“Where’s the Beef? Is anyone ON the Border?

"Hey, what’d ya do that for?"
"Because you were on fire, fool!"

From the ‘Gunbelt Report’ : An opinion open to challenge, but we think this one ‘nails it’.

"The 14th amendment does not apply to those who have illegally entered, that is to say they entered in such a way, time, and place so as to AVOID being subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Obviously, to pass thru a Port of Entry is to subject oneself to the authorities there, as well as to any law or scrutiny applied, and not even the most basic of public concerns, such as being sick and contagious with Plague, is detected by crossing the border elsewhere. Therefor no child of illegals has any such rights under the 14th amendment; all such prior presumptions to the contrary by the local or U.S. governments have been in error if not by corrupt intent of garnering votes."

                                      "You can lead a cowboy to logical waters, but you can’t make him drink."

LOCHEIL, Arizona Aug. 30th Around this time last year, we enjoyed the heck out of our prospecting expedition and camp-out on the border for a few weeks, learning much, meeting the neighbors from ‘both sides’, and dedicating ourselves to be in the position we are today -grateful to have achieved our vision of our mission. One glaring hole in the big picture, even after speaking at length with one of the ranchers near Mowry and after all the news and political bandwagoning around the (Cattleman’s) Ranchers’ Association meetings and "Press Conferences" {much the focus after the Krentz murder}…is their conspicuous lack of communication. I HAVE YET TO SEE THEIR 18 Point Plan to ‘secure the border’, nor Kyl-McCain’s piggyback 10 point plan!
It would seem that they would be very public asking for support and/or security volunteers, but they seem to have, instead, assumed some fearful secrecy, for some unknown reason.

We have spotlighted the voices crying to the Feds to do the job of securing and controlling the border…INSTEAD OF staging possible gunfights with intercepted smugglers all over our backyards. We support the position that if any gunfire is introduced into our neighborhoods, we will respond with overwhelming firepower ON BOTH PARTIES, bringing the foolhardiness and public endangerment to an immediate and permanent halt.
In that regard, too many ranchers are still subject to suspicions & questions: Of what worth are you; Can you justify your business existence with statistics of what your production means to the local economy? Where’s the product? Is there any Southern Cochise or Santa Cruz County Organic short-grass open range [San Rafael Valley] BEEF AVAILABLE LOCALLY? Why do we NOT SEE any ads or find local ranchers’ products to buy? Are these ranches JUST FRONTS for multi-million dollar smuggling route toll-road schemes? How did you come to own such large spreads, and how did you pay for them?; or, would you still be in business without Federal Grazing allotments?
It’s reasonable to suspect, with the market & economy as it is, that some ranchers have been & still are willing to supplement their income ANY WAY THEY CAN, including, it appears, conceding to the message from a PALOMINAS rancher who was beaten by smugglers, and told to pass the warning to the other ranchers: Worst would happen if they intercepted the smugglers. In spite of the warning, and without alerting others or asking for help, the day before Bob Krentz was killed, they seized some 300 lbs of pot ON HIS RANCH …and BP consequently released four smugglers UNDER THE 500 Pound Rule. I don’t believe that any legitimate cattle ranch production can begin to justify the losses, repair the damage, nor restore the economy or PEACE which has been harmed across the Nation by the unfettered safe passage you ranchers and cowardly Border Patrol have aided & abetted by years of failing to resist or stop the criminals. It’s not at all absurd to think that a better use for these ranches would be as marijuana plantations, taking care of the whole flock of birdbrains, pulling the black market out from under the cartel, employing many locals, and boosting the economy with multiple valuable products & sustainable agriculture. It would have been much easier to trust and support these mysterious ranchers if they would just operate openly and publicly.
I can understand being ashamed of being a cattle rancher, beef cattle being so damaging to the land, and the biz being one of the laziest, and most surviving off Public Land grazing permits that are unjustified subsidies which cost them entirely too little per cow, and which give them way too much control over Our Public Lands under their give-away lease from the BLM.

But NONE among them (and even more surprising, B.P.) have pursued public awareness of Cartel observation posts on their ranches, or of the locations of smuggling trails, nor of the identities of smugglers and mules. The obvious lack of unified, organized, private security forces deployed by the ranchers means this: They care more about their cows and their smuggler-provided benefits, and their "separate peace" with the cartels than they do about ALL the communities across America suffering from drug and crime-gang violence + murders.
They, and Border Patrol, have not, and will not ever do anything [or it would have been done by now] -not even SPEAKING UP- to change this Nation-breaking invasion and attacks.  With "defenders" like these is it any surprise we consider them lower than cowards, unreliable as traitors, untrustworthy as the criminals they have failed to challenge & oppose? It would seem to be counter-productive and a flaw in National Security to continue to allow cattle ranching within the border war zone while some theater of National Guard ON THE "FENCE" plays out…  Too bad they don’t just send a few BRAINS instead. Plastic UV fluorescent tagging burrs, like micro toy ‘jacks’ spread along the border would embed themselves into the shoes & sneakers of border-crossers, making it all too easy to stop traffic: Tag! You’re IT!  Crushed fluorescent minerals, like those from Franklin, New Jersey, could be dusted into the dirt or sprayed across the landscape with no environmental impact, and likewise would tag the passers-by in a way they could not detect or counter.
So, as the National Guard "deploys" along the ‘Gunbelt’, we await the inevitable CONFLICT with the Mexican "Army", ZETAS, or other players we are way too familiar with, [expect an ambush on the naive] there is only the sound of gunfire to be awaited upon, heralding only the wider public’s surprise & experience of war we have lived with and the escalation to full-tilt conflict we have seen coming, heavy weapons always handy. It is expected, anticipated, planned, prepared for. What will be different this time is that WE WILL NOT ALLOW THE COWARDS TO RETREAT, we will be behind them, ready to help if they perform their duty or need us as reserves…but also ready to exercise The Green Valley Rule: You FOOLS on both sides {Yes, that also means you, treasonous Feds…we’d like you to leave AZ} may die for bringing this unnecessary war with you, and the Prohibition that caused it, into our Peaceful lives, into our own public lands, and worst of all, into our yards! YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN & HELD THE BORDER LONG AGO.
 There will be blood. This is ‘No Country for Old Men’ just as in the Cohen Brothers Film!
Militias, vigilantes, independent sovereign citizens, as long as there is all this Federally abandoned Public Land, formerly the Coronado National Forest, and Ranches For The Taking -it would seem that many mechanisms are available to turn the balance of power against the corrupt, the cartels, and the traitors…such as…just find some drugs on their ranches while they are present and seize the place, the bank accounts, the vehicles & assets, on behalf of the citizens, & hand over the players to the County Sheriff, and appoint yourselves as stewards while taking adverse possession….Homestead, here we come!

AZ Border War Zone [Douglas to Nogales] calm before the storm

I’m awake, now what?
Our business progress and plan has been getting attention and we see why:
It’s a model for recognizing the negative influences of a corrupted government-
{which is acting, at best, in its own self-interest and at worst, seems heel-bent
to destroy lives, property, rights, and all that we presumed to preserve against such tyranny and treason.}
and making adjustments which are rational, prudent, and unfortunately necessary.
As our small community takes the steps needed, and we talk of property and resources
and plans for gardens and security for the vegetables as well as for ourselves, good questions
we have gotten from YOU (as our project becomes well-known,) deserve to have public airing,
for they are very much On Point.
First Question to share: 
"If Border Patrol and everyone in residences near the border are so concerned for public support and a clear understanding of the task at hand, of stopping smugglers and their spotter-protectors, then WHY are the locations and details of these SMUGGLING TRAILS NOT PUBLISHED?" Why would the Feds want these places to remain secret? Why are they operating IN SECRET, [if at all]?

While traitors prosper, none among them dare call it treason

We are the Dragons guarding the Treasures.
On the Imperative of Defense of Private & Public Property rights against Federal Attack
We are obligated to disallow, deny, and stop acts of hostility & violations of Civil Rights,
Civil Liberties, and National Security by the BLM + Forest Service by making public:
1. Charges and evidence of improprieties;
2. Charges and evidence of misconduct;
3. Charges and evidence of misappropriation of funds by failing to
perform services;
4. Charges and evidence of failing to protect the lands and resources
from damage and Unauthorized Removals of resources;
5. Charges and evidence of Failing to Deny Haven & Sanctuary to
Criminals and Terrorists;
6. Charges and evidence the BLM & Forest Service are Knowingly
Providing Haven & Sanctuary to Criminals & Terrorists;
7.Charges and evidence the BLM & Forest Service are Knowingly
Providing support to criminals & terrorists;
8. Charges and evidence that the BLM and Forest Service have
illegally denied Public Use of Public Lands by acts and omissions;
9. Charges and evidence of illegal interference by the Forest Service
and BLM with Public possession & control of Mining Claims;
10. Charges, evidence, and testimony that the President has stated
his intention to continue to deny security in the border zone pending
Comprehensive Immigration Law Reform passage.
 {Effectively abandoning residents of the “Gun-Belt” to their own self-defense, security, and
means to safeguard our resources, our water supplies, our wildlife, our
recreation opportunities, our Right to Gather on Public Lands, and most
importantly, to control the Legacy of The Mineral Estate Grant of 1866, the actual
source of all future wealth, and the foundation, the substance, behind any future
national currency and pride.}
Therefore the summary charge is TREASON.
Only unconditional surrender shall preclude subsequent declaration of WAR.

“Criminal FEDS OUT OF Arizona!” “We shall close the Border and Damn the
Cartel members on both sides, right up to their presidents, watch us!” It’s the TRUTH.

“We are the dragons”… the explication.
Despite all those who think the old ‘strike it rich’ days of amateur
prospecting were over long before ‘Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ was
color-ized, and despite the fact that many Norde Americanos cannot
operate a Geiger Counter, there persists a large and growing number of
True Believers who know they are not delusional dreamers with a
Gambling-on-Nature obsession. Somewhere between the valley of despair
and the peak of lusty greed are undisputed real deposits of mineralogical
legend, and some newly recognized sources of mineral wealth. Foreseen
140 years ago, the people’s reserved mineral estate was intended to
remain in the people’s control, for their benefit and welfare. It was also
wisely conveyed in 1866 to the people for that purpose, not sold or given to
corporations nor to government. Today, the wisdom of that Mineral Estate
Grant is patently obvious, with so much visible corporate control of corrupt
government -resulting in an intolerable looting of the Treasury, regardless
of the law, the Constitution, or Private Property Rights. When Corporate
greed conspires with political predation, we and future generations are
deprived of the basic sources of water, wealth, prosperity, and subsequent
Noble it has been, to preserve and protect our freedoms, our
liberties, and the resources of prudent peoples, as it still is, to revolt
against the predations and usurpations of corporate and government
special interests and their actions which have not been authorized by
representations of the people’s will. I have promoted the ideas vindicated
by law, practice, and precedent; I have fostered the understanding of such
principles in practice; I have participated in research intended to bring
unfair and prejudicial mismanagement of Our Mineral Estate into the light,
with plans and programs incorporating solutions into my reports*.
*{Appearing in the WAR360 Blog titled “From the Desk of Frank Lavoie
concerning the Legacy of the Mineral Estate Grant of 1866.”} Since 1981,
I have advocated for appropriate recognition of what may be called
“Artisan” specialty mining, or “Small Mines”, which means the overlapping
legal gray area of amateur recreational mineral “production”, and small
commercial operations making “No significant surface impact”; if you think
historic ‘pick & shovel’ digging, that’s included, along with backhoes and
bulldozers, drilling and blasting, and small scale quarries or mines, too. It
does Not include corporate, industrial classic hole-in-the-ground mines.
We are the Dragons…
The un-grasped irony is in the lack of adequate perception of the
nature and extent and value of the dispersed deposits of special and rare
minerals. Many professional mineralogists, geologic specialists &
researchers, as well as huge numbers of serious mineral collectors and
real gem hunters & miners, as well as the enthusiastic public beyond the
five million active ‘rock-hounds’ and gold seekers know, (without the
occasional public TV reminders that strikes of significance are still being
made) there are major, known deposits of valuable minerals & gems which
are still potentially very productive. But we also know that for too long the
Federal Government, while showing huge favors to corporate mining, has
been constructing an unjustified mountain of obstacles & red tape to block
citizens and families, groups, clubs, and new partnerships of ambitious,
die-hard unemployed who want to be miners run their own businesses.
We, here, now, share with others an open-minded ability to see the
opportunities and legacy outlined here. We may differ in our estimates of
how gigantic the resources are, and what methods we will employ to utilize
them most prudently, but we can little afford to overlook the threats to Our
control of our own wealth, health, property and resources, our rights and
liberties, independence & freedom. Some of you, even those not
considering themselves as prospectors, miners, mineral collectors,
adventure guides, or wilderness camp residents, can still see clearly the
critical battleground for private property rights and feel strongly inclined to
choose the peaceful path of self-reliance over the instability of city life.
A life ‘underground’ off-the-grid is better than an uncertain future
underwater, with diminishing freedom. We support the choice and
encourage those who choose to be self-empowered by exercising
Homestead Rights; That the Public Lands are for Public Use, possession,
and occupancy, residency, and personal use.
“OK, Mr. “President” where’s my 40 acres and a mule? I want to start
working right now! I’d don’t need no stinkin’ job, I have skills I want to put
to use right now, so stop stopping me! I don’t want no part of you nor
your corporate enslavement schemes. I will only work for myself and my
family, not to fund some criminal war. I will no longer accept “NO” for an
answer. I will not wait until tomorrow. I shall use my freedom while I still
have any, to get what I need, to save what is ours, and to protect it for my
We are the Dragons…part two: “Survival of the Free-est Minds”
“While traitors prosper, none among them dare call it treason.”
On first blush, licensing & permitting of crafts & trades like medicine
and electricians would seem simply to protect ‘amateurs’ from poisonings
and electrocutions. But there is great weight to the contrary view that such
licensing & regulation, for the most part unenforceable, also prevents a
majority of reasonable & prudent citizens from teaching, learning, and
practicing the wisdoms and survival skills and truths that all have a right to
know. A license did not prevent Blackwater from electrocuting soldiers in
their showers in Iraq. It prevented those ‘outside’ the ‘trade’ from knowing
enough to see the mistakes and the danger, from being competent enough
to avoid the fatal consequences.
The net result is an artificial and corrupt scheme which channels and
restrains the distribution of information, limits access to and practice of
informed consent, fully informed juries, peer review of science, or inventive
advancement impacts on obsolete knowledge & practices. Everything is
diminished by obsolete government- that is to say government which exists
without most of its prime directive + mission of empowering advancing and
protecting Self-governance (individual, not collective) being accomplished,
is illegitimate and failed.
Not everyone can be a doctor, but all of us Are our own doctors. Not
everyone can free their minds, but all of us have free will. Wisdom is the
Universe’s Gift, free for all, but Humanity must GRASP it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Why are we here, but for those who have gone before
us, and for those yet to be; for those who cannot be here, now, with us, doing what
only we can do; we have chosen Not to Waste our own futures nor that of others. We
have gathered here, for many depend upon us, not to ‘Praise Caesar’ nor make
theater. The vision of our mission is clear. WE deny haven & sanctuary to criminals
and terrorists. We deny safe passage to smugglers, slave traders, and WMD’s. We
stand together unafraid of cowards or cartels, establishing peace by protecting and
defending all innocent citizens from harms, injuries, and predations allowed by both
corrupt governments. How? By stopping the political betrayal & entrapment of a
fraudulent border. We defy an Executive Order to leave the border open, seeing it as
a continuing terroristic extortion in exchange for compliance and acceptance of
‘amnesty’, for a block of votes…for corporate cheap labor kickbacks…
It is TREASON we have no obligation to tolerate.

We are the Dragons…part 2 “Survival of the Free-est”
Veterans like myself can attest to frustration in owning a business but being
constrained from attaining certain growth & success by unreasonable unnecessary
government red tape -permits, tax forms, hiring documents, insurance…there is a very
long list of obstacles. It’s even more aggravating knowing that the only effects these
laws regulations and requirements accomplish is an artificial restraint of trade, honest
trade, while failing to affect the dishonest or effect protection of a trade or business. In
the collapsing of corrupt governments and visible signs of rising rebellion, many sole
proprietorships, regardless of solvency, liquidity, or stability in a free market, are
prudent to reconsider how to continue, to survive, much less thrive under current
conditions. {Not to mention when schemes being imposed reach our front doors.} It
should be no surprise, then, despite ignorant mis-characterizations and oversimplifications,
that some form of anarchy is underway, independent of that structured upon simple resistance
or tax revolt. The prevailing notion of “WE don’t need no stinkin’
badges.” has resurfaced, but this time as a joyous choice: that if we merely shrug off
our own self-imposed limitations, and STOP playing along with or cooperating with the
schemes of “license”, “permit”, and relegating responsibility to the state or other
‘regulatory agency’, if we merely state: ”I am an unlicensed contractor” or make such
honest disclaimers, we begin to be free to succeed!
As an independent miner, I’ve been advantaged by productive land and the
proximity of the largest annual mineral industry trade show at Tucson, AZ. But this year,
producers, dealers, and artisans have been concerned by the uncertainties of the
market and the economy, and Tucson’s ability to support the venue. Recent news has
not been encouraging for the 2011 show, and little time remains to make major
adjustments. What optimism remains has little energy to be applied to counter the
controversies now troubling Southern Arizona. We may have a solution for a few
domestic mining businesses. Our mining camp is very near the border, consequently all
the illegals and smugglers passing through are in a great hurry to get far beyond there –
going Northerly to get far away from the border. Though our camp is relatively secure,
we have had but a few guests. We have shown that we can establish a presence
without conflict, and the smugglers, upon detecting the highly visible encampment, have
avoided us wherever we go. For the ambitious, the brave, and the enthusiastic, the
secret has leaked out: Amethyst Ranch is The Strike Worth Defending.
Loyalty & commitment & earnest efforts offered may be as welcome &
valuable an investment as any we may consider. We issue Joint Venture
Agreements. We have many years of production ahead to share. We are a
very private mining operation protected by trade secrets, proprietary data,
and ground-penetrating radar proven analytical prospecting methodology.
Timeless Mining Company has a production record of 20 tons in 35 years.
Check out: goldrushexpeditions.com as an example of what we envision.
And: BickelCamp.org as the format we could use for public adventure prospecting expeditions and
guide service after the change of government.
We have top references. Consider joining us. AmethystRanch@gmail.com