Mining (is) Our Business

BUT we have established EASY ACCESS, Camping sites, and a short walk to new digs at the new
                            GARNET BUTTERFLY MINING CLAIM!
              Camp & Dig in S. AZ for only $25/day, keep all you find!

          CALL Right away, the Tucson Gem Show is only 3 weeks away!
         {20 miles from Nogales, 60 miles S of Tucson. 68 miles from Tombstone.}

WOW! On the very first survey of our new #9 mining claim, the Garnet Butterfly, we found huge quartz crystals, cuttable orange, green & yellow garnets, japan-law twin quartz, sugar-coated twins, and veins of Aplite/Pegmatite with nice Swiss-type amber smoky quartz and feldspar that is gem clear!
Rare specimens are in the hands of mineralogists being examined, a world-class gem-cutter is standing by for the first impressive chunks of amethyst gemstock, and our recent discoveries have added up to a major strike on top of our original amethyst and rutile bonanzas! We will be set up at the Tombstone Hills RV Park Gem Show, but only making personal appearances at the Tucson Show in February. Please call us for MINERS RENDEZVOUS reservations. There may be a Miners’ Rendezvous meeting at the Tucson Show to gather small mine operators to discuss mining law reform, the current market, and a video outlet featuring domestic miners. Contact us to join  the list for contact, time, and place info expected by the end of January.
Call: 520-678-4738
Place orders or letters of interest NOW, for 2010 production, or for reservations
at the Campgrounds and Digs at Amethyst Ranch, Mt. Washington, Patagonia Mtns. AZ.
PO Box 134   Tombstone, AZ 85638

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