Miners’ Rendezvous in Border zone Arizona updated Canx as of 26th.

CANCELLED as of update, Sept. 26th, 4 PM 

Rendezvous of Miners  see Amethyst Rancher on Facebook
There’s a community of sorts, about 150 people, if you include our locals as well as the Facebook family,
who have taken seriously our invitation to "Get a piece of the mining boom and land scramble" in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.
There has been a growing discussion of supporting such a place for conferences, mineral symposiums, and other field collecting associated efforts taking form near the Tucson annual trade shows.

Additionally, an excellent rationale has been established for investing in the preservation of historic mining localities from acquisition or bullying by the large corporate mining companies now grabbing LARGE parts of the Patagonia Mountains and the San Rafael Valley. The mineral values are high while real estate prices are low.

We are looking at a private land offering which includes a famous mine and much remaining mineral deposit. It was last sold for $128K, was last listed at $92K, and is now available for less. WE hope to acquire it for ourselves, and private use, but are open  hosting an annual event for mineral enthusiasts and a seasonal fee-dig.  Where YOUR opportunity comes in, is the chance to get an AFFILIATED MINING CLAIM within 2 miles, a short ride, from Amethyst Ranch, site of the *tangible Miners’ Rendezvous Mining Camp. (Or, to ‘put in’ with us in buying a World-Class locality!)

 [*aside from the one that exists on the internet, as a community with common interests and projects.]

For those mineral collectors, self-employed contract miners, and dedicated mineral dealers who see this as the bargain it is, have asked good questions of process and procedures, given the apparently inconsistent nature of the BLM administration of mining claims in different districts, and the controversy, now in Congressional Hearings, about the FS & BLM & BP NOT PATROLLING the PUBLIC LANDS. {The Coronado National Forest "abandonment issue"} Thus, this posting on the details of the existing RULES. One may not camp ON PUBLIC LAND while digging a claim. One may camp UPON the claim. Casual Use may include a form of "occupancy" and posting a watchman. Read, please so you will know—we know what we are doing, and we believe there will be great success.

“Casual use” under 43 CFR 3809.1–2 or does not require a Plan of operations under 43 CFR §3802.1–2 and §3809.1–4 or a Notice under 43 CFR §3809.1–3   BUT YOU MUST GIVE the information to exercise your rights. [BTW the fees for filing a mining claim have been raised (w/o notice)  to $189.]
purpose of this subpart is to manage the use and occupancy of the
public lands for the development of locatable mineral deposits by
limiting such use or occupancy to that which is reasonably incident. The
BLM will prevent abuse of the public lands while recognizing valid
rights and uses under the Mining Law of 1872 (30 U.S.C. 22 et seq.) and
related laws governing the public lands, regardless of when those rights
were created. The BLM will take appropriate action to eliminate invalid
uses, including unauthorized residential occupancy of the public lands.
a. Activities Required for Use of Public Lands
§3715.2, in order to occupy the public lands under the mining laws for
more than 14 calendar days in any 90-day period within a 25-mile radius
of the initially occupied site, the occupant must be engaged in certain
activities. These activities must:
(1) Be reasonably incident –
Reasonably incident means the statutory standard “prospecting, mining,
or processing operations and uses reasonably incident thereto” (30
U.S.C. 612). It is a shortened version of the statutory standard. It
includes those actions or expenditures of labor and resources by a
person of ordinary prudence to prospect, explore, define, develop, mine,
or beneficiate a valuable mineral deposit using methods, structures,
and equipment appropriate to the geological terrain, mineral deposit,
and stage of development and reasonably related activities.
or undue degradation, as applied to unauthorized uses, means those
activities that are not reasonably incident and are not authorized under
any other applicable law or regulation. As applied to authorized uses,
the term is used as defined in 43 CFR §3802.0–5 and §3809.0–5.
Constitute substantially regular work – Substantially regular work means
work on, or that substantially and directly benefits, a mineral
property, including nearby properties under the control of the
The work must be associated with the search for and
development of mineral deposits or the processing of ores. It includes
active and continuing exploration, mining, and beneficiation or
processing of ores. It may also include assembly or maintenance of
equipment, work on physical improvements, and procurement of supplies
incidental to activities meeting the conditions of §3715.2 and
§3715.2–1. It may also include off-site trips associated with these
activities. The term also includes a seasonal, but recurring, work
(3) Be reasonably calculated to lead to the extraction and beneficiation of minerals;
(4) Involve observable on-the-ground activity that the BLM may verify under §3715.7;
Use appropriate equipment that is presently operable, subject to the
need for reasonable assembly, maintenance, repair, or fabrication of
replacement parts; and
Page 9
(6) In addition to the requirements specified in §3715.2, the occupancy must involve one or more of the following:
(a) protecting exposed, concentrated, or otherwise accessible valuable minerals from theft or loss;
protecting from theft or loss appropriate, operable equipment which is
regularly used, is not readily portable, and cannot be protected by
means other than occupancy;
(c) protecting the public from
appropriate, operable equipment which is regularly used, is not readily
portable, and, if left unattended, creates a hazard to public safety;
protecting the public from surface uses, workings, or improvements
which, if left unattended, create a hazard to public safety; or
being located in an area so isolated or lacking in physical access as to
require the mining claimant, operator, or workers to remain on site in
order to work a full shift of a usual and customary length. A full shift
is ordinarily 8 hours and does not include travel time to the site from
a community or area in which housing may be obtained.

If the need
for a watchman or caretaker to occupy the public lands to protect
valuable or hazardous property, equipment, or workings, is asserted, it
must be shown that the need for the occupancy is both reasonably
incident and continual. It must be shown that a watchman or caretaker is
required to be present either whenever the operation is not active or
whenever workers are not present on the site.
The BLM may allow
temporary occupancy at a single site to extend beyond the 14-day period
described in §3715.1 if it is needed to secure the site beyond 14 days
through the use of a watchman as allowed by §3715.2–2 and the“Casual
use” under 43 CFR 3809.1–2 or does not require a Plan of operations
under 43 CFR §3802.1–2 and §3809.1–4 or a Notice under 43 CFR §3809.1–3

Consultation with the BLM and submittal of the materials is required by §3715.3–2 to BLM.
Any casual use activities that do not involve occupancy and are reasonably incident may proceed in accordance with 43 CFR §3809.

In accordance with the revised 43 CFR 3809
regulations, reclamation bonds are now required for both plans of
operations and Notices. The regulations provide for three types of
operations on public lands: Casual Use, Notice level and Plan of
Operation level operations.

Casual Use means activities ordinarily resulting in no or negligible
disturbance of the public lands or resources. Casual Use does not
include the use of mechanized earth moving equipment, truck mounted
drilling equipment or motorized vehicles in areas closed to “off-road
vehicles”, explosives, chemicals, or occupancy as defined by 43 CFR
3715. Operators conducting operations at the Casual Use level are not
required to post a financial guarantee for their operations.

Casual Use operations involve simple prospecting with hand tools such a
picks, shovels, metal detectors and camping for less than 14 days in a
90-day period. It does not involve any type of explosives, chemical
usage or mechanized earth moving equipment. Small scale mining devices
such as dry washers having engines with less than 10 brakehorsepower are
allowed, provided they are fed using only hand tools.

CFR 3809
This document provides interim guidance for
Operators/Claimants to submit Notices and Plans of Operation under 43
CFR 3809 for mining activities on lands administered by the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM) in Arizona. It is subject to change pending
subsequent guidance and policies now under review at the BLM national
The BLM does not process applications
for Casual Use activities under 43 CFR 3809 and you are not required to
contact BLM before beginning Casual Use activities. You are however
required to have a working knowledge of all applicable laws and
regulations pertaining to mining in Arizona before you begin your Casual
Use activities. A simple example of a Casual Use activity common in
Arizona is the operation of prospecting or rock collecting using a metal
detector and/or other hand tools while camping on public lands. Your
camping must be in compliance with all camping regulations and you must
not occupy the public lands
, within a radius of 25 miles for more than
14 days in a 90 day period.
When submitting a Notice, your
Notice must contain all of the information listed under 43 CFR 3809.301.
If you propose an occupancy, as defined by 43 CFR 3715, your Notice
must also include the information required under 43 CFR 3715.3-2.
Processing Notice level operations involves a 15-day time frame. [They have to give you a reply in that time.]

Gold: $1276/oz   Amethyst cut gems: $2250/oz {@ $15. per carat*, 150 cts to the ounce.} 
    * can be as valuable as $75/ct.

DO NOT DELAY CONTACTING US! We both desire rapid progress and quick results, and the PRACTICALITY is that some wholesale level, valuable mine production can be underway very soon, and upgraded to a very profitable market asset within 120 days with the establishment of a continuing presence. This may be done with an ‘encampment’ according to the above defined regulations, or established independent of BLM approval or subsequent changes or limitations by using private land nearby.
520-508-7592    Amethystranch@gmail.com

For more information, or to make a deposit [easy through PayPal!] to secure your interest**, call us without delay.
** Part interest in the "Miners’ Rendezvous Mining Camp" Joint Venture, and/or Part interest in a Joint Venture Mining Project, and/or part interest in Contract Mining Leases, or part interest in mine production (or net profits) facilitated by your support, for example. We can file shared claims and operate mines on behalf of participating investor(s) as well.{limit ten claims per person, or 200 acres}

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