Confusion by Committee, or Dosed with Smoke & Mirrors

TLCU special essay by Frank

"I saw you in my dream, George."
"Was I awake, in your dream, Gracie?"
"I hope so, George, you were smoking a cigar."
"So you were awake, too?"
"Of course, George, how else would I know you were smoking?"
"So we were awake, in your dream."
"You should know, you were there, George."
"Say Goodnight, Gracie."
"Goodnight, Gracie, Goodnight, George!"
" I love you, Gracie!"
"In your dreams!"

     I wondered, as I awoke from what some might call a PTSD inspired strange dream, if a simple ‘Anniversary Reaction’ could account for the sense of  Deja-Vu. Oh, yeah, Veterans Day brings a lot back to mind. It’s made even more intense lately, not only by war news (what little real ‘frontline’ factual reporting that gets past censors is severe enough!) but resonant journalism like that of the Viet-Nam Era about today’s Viet-Nam-like errors…{Afghanistan’s Opium-fueled narco-democracy, for example; a word about that in a moment.}
…and a tired old man’s TV exposure to wild propagandistic stuff like ‘V’ on ABC, and C-Span showing the endless depths of side-show insanity at play in D.C. while banksters continue to exceed our wildest fears of being dispossessed, disenfranchised & enslaved by ‘foreign invaders’. Maybe that’s what patchwork-quilted that colorful dream together?
But it wasn’t that at all.
It was a throw-back to the late 60’s, days of LSD doses thrown back as casually as shots of tequela.
It was, strangely, much safer to trust your local chemist then, the chemicals were pure, they were what people said they were, and there were only so many available choices, even in the most lucrative markets. The drug scene then was not so much profit-driven as demand-driven, and "do no harm" was a by-law. "Don’t eat the brown acid, man!"
That said, it’s easy to see, if you examine the local ‘village’ you are in, with the eyes of a "Rip VanWinkle",
with the open mind of the child you were, with the ‘fresh perspective’ gained after being away from home all summer at Camp…even your own room looks different…
 (admit it- you remember it well, imagining pretty accurately what it
would be like when you got this old,

how you would now "tell it like it is,

"I don’t remember even the wildest party with acid, mescaline, alcohol, abundant pot, way-out music, ‘freelove’ and radicals in the sixties, being anywhere near as downright insane as common everyday life in the city today. These people are well beyond ‘tripping their brains out’ in Washington. In fact an LSD trip would be too clear an enlightening experience for them to survive. It would be like finally facing God, up close & personal after bad-mouthing God all their lives."

It was a little like that, as I had a teeth-grinding insight into just how widespread the psychotropic drug culture [NOT counting  the Cannabis Culture] as well as the big pharma monster has gotten, and just how much more they are affecting everyone, even those who have no prescriptions. What’s the fine again, for not having health insurance?

Then, the sheer numbers started to add up, -the INSIGHT was coming into focus-and the demographics, the hard facts, even the estimates that pass for statistics explained more than I was ready to admit. The numbers of citizens who smoke tobacco, the ones who drink alcohol, the ones who are on doctors’ prescriptions with "side effects", the neighbors & kids on mind, mood, and behavior-altering drugs, with or without combining with other drugs; add the strange new untested class ‘C’ stuff being doled out to Americans, the normal "street" drugs and chemicals & substances, the exotics known only by nicknames or number codes also for the consumer market, and…yes there is more…the truly experimental that makes LSD, by comparison, a mosquito bite. BUT WAIT, there’s more to consider, like the 15 million opiate (like heroin) addicts world-wide, some portion of which is American, and the Monster which has for the first time in the history of humanity, including World War Two, eclipsed the poppy as the biggest threat – for tho WAR cannot be conducted without opium, WAR itself & the conduct  & rationale for war has been transmogrified by METHAMPHETAMINE. In the US alone, over 21 million CIVILIAN meth addicts are about to be joined by heavily PTSD’d & meth addicted ‘former’ soldiers, mercenaries, and expatriot Iraqi, Afghani, and Pak "contractors". Of course, some of these folk also have personality conflicts or character traits that in anotherwise less stressed & demanding society might not have such widespread impacts. BUT it’s obvious that the ATTENDANT CORRUPTION, crime, and political pollution is a FATAL CONDITION for an otherwise "healthy" world culture. The Banksters and the Commie Governments & the Insurance Hucksters and the Drug Cartels are trying to out-do each other with rampant greed, cut-throat tactics, and sociopathic fanaticism to loot the treasury and the people. [They knew long ago a coup had toppled America’s ‘government’, in its place, the ‘shadow’ gov. by the Texas Cabal]
It’s as if the Fire Department had responded to a false alarm to find no real conflagration, but because of what they find, evacuates the neighborhood anyway, so they can ’empty’ the warehouse, maybe not-so-secretly, and ignite a real toxic smokescreen resulting in their own withdrawl, letting the whole neighborhood burn, distracting everyone from the warehouse loss.

 The WARHORSE is burning with thirst, and they want us to buy more firewater.

ADDICTED TO FEAR, the rest of the flock is convinced, conditioned, and confined by misinformation, political and corporate propaganda, as much as by their own immaturity, laziness, selfishness, and lack of bravery or incentive to act or to change.
So it would seem "One in a million" is a very generous ratio for the number of people who, at any given moment are AWAKE, AWARE, LUCID, and NOT SCREWED UP on some form of pharmaceutical.{That would seem to eliminate most of those radio talking heads too many millions of Americans listen to daily.} Don’t forget: too many chemicals, drugs, hormones & other contaminants like MBTE -even perchlorate rocket fuels- have tainted more than half the watersheds & water supplies, drywall and school desks, toys and foods -babyfoods too- all have carried health & behavior threats RIGHT INTO OUR LIVES & HOMES…the AIR in Madrid has detectable LSD! WAR360degreesaroundus. Maybe it’s in airborne chemtrails, but it’s definitely proven IT’S ON THE MONEY! Is it any wonder people all around us seem to be out of touch, at best, and dangerously unpredictable at least, and unpredictably dangerous in too many cases, particularly if meth, alcohol and/or Ambien are involved?
How can anyone realistically think that this nation (or any other) can survive with over 20 million violent crazy meth addicts, much less provide medical care for them? How can we finance that against the cartels own army of financiers who give them everything they can steal for the product? How do we counter the bribes & corruption? And then there are those cold sober liars, thieves, con artists, grifters, snake oil salesmen, and politicians…oh, damn, I repeat myself! How do we dismantle an organization with over 35 million enslaved supporters and enough cash flow to corrupt & influence all the ‘great’ nations including America? With so much cash, they alone can finance bankrupt governments and banksters. The source of all cash, even to the Chinese, is from the drug cartels. [Ugly fact]
It’s not Groundhog Day, but the Nation is SO medicated, so "OUT OF IT", so stupidly and unnecessarily vulnerable, that those who are trying to get things done are seeing the utter impossibility, seeing that Lady Liberty has already been violated, that the Army has been Shanghai’d, no one is ‘minding’ the store, and pirates are at the helm of the ship of state, which not incidentally, has been run upon the rocks while the sirens continue singing.
So how many people do you trust? Is it safe?
PLEASE tell me it was just a nightmare.
I dreamed I woke up in America!  V


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