Miners’ Rendezvous GROWING!

UPDATE for Feb. 25th.  We await better weather, but NOW is the time to reserve your campsite for our next expedition.
We are offering a MINING CLAIM LEASE for an ATV & trailer.

TUCSON Gem & Mineral Shows reported very few new finds; our discoveries got some wonderful attention.

OUR minerals specimens of Amethyst Scepters are the equal of those from Madagascar.

We are still looking for Contract Miners! Contact us immediately!

Look for our new Scepterville quartz specimens soon to be on Ebay, under seller name Timelessgemminer.
Our mineral discoveries continued even during the trade show!

We believe we have set a new World Record: The Mining Claim was filed, four days later was the First sale,
on day five, the claim fees were fully paid, and on day seven was the first paid field expedition,
on which all parties found all they could carry!

This site will soon feature Expedition videos and domestic mining projects under a new banner: MINERS’ RENDEZVOUS.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING Video submissions of American Gem & Mineral Specimen Mining Projects, Club Field Trips,
Discussions on subjects of interest, including Mining Laws, which will appear soon, along with YOUR banner advertisement!
We encourage barter and co-promotion; we accept equipment and services in trade. We have mining claim leases available.
CONTACT us now! 520-678-4738