Feds lose ground to Cartels, Miners fight to rescue land, resources

The Gunbelt Report

September: "Pick & Shovel" War begun.
INDEPENDENT Prospectors & Miners take on Cartels,
challenge border zone ranchers  in wake of Federal
abandonment of Coronado National Forest.

An OPEN LETTER to the border zone ranchers:
1Dear Mr XXXXX, and other Border Zone Ranchers:
Thank you again for your note of concurrence supporting our intent to exercise
our rights in accessing our mining claims and private properties in Cochise &
Santa Cruz Counties, by contributing to road repairs to our mutual benefit. Our last
visit, on Father’s Day, had us in your front dooryard waiting for you or XXXX,
with four Border Patrol guarding us for well over an hour. It’s a pity you didn’t come out
to talk, and answer a few questions for us then and there. I will find the answers or the
courtesy of a reply from you immediately. We were very disappointed in your lack of
response to our prior letter. Silence was, quite simply, incriminating, as is the obvious
lack of effort on your part, to get volunteers or guards to secure your part of the border
zone nor to protect your ranch & resources, and further, conspicuously absent, any
public visibility [above the ranch group’s unpublished 18 point plan to secure the border]
in terms of responding to offers of qualified help, nor to host militias or Minuteman type
groups who have made recent offers on TV. The inference is of cowardice in the face of
cartel threats, and/or complicity in denying Public Use of Public Lands -benefiting the
smugglers. Silence is no longer an option. NO ONE IS NEUTRAL.

If you are in fear, no one will protect you. Honest people have no fear. Just let me know
when you will be at the Patagonia P.O. & I will call the pay-phone. Or just get me your
cell #   We intend to destroy the Cartels. Everyone knows who they are on both sides.
My first question is how much private property do you own at "XbarX" Ranch? How
much of those THOUSANDS of acres is grazing lease from BLM? Would you be willing to sell all or
part of your property immediately? Would you consider leasing all of the ranch and
sell off the cattle?

Are you “Gentleman’s Recreational Ranching” without profit, or as a business venture in

concert with the Cattle Rancher’s Association; are any of you showing a profit?

Prudence would dictate your time and money could be much better spent, but it seems
much too late for old dogs & new tricks. I see no future in cattle, so my next question:
What plans do you have for the property? [assuming you own it quiet title & all, w/o
partners or bank leeches] Cows till Kingdom come? Are you planning to sell or Will the
ranch to someone? WHEN? Is there any other potential for El Rancho  beyond cattle
if there is no grazing lease available? If the lease were canceled or forfeited this month
what would you do?
When drug stashes are found, smugglers captured, + the ranchers’
hired raiders caught [you know the day is at hand] on your land…and people do talk, as
they already have…under drug seizure law, ranchers like you are in such jeopardy, only
the foolhardy would not bail out asap.
How can you sleep at night knowing…you are widely thought of as lazy, greedy, selfish
land hogs who are “Failing to deny haven & sanctuary to criminals & terrorists” ?

That is an applicable, PROVABLE criminal charge, and the other is “Knowingly
providing haven, sanctuary, and/or support for criminals and/or terrorists.”

As I said, doing nothing is no longer an option, and since you seem oblivious
to your own plight, and have yet to act, I put it simply: We want your ranch
right now, since we think you are about to lose it, and we think you’d rather
leave it in our hands than lose it all -or more- to the Zetas. (Who have already
taken at least 2 ranches in TX, thankfully allowing the ranchers to escape with
their lives); They are still in (Mexican) standoff mode, with our forces planning
a counter-offensive to liberate the ranches.) We expect a Word to the Wise is
sufficient. Mexican “Army”-like units are already camped in the mountains*
[*see the report link & map at the bottom of the page.]
There is a war imminent, and the ‘spreads’ along the border zone are now
under a threat unlike any you have ever faced. It’s time to dig into that
retirement treasure chest and go live on a sailboat in the Gulf- I hear there’s
some real deals on used fishing boats. We are asking you to voluntarily
abandon your leased BLM Lands, to let your Grazing Permit expire, and to
constrain yourself and your business to private land.
Many are seeking to force you to do so, we are openly, brutally honest
about wanting all cattle off Public Lands.
You cannot convince me that you and R and J have things under
control, or that you can be relied upon to yell for help, since you haven’t yet.
Are you waiting for blood? Do you really think you have a “Separate Peace” or
an ‘understanding’ with the cartel that keeps you safe? DO YOU THINK WE
TRUST YOU to be able to secure & hold your part of the ‘Gunbelt’? Do you
really think Old Tony Estrada can hack a gun-battle?

We regret not having trustworthy neighbors, and we take great offense that
None of You have been able to kept the area safe; all of you seem to be cowards
 -not worth defending, so just get the hell out of the way so other, braver MEN can
defend the resources that belong to us and our grandchildren,
….and understand why we want your risky lack of responsibility in holding such lands
to end, and end NOW, before we lose MORE territory and freedom
because you chose the ‘easy way out.’

 You also failed to report corrupted officials trafficking tar opium

 picked up on your grazing lease by your “friend” Exx Kxx, Badge # 1942, and the fact that many
smugglers trails converge near “xyz” ‘s camp off F.R.4×20. As if you did not know!

We are such highly qualified resource managers, we are certain of our ability
to HONESTLY pay any reasonable price for any parcels of land in the area.
~ I had mentioned in our personal conversation a plan for commercial mining
operations in the vicinity, which would have benefited the community greatly,
but we have suspended those plans for enriching your area with tens of millions
in royalties each year, as it seems the inaction of the community suggests the

resources could have already fallen into the wrong hands.

In that we have what we want, it’s the County and the State taking the future loss
at the hands of the Federal Government, again, by failing to secure the actual border.

    We seek to take possession and control of as much land near the border as possible,
as soon as possible, by adverse possession if necessary. Our public postings,
our legal notices of intent- have gotten NO negative feedback, no resistance,
no denial of the right to do so. {Implied Consent}

I enclosed two CD data discs in my previous unanswered mailing to you, with mining
claim & other permittee’s legal status & rights explained and elaborated. {In part provided
by plp2.org}  We have made public evidence the Phoenix BLM has committed several “Plain
Error” violations in defiance and contempt of 36 CFR Part 261 of Dec. 8, 2008, adding to
the corruption charges against the FSLE of the Sierra Vista Forest Service Office.

What we have is what Sheriff Paul Babeau said: “The Federal Government is the enemy.”

Would you rather have a giant mining corporation arrange for Ranches to be taken by imminent
domain? See scenicsantaritas.org web page, and examine their Eastern Patagonia
Mountains Mines page, wherein they spell out plainly, Augusta Resources, (Rosemont Mine)
plans for our lands, including YOUR RANCH. We (not you) are in a unique position, able to
deal with such companies and regulatory agencies. {I authored a similar ‘controlling
research’ report for the OIG, Dept. of AG. in Colorado, 2002} Therefor, I come to my…
CENTRAL PROPOSAL: If you own any of the in-holdings, patented claims, such as at the
xxxxx xx Mine or near the Duquesne site, as we have indications you do, we want to buy
them immediately. (Why didn’t you reply?)

Your issuance of a lease, and/or permission & transfer of the right to possess and occupy
& mine same will assure you of your price paid in a short time. If, on the other hand,
we cannot determine the ownership, or your lack of reply indicates that you neither own them
nor wish to admit to owning same, be assured someone has taken adverse possession
and the actual, true owner will be forced to come forward or forfeit the land. {for Property taxes}

Rather than be dependent on you to responsibly make a courteous and timely reply, and
being unwilling to wait months AGAIN for any reply at all, and being independently free of any
outside influence or regulatory constraints, we only give you this
 we  Post on the internet THIS letter because one sent to you did not receive a written reply.

 Yes, you Border Zone Ranchers are under a tremendous amount of pressure -its a
LAWLESS ZONE. But because the Federal Government is now widely understood to be truly
considered treasonous, much of the Public Lands having now having been abandoned,
CITIZENS have responded LEGALLY by seizing and protecting more and more of the
Coronado National Forest, which means YOUR GRAZING LEASE with the BLM has been
declared null & void by parties challenging the administration [not to mention the cartels]
by holding fast to the 36 CFR Part 261 Decision on Petitioners (Class Action) Sovereignty
by virtue of the Mineral Estate Grant of 1866, in effect ‘patent’ of claims filed by
members of the Action. By holding these mineral rights the “Group” can stop the Giant
Corporate Mines and control an artisan small mine industry employing thousands & far
out-producing in value & variety the largest open-pit copper monstrosities and much
more beneficial to the local economy and benevolent to the landscape. Its a powerful
economic force previously hidden & underestimated, but whose time has come. I will
NOT, as part of this historic transfer of resources, be patient. CALL 520-508-7592
Here’s the TRUTH: Cartel teams in position in S. AZ remain unchallenged.
Neither Ranchers nor BP/ICE nor State of AZ admit this is TREASON.


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