The Rescue of Prometheus, or ‘A cure for the American Disease’

                                                 Life at the Center of the Universe

…is more than a Web TV publishing effort based in Tombstone, Arizona. It is also an Idea, that a well chosen moment, a "Carpe Diem" seize the day word or deed, [like that of those at the Gunfight at the OK Corral which is re-enacted here everyday] can
change the course of history, make a difference in many lives. The transitory power of disproportionate influence, of inspiration & opportunity shared, of seeing a vision of one’s mission, is the stuff of great novels and movies, as well as in those ‘viral’ moments on video that, like any Truth, can travel the planet very quickly, like catchy songs or real news. In a dramatic and theatrical place like Tombstone, the voices of residents of "The Gunbelt" along the Border bring the timeless wisdoms of miners, ranchers, and citizens with generations of sensibilities developed by living in the desert and mountains into the atmosphere of clear skies and honest living…enjoying these abundant blessings.

…is also a novel by Frank Lavoie. Its a very well crafted set of short stories which have captured ‘Tales of our times’ from the early 1960’s to recent events. One of the stories "The Rescue of Prometheus" is a true tale about nuclear weapons and the real seat of power, as experienced by a country boy turned-nuclear weapons technician. It’s a very ironic & revealing inside view of our current extremely perilous situation. Please buy the illustrated Tombstone edition, it’s a PDF file on CD. (It ‘reads aloud’! ) You can find it, and more description, on my ebay store under the sellername:  timelessgemminer

MINERS WISDOM   {A Mission Statement & disclaimer}
Opinionated or open-minded, educated or in-experienced, the participants in the historic land & gold ‘Rushes’ of the Old West were sorted by the tasks at hand. Only a few -cast in the ancient mold of patience perserverence, attention to detail- also mastered the physical challenges of exploration & development. Fewer still among those became the skilled farmers & miners of legendary accomplishments, significant discoveries, respectable production and long-lasting social contributions.Their acheivements and voices have been foundation stones in the history of humanity for over a thousand years, while empires rose & fell, and wars were fought over the resources under our feet. The dedicated educated modern professional miners, particular those now participating in the new "Gold Rush" by prospecting developing & operating their own mines, they are aware of HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF. This is one voice aware of speaking through time for others who dug the mountain before me, and for those still coming up the trail…

            The Rescue of Prometheus …a continuation of the TLCU Editorial/Essay "The American Disease":

Its not just Banksters and Congressmen anymore.

 Are we a Nation of Theives, or is the American Disease a World-wide phenomena?
{For the sake of the point to be made, indulge me in leaving out the large magnitude of influences
 by the long-term military-industrial presence in 130 countries on 700 bases.}

The Earth-wide Culture of DISENFRANCHISEMENT engages in obsessive social pracices:
of divorcing the usage of words from their meanings;
of separating Truth from Reality for vanity, for conformity, for appearances, for political correctness, for ‘business’;
of dividing the peace of individuals to sell ‘security’;
of separating the customers from their money, the citizens from their rights, liberty, or control of one’s own body;
of segregations of peoples by political artifices & prevarications (Reservations);
of the isolations of language, race, religion & politics;
of the exclusions of wealth, food, rituals, ceremonies, conventions and inculturated misperceptions;
of inappropriate tolerance of crime, dishonesty, deception & theft;
of building vaults instead of stopping theives;
of governing the ‘represented’ instead of representing the self-governed;
of fielding armies instead of Living Honestly.

Humanity and America, the Nation of Theives, KNOW THIS:
The selfish Prometheus, who had stolen the very fire of the gods
… escaped Not his fate, inspite of his possession of that power.
His fate was to be chained to a rock and having his liver pecked out by an eagle
each night, only to have it restored each day. Doomed to repeat the torture forever,
he begged the gods for mercy. Its a simple metaphore for the nuclear devil, plutonium.

The American Disease that has infected the world,
or the ‘worldly disease that has infected America’s soul,
is illuminated by the dreadful truth that the military activities of nations
and the radioactive debris that already dooms all humanity-
[unexploded hydrogen bombs kill without going off]
makes it obvious that to SAFEGUARD HUMANITY there must now be A CURE applied.

It will not be found on any of the 1900 pages of "healthcare" deception.
It will never be bought with ‘bail-outs’.
It will never be legislated.
It will never come as a miracle no matter how much money is worshipped.

This "prescription" means each patient must think act & live as a Defender of Peace,
dismantling and destroying the warmongering mentality as well as the machinery of death which has personified American racism, greed, theft & genocide (‘might makes right’) for its entire unfortunate & bloody history. There is NO Nationalism in Earth’s history ever justified by war, only by its preservation and promotion of Peace. America has failed criminally.
Our military citizens should and must "invade" America from its scattered and ineffective deployments-must now fight the treasonous coup, the ‘shadow government’, the Pentagon and its’ corporate co-conspirators who,
with the CIA and outside forces, sent [YOU] our forces away on false pretenses so that We, The People, could be suppressed, tyrranized, betrayed and ripped off, our whole treasury plundered-our authorities and police corrupted, made cowards-
without The People’s ability to overthrow the political police state by use of our own militarized citizens,
our own Defenders of the Constitution. It is time for our forces to come home & Liberate America!

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