in Bureau of Land Management lands in
Pima County, Arizona, are withdrawn from entry, location, or patent
under the general mining laws.

2:29 PM


The Torture of America

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       ‘Once in a while, the trails of our travails ascends to a perilous perch,
but if we look about us, instead of down, we may gain from that perspective
a clear view of the treacherously twisted path which has wandered its way to our
predicament burdened position and see, as well, the straight orienteering needed to get Home.’

Confusion by Committee, or Dosed with Smoke & Mirrors

TLCU special essay by Frank

"I saw you in my dream, George."
"Was I awake, in your dream, Gracie?"
"I hope so, George, you were smoking a cigar."
"So you were awake, too?"
"Of course, George, how else would I know you were smoking?"
"So we were awake, in your dream."
"You should know, you were there, George."
"Say Goodnight, Gracie."
"Goodnight, Gracie, Goodnight, George!"
" I love you, Gracie!"
"In your dreams!"

     I wondered, as I awoke from what some might call a PTSD inspired strange dream, if a simple ‘Anniversary Reaction’ could account for the sense of  Deja-Vu. Oh, yeah, Veterans Day brings a lot back to mind. It’s made even more intense lately, not only by war news (what little real ‘frontline’ factual reporting that gets past censors is severe enough!) but resonant journalism like that of the Viet-Nam Era about today’s Viet-Nam-like errors…{Afghanistan’s Opium-fueled narco-democracy, for example; a word about that in a moment.}
…and a tired old man’s TV exposure to wild propagandistic stuff like ‘V’ on ABC, and C-Span showing the endless depths of side-show insanity at play in D.C. while banksters continue to exceed our wildest fears of being dispossessed, disenfranchised & enslaved by ‘foreign invaders’. Maybe that’s what patchwork-quilted that colorful dream together?
But it wasn’t that at all.
It was a throw-back to the late 60’s, days of LSD doses thrown back as casually as shots of tequela.
It was, strangely, much safer to trust your local chemist then, the chemicals were pure, they were what people said they were, and there were only so many available choices, even in the most lucrative markets. The drug scene then was not so much profit-driven as demand-driven, and "do no harm" was a by-law. "Don’t eat the brown acid, man!"
That said, it’s easy to see, if you examine the local ‘village’ you are in, with the eyes of a "Rip VanWinkle",
with the open mind of the child you were, with the ‘fresh perspective’ gained after being away from home all summer at Camp…even your own room looks different…
 (admit it- you remember it well, imagining pretty accurately what it
would be like when you got this old,

how you would now "tell it like it is,

"I don’t remember even the wildest party with acid, mescaline, alcohol, abundant pot, way-out music, ‘freelove’ and radicals in the sixties, being anywhere near as downright insane as common everyday life in the city today. These people are well beyond ‘tripping their brains out’ in Washington. In fact an LSD trip would be too clear an enlightening experience for them to survive. It would be like finally facing God, up close & personal after bad-mouthing God all their lives."

It was a little like that, as I had a teeth-grinding insight into just how widespread the psychotropic drug culture [NOT counting  the Cannabis Culture] as well as the big pharma monster has gotten, and just how much more they are affecting everyone, even those who have no prescriptions. What’s the fine again, for not having health insurance?

Then, the sheer numbers started to add up, -the INSIGHT was coming into focus-and the demographics, the hard facts, even the estimates that pass for statistics explained more than I was ready to admit. The numbers of citizens who smoke tobacco, the ones who drink alcohol, the ones who are on doctors’ prescriptions with "side effects", the neighbors & kids on mind, mood, and behavior-altering drugs, with or without combining with other drugs; add the strange new untested class ‘C’ stuff being doled out to Americans, the normal "street" drugs and chemicals & substances, the exotics known only by nicknames or number codes also for the consumer market, and…yes there is more…the truly experimental that makes LSD, by comparison, a mosquito bite. BUT WAIT, there’s more to consider, like the 15 million opiate (like heroin) addicts world-wide, some portion of which is American, and the Monster which has for the first time in the history of humanity, including World War Two, eclipsed the poppy as the biggest threat – for tho WAR cannot be conducted without opium, WAR itself & the conduct  & rationale for war has been transmogrified by METHAMPHETAMINE. In the US alone, over 21 million CIVILIAN meth addicts are about to be joined by heavily PTSD’d & meth addicted ‘former’ soldiers, mercenaries, and expatriot Iraqi, Afghani, and Pak "contractors". Of course, some of these folk also have personality conflicts or character traits that in anotherwise less stressed & demanding society might not have such widespread impacts. BUT it’s obvious that the ATTENDANT CORRUPTION, crime, and political pollution is a FATAL CONDITION for an otherwise "healthy" world culture. The Banksters and the Commie Governments & the Insurance Hucksters and the Drug Cartels are trying to out-do each other with rampant greed, cut-throat tactics, and sociopathic fanaticism to loot the treasury and the people. [They knew long ago a coup had toppled America’s ‘government’, in its place, the ‘shadow’ gov. by the Texas Cabal]
It’s as if the Fire Department had responded to a false alarm to find no real conflagration, but because of what they find, evacuates the neighborhood anyway, so they can ’empty’ the warehouse, maybe not-so-secretly, and ignite a real toxic smokescreen resulting in their own withdrawl, letting the whole neighborhood burn, distracting everyone from the warehouse loss.

 The WARHORSE is burning with thirst, and they want us to buy more firewater.

ADDICTED TO FEAR, the rest of the flock is convinced, conditioned, and confined by misinformation, political and corporate propaganda, as much as by their own immaturity, laziness, selfishness, and lack of bravery or incentive to act or to change.
So it would seem "One in a million" is a very generous ratio for the number of people who, at any given moment are AWAKE, AWARE, LUCID, and NOT SCREWED UP on some form of pharmaceutical.{That would seem to eliminate most of those radio talking heads too many millions of Americans listen to daily.} Don’t forget: too many chemicals, drugs, hormones & other contaminants like MBTE -even perchlorate rocket fuels- have tainted more than half the watersheds & water supplies, drywall and school desks, toys and foods -babyfoods too- all have carried health & behavior threats RIGHT INTO OUR LIVES & HOMES…the AIR in Madrid has detectable LSD! WAR360degreesaroundus. Maybe it’s in airborne chemtrails, but it’s definitely proven IT’S ON THE MONEY! Is it any wonder people all around us seem to be out of touch, at best, and dangerously unpredictable at least, and unpredictably dangerous in too many cases, particularly if meth, alcohol and/or Ambien are involved?
How can anyone realistically think that this nation (or any other) can survive with over 20 million violent crazy meth addicts, much less provide medical care for them? How can we finance that against the cartels own army of financiers who give them everything they can steal for the product? How do we counter the bribes & corruption? And then there are those cold sober liars, thieves, con artists, grifters, snake oil salesmen, and politicians…oh, damn, I repeat myself! How do we dismantle an organization with over 35 million enslaved supporters and enough cash flow to corrupt & influence all the ‘great’ nations including America? With so much cash, they alone can finance bankrupt governments and banksters. The source of all cash, even to the Chinese, is from the drug cartels. [Ugly fact]
It’s not Groundhog Day, but the Nation is SO medicated, so "OUT OF IT", so stupidly and unnecessarily vulnerable, that those who are trying to get things done are seeing the utter impossibility, seeing that Lady Liberty has already been violated, that the Army has been Shanghai’d, no one is ‘minding’ the store, and pirates are at the helm of the ship of state, which not incidentally, has been run upon the rocks while the sirens continue singing.
So how many people do you trust? Is it safe?
PLEASE tell me it was just a nightmare.
I dreamed I woke up in America!  V


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Systems Collapse, like Dominoes Falling, Nations, Corporations…

  A Timeless Tale of [Milton’s] Paradise Lost

WAR360 Question of the Day:
"What is the answer to the #1 Most Serious Health & Security Threat
to Humanity in addition to war?"
[In other words:]
"What unaddressed problems are involved with 15+ million [Afghan originated] Opium & Heroin
addicts worldwide, and over 22 million meth. addicts in the U.S. alone?"



  What we "See" is what we get.
            Frank Lavoie

 Are WE  Being careful what we ‘ask for’?
… because we might just ‘get it’!
We know the saying. It doesn’t stop people
from being fearless and taking the stage; it’s only natural to accept the "mind’s eye" as projectionist or director.
We strut upon the stage of life, sometimes feeling we are not writing our own roles anymore, but
directed by some ‘Bard’ in the darkness. From the audience to the balcony, we puzzle & marvel in the lights
illusions, the characters delusions, the comedy & tragedy of it
all. Many trust their own eyes, their own minds eyes,
to "see" all of
the play, the players, and the play-writer’s hand, the story performed,
and the performance, the performers and those parts of the experience
that were shared with others, as well as those which were personal to
you alone in the theater. We want to trust what others say, but we know
when we hear someone trying to misguide us, for we "saw" the play.  "Intellectual astigmatism".
The phrase sounds like an attempt at comedy, sarcasm, dry-witted
stand-up satire, a fun poke in the eye of a single-minded cyclop. I can
hear it: "I thought it was gimmick" the young lady in the TV spot says,
genuinely, "But it wasn’t!" So lets consider a dark matter: the current American popular misconception of TRUTH and APPROPRIATE PRIORITIES.
    "Astigmatism" is a science term for the small
‘errors’ in the overlapping dual scenes we get from each eye -not quite matching, due to
the lens or even from brain processing. Its effects can be as subtle as
a thin colored edge on a distant moon or star, or it can mean seeing
auras. Everyone, from photographers to astronomers can relate to this,
as well as share a way to visualize what cannot be ‘seen’, specifically
when it comes to the newest revelation about deep sub-atomic ‘reality’.
It depends on "Observation".
Yes, No.
if it involves Light, pairs of particles or waves, if ‘observed’ at any
time in their existence by "intelligence", the many possibilities that
may have been in store for the pair is changed, and that changes the
Universe with it, as we "decide" or "observe" that pair to be "matter
and anti-matter", OR NOT, the pair of particles which science says
"just popped into existence" either re-combine, annihilate, and passes
out of "being", or they are FREE, separate, and the universe becomes
more of itself, vibrating.
not everyone sees things the same. It takes a Universe to make us
possible, and some intelligence to make the universe possible. It
remains to be "seen" if we are that intelligence, or ‘just another
dream in the mind of god.’ Is MY moment of observation, any we make, free of the labels
some would put on other humans, in politically correct terms, in
marketing codes, in religious branding of ideas, in nationalistic
corporate logo loyalty surveys [votes], anything more than trying to
"correct" visions, to "freeze-frame" the Vibrating Universe?
it is useful to see auras, to take advantage of the human condition,
as in 3D movies, where one eye is normally more sensitive to blue-green, the other to
red. We are unique vibrating quantum strings of DNA in pairs, we
encompass and embody freedom and its paradoxes, Not contradictions,
we will self-destruct. East and west, Yin and Yang, we need no business
nor religion nor government putting prescribed Eisenglassen over our
views of the Free Universe, nor our free human vision.

No power
generated is great enough to feed unbridled greed, wastefulness, or
luxury- not because we cannot, but because we should not.
Those who propose or advance the threat of imposing unlimited power,
wealth, enslavement, control, destruction or security- are defiant of
the very laws of the known universe.
Those who attempt it, or
devise schemes dividing the planet, those who say, "With us or against
us."-they label everything from particles to people in terms of
conflict & contradiction, as "matter" and "antimatter". Meanwhile,
the "rest of the universe" truthfully demonstrates within its free,
‘warm & fuzzy’ quantum world of "observation" a view of Heaven or
of Hell, of Peace, or of War, as is our free will to ‘see’ through our
own personal "astigmatisms" of intellect, which for me & thee,
includes the propensity to dream with our eyes wide open.

    The Fire of these times, or Why are Obama & Congress fiddling about while Home burns?
Or, "It’s not Draft Cards, it’s MONEY burning!"
                         Frank Lavoie
We thrill in the ability to dance, race, even fly because we master
visualizing things in 3-D, taking pride in our sense of spacial
position, of knowing where we are.
Our eyes are tickled like our imaginations by skillful motion,
gymnastics, extreme sports, an heroic moment seized. Our ever-present
video cameras capture these "cinema veritas" clips into six-figures of
sharing around the planet in a few hours. Nature’s own fireworks get
playtime on our computers as well, as when an active volcano like Chile’s
LLaima spews lava dramatically. Not everyone notices the almost daily reminders of
our planet’s true magnitude of force 
-doesn’t often make it into
the sophomoric or juvenile sex jokes on Jaynolettersman TV. What goes viral
on internet video sites also runs the gamut from base to intellectually
volcanic, luckily. Selectively searching for the "most shared"
videos can give us a quick holographic glimpse of where we are
on the Path of History, and where some seem willing to lead us, if they
are allowed. Time & again, the Volcano erupts [the hurricane hits,
the earthquake breaks loose, the war strikes home, take your choice]
and our ‘leaders’ seem only then all too willing to stand behind us & push,
direct, & decide where we will go, what countries’ sovereignty we
will violate next, nation after nation.
    The Tug of Wars, literally, threatens to overwhelm all sensibilities, as
the revealed width & breadth of CIA & American Military Interventions, tied to Heroin & Opium & Meth & NUCLEAR EXTORTION becomes an ‘end of the world’ style Clear & Present Danger,
as surely as that of the advancing tsunami of Ban’d Ache Dec. 26th was-
to the victims. Today, the threat of Chinese, Indian, North Korean, Iranian and Russian missiles flying is only another facet of the clear & present danger, its just a rational world’s response to
Cheney & W’s NATO NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE Policy Gambit; What happens now, while Obama takes unilateral action in
nuclear armed Pakistan, and the CIA’s incestuous child, Al Queda, and another whole set of their mind control junkies gets linked to the Bankster’s buddy, Obama? […and one may wonder if there isn’t a Barry Seal Team "securing"
Pakistan’s nukes/? while the Prez junkets into Africa or one of 130 countries where we have 800 bases.] Meanwhile, back at the ranch…SAUDI Armies and Missiles & Bombs are landing in WHAT NATION? Did you even know the Saudis could mount a war? Who is their next target? That makes the volcano
look all warm & interesting!

Curse of a Criminal Nation by Frank Lavoie

The Big Curse of America : 500 years of terrorism on 500 nations- is an end to it near?
    We ask first if you saw the PBS special on Kit Carson before launching this essay, or are familiar with the series 500 Nations, or How the West Was Lost.
Please bear such American History in mind, in that we wish to merely
suggest a perspective to be pondered or used to illuminate the current
situation, including Kosovo independence- in the light of some reports
that part of the opium marketing interests in addition to the CIA’s
regional instability services section, have been fingered in the
apparently manipulated controversy within and outside of Serbia.
{Yes, the list has grown since this was written for Republic Broadcasting in Spring, 2008}
isn’t to say that other correlations are not also intended.

When we use Google Earth to get a view of places in the news, or of our
own neighborhoods, we enjoy the familiar recognizable landscape from a
new perspective. We know exactly what we are looking at, even if we are
seeing it now from a point of view where we know it’s impossible for us
to stand. The places we walk, thinking we know well how straight the
path may be, is revealed in all its bends and curves. What seemed a
mountain when we climbed it is now shown realistically a hill.
Likewise, the topography, the geology of the land, exists without
boundaries.The subject is more than an imaginary line on the ground.

The rock under all our feet sets the course of rivers and the range of
mountains, no matter who draws a boundary around the resources, at the
convenience of the times and the politicians.
Whole nations change
hands among global corporate tides of fortune; Whole populations and
the natural resources at their feet are fought over by others far away.
Oil fields, pipelines, mines, private and public properties are traded
for favors, or traded as favors among politicians & "leaders" who
care not where we stand, what we stand for, or what piece of Earth upon
which we wish to stay.

1860: Gen. Canby waged war against the Navajo indiscriminately, or more
accurately, with great discrimination. Typical to the ‘manifest
destiny’ mindset of divide, conquer, and plunder, many ‘battles’ were
won but never the ‘war’. In efforts to bring an endless campaign to a
‘successful’ close, Canby & others negotiated "Peace" on their
terms in treaties they drafted & imposed upon the native
landholders. In most cases, troops were withdrawn immediately upon
effect of the ‘treaties’, leaving open opportunities for revenge by
displaced & disenfranchised survivors of the raids, battles, and
trick treaties. It didn’t mean widespread bad faith on either side to
live in peace, though not necessarily among each other- the sides were
trapped in an armistice which was neither dependable nor enforceable.
The general lack of any central authority remaining in the scattered
tribes left even the great Navajo Nation fragmented. Among both
settlers and natives, many families and groups conducted themselves
individually and independently. Peace itself is not neccessarily free
of theft, murder, depredations, or hostilities within or between
groups; they continue with or without a ‘peace treaty’, with or without
war, or the presence of force.

So it is possible, even today, to see worthless treaties and false
peace again predicated as it was in 1863 by General Carleton in New
Mexico. [June 15th] "For a long time
past the ‘indians’ have murdered and robbed the people of New
Mexico…they were warned & told to inform their people that for
these murders & robberies The Tribe Must Be Punished, unless some
binding guarantees should be given that in the future these outrages
should cease…additional murders & additional robberies have been
perpetrated upon the persons & properties of our un-offending
citizens…it is therefor ordered…to prosecute a vigorous war upon
the men of the tribe…until it is considered at this headquarters that
they have been effectively punished for their long-term atrocities."

The order went out to kill all male resistors, to capture all the women
and children, and of course, TO TAKE all their LANDS in the process. To
control the looting, Carleton offered $20 for each captured Navajo mule
or horse, $1 for each sheep. "Volunteers" roamed the country destroying
crops, orchards, and gardens, stealing livestock for Carleton. "This
way will be pursued against you if it takes years, now that we have
begun, until you cease to exist or move. There can be no other talk on
the subject." From their point of view, the aim was to END 180 YEARS OF
WAR with the Native Americans- not to live in peace.
Using Divide & Conquer strategies continued through 1882 with
unscrupulous Indian Agents conspiring with land grabbers. Near
TOMBSTONE AZ the Chiricahua & Jacarilla Apaches finally had enough
of the provocations and with Tanza &  Naiche, sons of Cochise,
found new ways to retaliate, different from Geronimo. They made the
settlers dependent on their Farming and Orchards while working on a
Really Big Curse.
150 years later, we may be seeing the culmination of
almost 500 years of terroristic warfare, of trick treaties and broken
promises, in that what was started in America so long ago against the
Native residents of America may have been not so much a Just Cause for
a curse of revenge as the
500 year long trace of a path American Government chose for itself, a
policy, a mindset, a ‘philosophy’ of murder, theft, genocide, and lies..
albatross of legacy and reputation which will take another 500 years to
forgive, but it shall never be forgotten, for "General George Cheney
and General Dick Bush" may have finally activated the bad karma from early
fascist American history by completing the curse- that
such people who would do such things so forbidden by the Great Spirit
that the Nation So Gained was Doomed to Repeat its behavior for 500
years until the other Tribes of Earth, seeing 500 years of such crime,
would bring the White Buffalo to Dance upon them and return them to the
Earth forever to bring Peace itself back to every lodge.

Frank Lavoie
        Our World in a teardrop. Opened eyes cry…
I shall author metaphor in hopes it may rain on the parade. What
parade? What but the parade of people like lemmings plunging off the
end of the dock into the seize of confusion, delusion, deception &
propaganda. If we paced such a pell-mell rush differently, it could be
scored like music. We should see clearly the orchestration of the ‘soft
attack’ ongoing, like a bass line rumbling underneath our feet. If
instead we hear thunder, see the flash of lightning, & the hard
rain falls, but there is no weather report, what should we think, day
after day, when the storm continues, the rain falls, day after day- do
we wait until the 40th day or night? Did we not notice the absence of
the weatherman? As conspicuously absent from news, or even "propaganda
for public consumption" are the [trials of the] Capones of the
pharmaceutical industries, from the War & Defense Industries, from
the Media & Nuke Power Industry. What should we think when the
weatherman speaks sunshine, but the storms continue? THAT weather
report is sponsored by the smokescreen called "thermonuclear
protection"and "national security". It is still raining, but somehow I
feel the sunburn of lies and D.U. & treason. I look across the
fields, woods, hills, and sky, knowing well which way the wind blows. I
pledge myself again to farm, lest I abandon hope to a "Silent Spring".
Honey, do we own a radiation detector?
It’s the small things we need reminders of, in spite of the political
theater of war, with its fury, its megadrama, the movie called
‘terrorism’, as it’s promoted through its largest special effects- the
non-Hollywood blasts, carnage, injustices, that dominate our attention.
{Not to say we might fail to notice all that.} It is still the tiny
enemy at work beneath our feet we also need to focus upon. We can be
well aware of the corporate enemies of humanity, of the political
enemies, of the religious enemies, of criminals and traitors. We can be
well aware of weapons systems, devices, Presidential Directives,
mechanisms for usurpation of sovereignty, of constitutions, rights,
freedoms. But like the invaders in HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds, the
powerful only seem
invincible. Whether we identify with the Martians or the Earthlings
hiding underground, no matter how suppressed or driven by war, we both
answer to a tiny microbe eventually. It was proven in the 1970 expose
from WMUR-TV9 about the Manchester NH Amoskeag Mill #9 under US
Government control-contaminated with Anthrax but open to pigeons and
rats and kids. It was proven in the recent confirmation of the Ames
Strain of anthrax coming from the US Government in the 911 ‘bio-attack’
The Las Vegas Ricin story was characterized by an ‘instant’ FBI
assessment that there was "no terrorist connection", curiously, issued
by the same agent involved in the classified raid last fall of Magician
David Copperfield’s warehouse. The same agents who "missed" TWO VIALS
[four originally reported] of ricin. The same agents who also missed
the ‘subversive’ materials evidencing the fact that there was potential
intent for killing thousands. It is still raining isn’t it! Are we
safe? I think not, nor is any other part of America. It is not safe
because of the FBI and the "small lies". The storm continues. The
Israeli continue to bomb, the Americans, bomb, bomb, bomb.
H1N1…Swine Flu…engineered virus = biological warfare in its most blatant arrogant subversive form…
…the bullets of cowardly assassins!

Long known in ‘farmers’ wisdoms’ living microbes are responsible for
soil being ‘alive’, and science has just recognized that such microbes
are also responsible for frost resistance as well as for the majority
of ‘nucleation’ of moisture as it condenses as rain or snow, not so
much from dust as assumed. This means "back to the drawing boards" for
weathermen & climatologists, and puts the global warming premise
into the junk-science bin. What this knowledge also means is that
genetic engineering of crops will likely come to a grinding halt as the
illusion of ‘isolation’ falls to the revelation of earth-wide
interdependency of life, even on a microscopic level. War on one
‘level’ manifests on all levels. Now consider the Mutations to viruses,
to natural and engineered pathogens added by war, radioactivity, by
mobile populations, by experimental pharmaceuticals, by the new
pollutants, chemicals, and electromagnetic fields, by failures of water
treatment plants to protect us from perchlorates, from hormones, from
drugs, from a long list of new behavioral drugs getting into our water
supplies along with other things we were not ‘designed’ to tolerate.
But, neither are any of the smallest of lives on our planet. If our
understanding of ‘grand design’ is correct, that the system of our
planet operates as a whole, then it follows that we may not, must not
allow this culture of America, of global corporate greed and war
international and un-ending. There are no winners of war. NONE.  As our
Native American wisdom says, you may war upon each other, upon us, but
the Earth itself is what you war upon, and The Great Spirit will reward
you accordingly; the rain will not fall, the crops will not grow, and
your days of war will end with you. Peace itself will never be
defeated, for peace is the face of the Great Spirit, and so it is… in
every raindrop and every tear, even that upon His Cheek.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. If you kill, modify or enlist into war even the most tiny, even the greatest will die.

Writ large in our sky: TRUTH
Frank Lavoie
 It’s not a new tactic, dropping propaganda leaflets into a target zone. Putting crap on TV, on C-Span. Into 1900 pages of magic words on paper, to cast a spell to cure us all! Health Care indeed! Insurance profiteering using F.E.A.R., blackmail of Congress.
A thousand years ago plague victims bodies
were catapulted over besieged castle walls into the king’s courtyards
as the attackers withdrew. It was propaganda, terrorism, a warning
message and a successful war tactic all in one. Warnings, threats,
& surprise deliveries
feature prominently in the Historic and Hollywood ‘record’, as well as
in the Pentagon & CIA’s bags of tricks. "Humanitarian" warnings
first, then Hiroshima. Even today, crude paper drops of propaganda
continue contemporaneous with cybertech operations ranging from
personal micro-spycraft, behavior modification programs, remote
controlled armed drones and ‘spyflies’, beam propagation devices and
upward to mega laser weaponry. The black ops projects are used to
inspire & create insurgencies & other ‘useful’ instabilities.
They also provide excuses for state sponsored ‘responses’ and/or
"plausible denial". Grandiose Political Theatricals are not limited to
media-worthy dramatics. The operations can be as blatantly public as
the Bhutto assassination, or recent missile strikes inside Pakistan,
the missile strikes in Algeria,(1) Nigeria and Somalia, (2)
or like the warmongering Israeli taking out a Palestinian government
official and the missiles flying there, in and out in the typical
revenge-cycle. [see a pattern yet?] Name your "aftermaths of a stolen,
corrupted election" incident,
and someone else may hasten to add yet
another less well known example. What needs to be noticed  by all can be as faint as the sound of a single small missile falling in the jungle.
 One way to think about this is the old Dean Martin comedy act, wherein
he was clearly drunk before the cameras, distinguished from the Foster
Brooks routine of comedic drunkenness, performed completely sober.
Small incidents, little crafty acts, rumors, revelations of corruption,
plain and simple stunts can and MUST be recognized for what they really
are, or may be. The medium to large scale false flag operations are too
plentiful & frequent to escape scrutiny by an increasingly
sophisticated, critically discerning humanity at large transcendentally
interested and more credible than ‘governments’. BUT it is the
detail-oriented individual, the poet of objective correlative, the ‘kid
paying attention’ who may be among those supposedly faint voices
‘crying in the wilderness’ who points out the actuality with his
semi-comedic question, "So what’s that got to do with the ‘price of
One need only read & view videos to feel a joy in knowing there is (here) much more
to feed our curiosity and craving. When a ‘cluster’ of attentive minds
focuses upon an issue or incident, or news, the amount of information
rises to meet the demand. Writers unafraid of sinking their ‘teeth’
into an imperative subject become "required reading". I know I’m in
good company here. Knowing what is wrong, and who is doing wrong, is
very important, though for many, advancement and peace can be reached
by enlightenment and encouragement to simply stop hurting ourselves and
each other, then we can avail all to the wisdom & solutions of
peaceful humanity. Our next logical step is to continue educating,
enlightening, awakening, while we begin to discover, rediscover,
manifest and demonstrate solutions in practice. Meanwhile, "back at the
ranch", our grandkids want explanations, so we continue the attempt to
see, show, and tell how the big picture is reflected in the details.

The face of domestic terror:
"Berserkers" is what John Brunner called them in his social science
fiction novel, "Stand on Zanzibar", sword-wielding terrorists, we would
call his characters now. What made his novel remarkable is that he
accurately predicted an attack on Madam Sukarno, of course giving rise
to an examination of prophetic literature in general, beyond any
question of the authors potential prior knowledge or possible influence
. His cautious observations of Philippine society merely gave him an
insight on the inevitable before others. Keep this in mind as we
briefly examine the recent Manila ’embassy bomb plot’ story.
As a footnote, I also refer readers to the Sept. 20th, 1998 Arlington,
TX "Embassy Plot" story, related to: Sept. 10th 1998 "Ali Mohammed,
former Bin Laden ‘security director’ and former member of US Special
Forces." story. Google same.]

Manila: Foiled by the ‘playbook’. Three
people alleged to have plotted to attack 4 embassies constituted a
‘terrorist threat’ according to police & government security
officials, but two government officials advised US reporters privately
that opposition groups were dismissing the threat by virtue of the
select targets, lack of weapons and explosives, and knowledge of it as
a ‘false flag’ operation by Gloria Arroyo’s government to justify heavy
military & police presence in Manila while Gloria struggles in a
corruption crisis beyond scandal. Without elaborating, officials have
asserted assassination plots against Gloria by ‘terrorists’, while
there is no connection to the ’embassy plot’.
US Counter-Terrorism Troops arm & train Filipino soldiers to fight
separatist opposition parties, labeling them Al Qaida or other
Washington blacklisted group tags.
{*Arroyo, it should be noted, just asked Vietnam for *RICE}
Paraguay: Feb. 29th, NEIL BUSH visits 
President Duarte at the ASUNCION HOTEL as a guest of a big federation
allied with Rev. Sun Myung Moon & the Unification Church, with the
Universal Peace Foundation, promoting peace in the middle east, [S.
Asia & other places] and- promoting a 50 mile $200 Billion USD tunnel
from Siberia to Alaska.
{Will Putin fill it with gas?} What else was going down? ** Is it like Neil’s other "Building security" job?
Saturday, March 1st Plan Columbia missiles (3) fly into the FARC Camp,
killing Reyes, who just happens to be holding captive former Columbian
presidential candidate (and dual citizen of France) Ingrid Betancourt,
opposition to Columbia’s Bush puppet Aribe.[yes, there is a pattern!]
By their own admission, the CFR confirms Columbia‘s
government is not only weakened by corruption by coke cartels, but
accepts Plan Columbia’s Billions and still "has little control of any
territory outside of the country’s major cities" while facing three
major organizations, two "leftist rebel terrorist" and one "right wing
paramilitary groups supported by wealthy landowners, cartels, and part
of the Columbian Military." All three have been "able to expand their
operations & prosper by trading in cocaine, opium, OIL, gold, and
emeralds. Alvrado Aribe won a landslide victory in 2002…by promising
to crack down on the ‘rebels’."
raid supported by Plan Columbia emulated the Israeli raid on Gaza,
right down to the statements of justification. The Columbian police
chief who made media statements stands accused of trafficking. The
apparent violation of sovereignty, the complex mixing of terrorist and
drug war rationalizations and tags, begs us to examine this more, for
the trail now includes the tracking of cocaine planes, money, political
names, and tangible evidence with CIA written all over it.;_ylt=AueRMMzm7MmGqk8b452mS3EE1vAI

FROM 2008:
Lets get the GUNBELT REPORT from the Arizona Border, to see if any of the Columbian War has started to manifest here yet.

PLANES: John McCain is now well known to be tied to religious backers,
is also tied to Saudi money, the Mob, and a fleet of planes used for
CIA Captive Rendering flights, including rendering the Bin Laden family
safe passage courtesy of the "escape from new York" flight services.
Does he have a connection to Columbia, to Drug dealing? What else? How
about British Royalty, and some Brit Mining companies who have eyes on
Native American mineral rights? How about this:

"White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache Tribal Council members
opposing the proposed
Resolution Copper Mine. They called it “a display
of profound disrespect for a cherished feature of the Apache’s original
homeland as well as a serious violation of our Apache traditional,
historical and religious beliefs.”
Besides destruction of sacred
sites, springs and watercourses, the mine would obliterate Apache Leap
Cliff where 77 Apache freedom fighters were forced to their death by
the U.S. Cavalry in the 19th Century.
This congressional land
swap legislation which was first introduced by U.S. Congressman, a
Republican in the Congressional District No. 1, Rick Renzi and U.S.
Presidential Candidate hopeful for the Republican Party, John McCain,
would enable the mine to bypass U.S. environmental and Native American
cultural protection laws.

Our San Carlos Apache Tribe as well as six other federally
recognized Native American Indian Tribes and six Counties, are members
of Congressional District No. 1.

By removing the land from the
U.S. Forest Service and making it to the mine’s private land, the land
swap subverts these laws. This land swap is being lobbied by the
world’s two largest mining companies, Rio Tinto (British) and BHP
(Australia). The interest is obviously still there as recently
witnessed by the most recent visit by overseas royalty made to the town
of Superior."




And on the Lakota:

Would there be a possibility that planes seen near Tombstone may have carried large quantities of cash?
about the same planes Neil Bush, George Bush, John McCain, used, flying
with his blonde lobbyist lady friend who is missing?
 Its the same companies and flight services as the DAILY flights into Miami from COLUMBIA?
same connections to the fleet of 50 planes sold to the Sinaloa Cartel
which is now fighting eastward along the Arizona Border with Mexico
toward Nogales where the Gulf Cartel influence begins.
Sinaloa Cartel {Pacific} is tied to the CIA Cocaine planes with TONNAGE
recently crashed in Mexico, flying toward Arizona from COLUMBIA.
They may be associated with the planes seen in the Tombstone, Arizona area.
a plane there, one could easily see one of the land-swap properties
McCain’s friend Renzi was tied to, just off Moson Road near Ft
Huachuca. That farm is tied to the Carr Canyon Spring which feeds the
Fort, the farm, and Tombstone, 22 miles away, with water, incidently,
through an 1882 era nickle-lined pipe which is giving residents health
problems. When illegals trashed the spring not long ago, it was shut
down for a while but allowed to resume water delivery with a waiver
from the environmental and health protection standards that would have
otherwise shut down the Tombstone pipeline permanently as a hazardous
metal contamination source. How was that done, but for the congressman?
Back to the ‘security’ issue:
Follow the politics:
Tucson: The Corbett BP/ Illegal Immigrant murder trial:
  "The jury has asked the court some questions during the deliberation
process. For example, on Wednesday morning the jurors asked if they
could have access to the transcript of the trial. Judge David Bury
contacted Grant Woods, the lead prosecutor, and Sean Chapman, the lead
defense attorney. They said they did not want the transcript released
because they preferred that the jurors rely upon their memory. The
judge agreed."  Fully informed jury law violation?
easily see this as the home team for justice ‘throwing’ the game, er,
the case, for the BP/ICE, by assuring a deadlock, playing Mexican
Standoff with the Zetas. It would seem only an "upstairs" order could
accomplish this blatant miscarriage. Perhaps there was a phone call
from someone in a position of influence?
lets see here, the CIA provides the planes and black budget, the Drug
War operatives provide services like delivering prohibitions profits,
like those flown daily to Miami, the Casinos launder the money with
Chinese counterfeit computer chipped slot machines provided by IGT
& allowed in by corrupt customs agents, the Indians get paid off
with casino licenses, Renzi and other mob related land developers pull
strings with religious and industry lobbyists, McCain gets campaign
help, runs interference for buddies in Border patrol, British royalty
and mining companies…the CIA provides military muscle against the
opposition. Just like they have in Pakistan, Manila, and now, Columbia.
We have reports of Mexican Army incursions at Laredo and at places on
the western Arizona-California border zone. They are escorting
smugglers, and we can readily assume their loads are high value white
rather than weed. Their impunity, their lack of opposition, is credited
to GUESS WHO! So Columbian "goods’ are ‘helped’ through the border,
apparently, by the same people who are supposedly approving legislation
to provide billions to hit opposition cartels, opposition politicians,
and any natives who may have other designs for their lives, lands,
liberties, and freedom, regardless of boundaries, borders, or
sovereignty? Do we see the pattern here yet? Its General Carleton’s
1868 policy, alive and well and directing American Foreign policy?
Someone like me can bring a little attention on something, but more to
the point, we must pay attention to what may seem small, and recognize
its importance. Please be patient with the rest of our story, for it
may reflect on the potential that the Columbian conflict may manifest
itself on our own doorstep soon. Seth Shostok of the SETI project wrote
recently in "Finding them finding us" about his new radio
telescope, and the awareness that what we now are capable of is what
alien intelligence has been able to do for a long time- listen and know
what we know about UFO’s, "them". So they know that we know. That
brings up the great rhetorical question, " Why would a spacecraft need
lights, except to mimic aircraft, understanding well our
mis-perceptions and assumptions? Clearly they are logically
communicating, even if to serve deception." Bear in mind that we have
official and non-official, well-funded high tech weapons systems and
craft, even remote-controlled, right in our airspace, over our
backyards. We also have stealth technology of which a variation is the
projected ‘transparency’ illusion. However, authentic, high definition
videos of the Stephenville lights shows a remarkable lightshow, a huge
projection of intentional signaling, of what appears to be resembling
petroglyphs, or Mayan glyphs, or even of Arabic script being presented,
flash-card style, in a sequence which strongly suggests a lot of

it is alien UFO communication, it may well be a "humanitarian warning"
that the Cowboy [image at the six second point of the earlier video-
"cowboy hat icon"] must be stopped. Or it could be a warning, like that
of "Day the Earth Stood Still". Perhaps they have asked for our
surrender, or warned us to get clear before something happens. Either
way, it is a complete failure of our "National Security" to have
unchallenged or un-greeted visitors making a show over Texas.
 If, on
the other hand, this light show is an attempt by our own domestic
forces to demonstrate or test what may be made to appear as the "Hand
of God" or the "Hand of Allah" writing commands upon the sky, does it
mean that a ‘humanitarian warning’ is being prepared for a target?
the Pentagon arranging for ‘God himself’ to endorse OBAMA as world

Or are they going to flash over America or Iran that the end
has come? Is it yet another tool of political theater, meant to gain
justification for more war? I prefer to believe I understand, that the
complexity and delivery may be that of Angelic intent, but I also
understand that it could be a contrived method of propaganda leaflet,
blazed large in skywriting,
at the hands of some warmongering evil.
Either way, we must stop the terrorism that issues from the areas of
Chicago and Washington and Crawford, for if the lights are ours, it bodes of
another weapon of fear and warfare, or if not we best listen and
understand what someone has come so far and risked so much to tell us:
We must stop THIS:
This is terrorism, state sponsored, and a crime against the UNIVERSE!

Frank Lavoie, author of
Life at the Center of the Universe
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The Rescue of Prometheus, or ‘A cure for the American Disease’

                                                 Life at the Center of the Universe

…is more than a Web TV publishing effort based in Tombstone, Arizona. It is also an Idea, that a well chosen moment, a "Carpe Diem" seize the day word or deed, [like that of those at the Gunfight at the OK Corral which is re-enacted here everyday] can
change the course of history, make a difference in many lives. The transitory power of disproportionate influence, of inspiration & opportunity shared, of seeing a vision of one’s mission, is the stuff of great novels and movies, as well as in those ‘viral’ moments on video that, like any Truth, can travel the planet very quickly, like catchy songs or real news. In a dramatic and theatrical place like Tombstone, the voices of residents of "The Gunbelt" along the Border bring the timeless wisdoms of miners, ranchers, and citizens with generations of sensibilities developed by living in the desert and mountains into the atmosphere of clear skies and honest living…enjoying these abundant blessings.

…is also a novel by Frank Lavoie. Its a very well crafted set of short stories which have captured ‘Tales of our times’ from the early 1960’s to recent events. One of the stories "The Rescue of Prometheus" is a true tale about nuclear weapons and the real seat of power, as experienced by a country boy turned-nuclear weapons technician. It’s a very ironic & revealing inside view of our current extremely perilous situation. Please buy the illustrated Tombstone edition, it’s a PDF file on CD. (It ‘reads aloud’! ) You can find it, and more description, on my ebay store under the sellername:  timelessgemminer

MINERS WISDOM   {A Mission Statement & disclaimer}
Opinionated or open-minded, educated or in-experienced, the participants in the historic land & gold ‘Rushes’ of the Old West were sorted by the tasks at hand. Only a few -cast in the ancient mold of patience perserverence, attention to detail- also mastered the physical challenges of exploration & development. Fewer still among those became the skilled farmers & miners of legendary accomplishments, significant discoveries, respectable production and long-lasting social contributions.Their acheivements and voices have been foundation stones in the history of humanity for over a thousand years, while empires rose & fell, and wars were fought over the resources under our feet. The dedicated educated modern professional miners, particular those now participating in the new "Gold Rush" by prospecting developing & operating their own mines, they are aware of HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF. This is one voice aware of speaking through time for others who dug the mountain before me, and for those still coming up the trail…

            The Rescue of Prometheus …a continuation of the TLCU Editorial/Essay "The American Disease":

Its not just Banksters and Congressmen anymore.

 Are we a Nation of Theives, or is the American Disease a World-wide phenomena?
{For the sake of the point to be made, indulge me in leaving out the large magnitude of influences
 by the long-term military-industrial presence in 130 countries on 700 bases.}

The Earth-wide Culture of DISENFRANCHISEMENT engages in obsessive social pracices:
of divorcing the usage of words from their meanings;
of separating Truth from Reality for vanity, for conformity, for appearances, for political correctness, for ‘business’;
of dividing the peace of individuals to sell ‘security’;
of separating the customers from their money, the citizens from their rights, liberty, or control of one’s own body;
of segregations of peoples by political artifices & prevarications (Reservations);
of the isolations of language, race, religion & politics;
of the exclusions of wealth, food, rituals, ceremonies, conventions and inculturated misperceptions;
of inappropriate tolerance of crime, dishonesty, deception & theft;
of building vaults instead of stopping theives;
of governing the ‘represented’ instead of representing the self-governed;
of fielding armies instead of Living Honestly.

Humanity and America, the Nation of Theives, KNOW THIS:
The selfish Prometheus, who had stolen the very fire of the gods
… escaped Not his fate, inspite of his possession of that power.
His fate was to be chained to a rock and having his liver pecked out by an eagle
each night, only to have it restored each day. Doomed to repeat the torture forever,
he begged the gods for mercy. Its a simple metaphore for the nuclear devil, plutonium.

The American Disease that has infected the world,
or the ‘worldly disease that has infected America’s soul,
is illuminated by the dreadful truth that the military activities of nations
and the radioactive debris that already dooms all humanity-
[unexploded hydrogen bombs kill without going off]
makes it obvious that to SAFEGUARD HUMANITY there must now be A CURE applied.

It will not be found on any of the 1900 pages of "healthcare" deception.
It will never be bought with ‘bail-outs’.
It will never be legislated.
It will never come as a miracle no matter how much money is worshipped.

This "prescription" means each patient must think act & live as a Defender of Peace,
dismantling and destroying the warmongering mentality as well as the machinery of death which has personified American racism, greed, theft & genocide (‘might makes right’) for its entire unfortunate & bloody history. There is NO Nationalism in Earth’s history ever justified by war, only by its preservation and promotion of Peace. America has failed criminally.
Our military citizens should and must "invade" America from its scattered and ineffective deployments-must now fight the treasonous coup, the ‘shadow government’, the Pentagon and its’ corporate co-conspirators who,
with the CIA and outside forces, sent [YOU] our forces away on false pretenses so that We, The People, could be suppressed, tyrranized, betrayed and ripped off, our whole treasury plundered-our authorities and police corrupted, made cowards-
without The People’s ability to overthrow the political police state by use of our own militarized citizens,
our own Defenders of the Constitution. It is time for our forces to come home & Liberate America!