AZ Border War Zone [Douglas to Nogales] calm before the storm

I’m awake, now what?
Our business progress and plan has been getting attention and we see why:
It’s a model for recognizing the negative influences of a corrupted government-
{which is acting, at best, in its own self-interest and at worst, seems heel-bent
to destroy lives, property, rights, and all that we presumed to preserve against such tyranny and treason.}
and making adjustments which are rational, prudent, and unfortunately necessary.
As our small community takes the steps needed, and we talk of property and resources
and plans for gardens and security for the vegetables as well as for ourselves, good questions
we have gotten from YOU (as our project becomes well-known,) deserve to have public airing,
for they are very much On Point.
First Question to share: 
"If Border Patrol and everyone in residences near the border are so concerned for public support and a clear understanding of the task at hand, of stopping smugglers and their spotter-protectors, then WHY are the locations and details of these SMUGGLING TRAILS NOT PUBLISHED?" Why would the Feds want these places to remain secret? Why are they operating IN SECRET, [if at all]?

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