Exeter NH & Tombstone AZ UFO sightings anniversary REVELATIONS

           The Exeter UFO Incident
                             Sept. 3rd, 1965

                     A Vision of the Mission

Just before 2 A.M., September 3, 1965, on Route 150 about 20 miles
north of Haverhill, Massachusetts, lights stream through the trees ahead, blue-white,
like intense carbon-arc lamps or aircraft landing lights. Behind Carl Dining’s farm, the horses are
in a panic; the dog is barking. At the back corner of the hayfield, uphill toward Brewer’s the
lights in the woods beyond the pasture cast vivid black shadows, while everything in the beams
glows phosphorescently. But for the horses and the neighbor’s dog, all else is silent.
Faintly, the sound of a car engine comes up the hill toward Exeter and the man
crouching in fear in the shallow ditch by the side of the narrow two lane road, just past the
farm. He and the driver’s attention are on the source of the mysteriously floating source of the
lights, now flashing and moving above the trees and the field.
Only Norman had a clear view from the side of the road at that point, above the field.
He was stunned, realizing what had risen out of the woods had “hopped” over the trees and had
landed in the field… silently. The driver was coasting to stop – quite near Norman – to see what
had landed in the field, expecting to hear a helicopter’s engines as he shut off the car and
opened the door to step out.
‘It couldn’t be an aircraft.’ The observers thought, correctly, being familiar with the B-52’s
and other planes flying out of Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, only a few miles away,
visible and highly audible, particularly at tree-top level.
The driver realized too, what was at hand, but for both young men, standing frozenly
witnessing, intensely aware that the flashing lights had stopped moving, the moment was
balancing upon a knife edge; neither was aware of the other; they were each focused only upon
the object behind the lights.
“They know I’m here!” Each thought. Trying to avoid panic, each experienced a flood of
thoughts as though the stream of consciousness had just turned into a torrent and swept them
A flash was all the neighbors noticed, but for Norman Muscarello and Frank Lavoie, it
was the moment of seeing the Face of the Future.
Twenty-five years later, long after John G. Fuller’s book, Incident at Exeter, ONE of
them realized that it had been a VISION OF THE MISSION, transmitted in the synchrotron
flash, a Door to All Time.
The saucer was only about twenty-five feet across, but its ‘presence’ made it appear
larger as it lifted off and drifted across the open field toward the road, just barely over their
heads. Norman turned and stepped out of the roadside ditch and ran for Frank’s car. They raced
toward Exeter’s Police Station, next to Murphy’s Bakery. Frank’s Ford 358 spinning the tires
easily in a squealing, smoking burnout, with the engine making enough of a roar to bring the
people at Brewer’s house outside in time to see the saucer brushing and singeing the top of the
Elm tree behind the garage.
The “Vicky” was speeding down Route 150, both Holley four-barrel carburetors drawing
fuel at full throttle. Drifting away silently, the UFO flashed, soon to be seen by hundreds of
witnesses over a two week span.
“Man, what am I going to do now? After the Betty and Barney Hill case, I got serious
about UFO’s and joined NICAP. I’m a UFO Investigator for the National Investigations
Committee on Aerial Phenomenon. After what we saw, how can I be objective?”
Yeah, I heard about the Hill abduction. I don’t want the Merchant Marines to hear
about this, they’re my only hope to escape the draft. I’ll tell the cops I got picked up by an
elderly couple that didn’t want to get involved… but I gotta report this, its still out there!”
Norman was looking intently out the windshield at the sky.
“You gotta do that so the cops will call me with a UFO sighting, and then I can see you
officially to do the report. Then its real and you won’t look crazy.”
“Be at my place at 79 ½ Front Street about 6:30.”
“I’ll bring donuts. This is weird, like I already know you.”
What neither of them expected was that before their sunrise rendezvous, too soon, the
saucer would return to the same spot, and that two police officers, Bertrand and Hunt,
examining the site with Norman before dawn, would also experience “The Flash”, and they
would all be overcome in the following hours by a puzzling and powerful sense of Deja-vu.
{Upon meeting again during the days and weeks that the UFO was in the area, the feeling we
experienced repeatedly was a focus of John Fuller’s investigation, guided by Frank, who
seemed to uncannily find witnesses, including the mother of his future wife. }
Thousands of people saw it, and more than a few had close encounters.
At Norman’s that morning, {I’d gotten my call within hours.} I joked about how quickly things
had happened, how 6:30 was still an hour away, but already more people had
seen it. I’d barely finished my sketch of the UFO, with its rotating circle of flashing lights, the
two tiny red lights, every detail, and phoned in the report to Washington
when it occurred to me that because the cops had seen it, and called me, it was likely the news
media was on its way already.
Sure enough, looking outside I could see there were several cars being parked.
“Norm, better make more coffee, there newsmen on their way up your driveway, and
their gonna knock on your door any moment. I’m sure glad I got to see this one. That thing was
fantastic! But Norm, you gotta keep our secret.”
He did.

 Norman Muscarello is being inducted into the Exeter UFO Hall of Fame this weekend,
during the Exeter (NH) UFO Conference at the Town Hall.
Frank Lavoie, Sept. 3rd, 2010

A-10’s chased a giant UFO across S.E. Arizona
On August 25th, 2009

The Tombstone UFO Incident

Tombstone, AZ Sept.1st. 2010 It’s the first anniversary of an amazing sighting in 2009 of a humongous UFO,
but authorities associated with the military interception and tracking of the ‘mother-ship’ have not been forthcoming,
and the sighting
seems not to have appeared in the media, so the eyewitness & author of this report
has issued an invitation for witnesses (including radar operators and pilots) -specially residents of Cochise County-
 to add their reports, anonymously if desired.


“I heard an unusual roar of aircraft engines, above what I usually associate with
‘the twins’, a pair of A-10 ‘Warthogs’ regularly seen patrolling the southern Arizona
skies near Sierra Vista’s Ft. Huachuca, though I assumed A-10’s I saw northerly
near Benson may have been from Davis-Monthan AFB in South Tucson. I stepped
outside to look.

"Six A-10’s at high throttle passing over Tombstone at 8:10 PM alarmed residents
[some, like myself, Air Force veterans.] who assumed from experience in the border zone,
that an intercept of a smuggler’s aircraft was imminent. Those who did more than merely
glance out their windows were not expecting three sets of ‘twins’, much less all of them
using afterburners. I watched from an open area with little obstructing my view of the sky
as the 3 pairs of A-10’s took a direct heading in line toward an area over the southern
Chiricahua Mtns. {N. of Douglas}

"In what may have been New Mexico airspace [judging from thunderstorm clouds and
TV radar]  -at about 40 air miles, the target of intercept seemed to be a set of three dim
orange small round lights moving together some distance apart as a vertical equilateral
triangle, base down.

"The first pair of ‘twins’ -south of the lights [my right facing southeast]-turned left to
intersect the object’s flight path. It was advancing toward my position faster than the A-10’s.
The scale at distance of first discernment was that A-10 wingtip lights could barely
be resolved as a pair for each aircraft. The interceptors were no less than 1200 feet apart.

 "Relative to the A-10’s the dull, pale orange lights appeared as round lanterns a magnitude

less bright [1/10th] than the A-10 wingtip lights, but rock-steady in position relative to
each other and moving with the same dreadnought speed and motion together relative
to the ground.  "By comparison, the A-10’s drifted like hawks despite their flying directly
into a left banking turn as tandem pairs struggling to attain side-by-side formation,
the result was their trailing the object at its port aft and falling further behind as the other
pilots tried to follow more closely.

 "The advance toward my observation point of the lights, attended by the throttle-up

of each pair of planes in turn, as they banked together, brought me to think this triangle
of lights was traveling faster than they [the A-10’s ] were. I moved to an unobstructed view
of the northeast and north sky as it was apparent the orange lights were passing between
Elfrida and Tombstone over South Pass of the Dragoon Mtns.
"Coming closer, with the A-10’s still trailing behind, were two more orange lights,
identical to those of the forward triangle, one above the other, at some distance directly
behind and aligned with the point of it.

"All the yellowish orange lights were moving together in very precise tandem with the
aft two on the center-line, the bottom of which was level with the triangle’s base.
The upper one directly over the lower, all five lights rock-steady relative to each other,
as if they were mounted on some gigantic ‘aircraft carrier’ about two miles long.

"The rapid progress over me, about 30 degrees from zenith from north-east to north-west,
and the scale of what was being intercepted and‘escorted’ struck me. The A-10’s were
still attempting to pull alongside the ‘front’ of the light assemblage at high throttle,
…with typical wobbles and banking adjustments.

"The sheer stability of the ‘formation’ and its size became evident as the A-10’s inability
to keep up was dramatically echoed by repeated afterburner attempts by all six trailing
pairs of aircraft. I could assume the pilots were having difficulty adjusting speed in part
due to the challenge of estimating the speed of such a large object.

"As it eclipsed stars with the volume outlined by its lights the last possibility of
interpreting this as five distinct, separate objects disappeared.

"The scale of the “intercepted object” could be estimated many times in the five or more
minutes of approach. Its appropriate to describe the ‘object’ upon which the lights were
affixed as moving very like an aircraft carrier or stealth submarine on very calm waters.
An estimate based on size, position, and distance from the observer was made using
the A-10’s: at least 7500 feet, more likely twice that long, and at least 1750 feet wide.
"At closest approach, it seemed the UFO was long enough to serve as a runway
compared to the aircraft. It was not more than two miles away; the jet engines of the
interceptors were very distinct. The flight path was over the intersection of Hwy’s. 80
and 82 north of Tombstone. The altitude was about 4000 ft. {8600′ above sea level};
the heading from there was westerly to west, passing over the Whetstone Mtns. to the
West of Mustang Corners, north of Ft. Huachuca, in a slow curve, still trailing the
planes -two posted near the ‘tail’ [port side] and four some 1200 ft behind, as
close as five of them would get.
"As this close encounter procession began to move away from my position,
the inside wing-man of the lead pair seemed to have gotten authorization to abuse
‘His" A-10, or he just lost patience, or a panic feeling set in as the realization that
this huge UFO could continue toward Tucson at its current bearing. I clearly heard
that A-10’s engines throttled beyond 100% and then the afterburners’ roar as the UFO
attained the lower slopes of the Whetstones.

"The UFO started a slow left southward turn at which point the A-10 which had

been gaining a position just off the port bow orange light was being‘closed in on’
to within about six to ten A-10 widths.

The A-10 was forced to gain altitude to avoid collision,
allowing the UFO to pass underneath
by 800 to 1000 feet.

"That A-10 then descended & resumed a similar position off  the starboard bow light,
which (position) he maintained for a short distance as the UFO (at about 12 degrees
above the horizon) continued its turn [without any banking] passing just west of the
Mustang Mountains into the San Rafael Valley and down the West flank of the Huachuca
Mountains, but still visible above the ridge-line as seen from Tombstone’s Walnut Gulch just

south of the 80/82 intersection.

 "The UFO gained distance ahead of the planes, still distinguishable, as the entourage
completed the turn over the high southern peaks of the Huachuca Mountains south of

Sierra Vista. They assumed a straight path which I recognized as a return to the area
of origin-toward New Mexico airspace.

"The UFO and its chase planes, after completing the circuit of Ft. Huachuca

continued to disappear to the southeast taking about 20 minutes for the entire
episode described. I found myself saying aloud to my neighbors who had been
outside too:
 “Those pilots have one hell of an experience to tell their kids about, don’t they!

Note: {I sighted the same “escorted” giant UFO during a family camping trip around Sept. 10th.
from the west side of the San Rafael valley, on the same flight path! All of our party got at least
a short view of it, confirming what I had seen a week+ prior.}

Considering the probability that the many witnesses to the clear-sky early evening
UFO included those A-10 pilots and involved (AF) Base Flight Operations Officers, radar
records can confirm the incident. Perhaps the complete vulnerability and helplessness the
military then experienced was the reason The Tombstone UFO Incident has yet to hit the
national news. After a year, however, without any functioning National Security in the
Border War Zone and lack of any honest intellectual disclosure by Ft. Huachuca or the Air
Force, or DHS, it’s incumbent upon this witness to publish the sighting for truth sake, and
to focus the public onto “the imperative of answers”.

Respectfully submitted by Frank Lavoie, Sept. 1st 2010 at Tombstone, AZ

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