Rendezvous at Amethyst Ranch May 1st to 31st

Timeless Mining Company and Old Tombstone Studio are sponsoring the Rendezvous & Mining Camp.
Free Campsites and an adventure oriented community of prospectors, miners, and mineral collectors are exercising their private property rights
on their mining claims, welcoming guests sharing their concerns for the safety and security of commercial and recreational opportunities in the Coronado
National Forest along the Border. Ranchers, hikers, astronomers, bird watchers, students, photographers, mineral collectors, wildlife enthusuaits, ALL USERS
of Our Public Lands can and may enjoy such historic and traditional activities such as gold panning along the border.
 In FACT, its only $14 to record a 1500 foot by 600 foot placer claim along the border with Cochise County, AZ!
CONTACT US RIGHT NOW to REGISTER!  520-678-4738   The RENDEZVOUS CAMP is near Locheil, AZ. See our new video on the REAL BORDER!

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