There will never be enough cowards to Take the Border zone back.

Someone better babysit those National Guardsmen, specially if they fail to challenge the cartel spotters posted on over 150 hilltops and ridges for 100 miles along and north of the border.

Thirty National Guardsman for all of Arizona’s border, did they say thirty? Why, there’s more bikers parked at Tombstone’s Crystal Palace Saloon on any given Friday night! May as well stake a goat to the ground and wait for the tigers to come and eat the hunters and the goat. Locals better adopt the idea FAST that it’s better to safeguard their communities than to police them. Keep us safe, marshals, and we’ll not disappoint you in policing ourselves, for with you cops out of the way, all of the previously supressed and politically over-ruled tools, the crisis centers, the therapists, the churches and charities, can apply the other tools available to a conscientious community to solve its problems.
Get your priorities straight.

We honor the miners lost  at Show Low AZ in a freak accident. Such miners are a secretive lot; it was such a sad way to learn of them and their love of the earth. We know there are other amethyst miners like ourselves out there; let’s work in the sunshine.

We are reminded to repeat that we have planned and intend to work in safety at our mines near the border. We take whatever steps and preparations are needed. We can trade campsites and other benefits in trade for ‘volunteers’ to help us with the upcoming and ongoing "Miners’ Rendezvous" and Mining Camp. Providing Security is a valuable barter service.
From the FLYING  R  Ranch….Arizona Stagecoach…1942            {Public Domain}
sponsored by  Timeless Mining Company’s Amethyst Ranch Miners’ Rendezvous Mining Camp and Old Tombstone Studio

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