Border War paradox precludes Miners’ Rendezvous

Security PARADOX: No security in the Coronado National Forest, WAR on Private land!
SEPT. 26th 4 PM : Southern Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties, Arizona;
Border Patrol, Forest Service, Feds are not patrolling PUBLIC LANDS,
They are not, cannot confront smugglers or illegals there. {I know, it does not make sense.}
They are entering Private Land [w/o warrants] to make arrests of illegals & smugglers,
subjecting residents to a lot more potential of being caught in a cross-fire,
not to mention being awakened by a wild chase across the property. {I know, It doesn’t make sense.}

We have also found serious errors in property surveys, even those of the National Forest Boundary!

So it is now evident that it is neither a fair nor safe situation for the public, for rock-hounds, mineral collectors,
as well as hunters, hikers, bird watchers, all the multiple users of our public lands!
That’s an INTOLERABLE situation. Why should we pause? Can we afford to hesitate?
We have been endangered, our entire National Security, and my peaceful sleep, ONLY by
the cowardice and dereliction of duty of those sworn to do otherwise.

So, if one camps in the Forest, you are on your own.
 They won’t come to a citizen’s aid even if he manages to call for help!
But they can show up at your private home’s front door uninvited!
It makes no sense to plan, or operate, MINERS’ Rendezvous Mining Camp under such circumstances.

Amethyst Ranch, therefor, will NOT be opening our gates as planned.
We thank all of you who have been following this story and we share disappointment with a
larger-than-anticipated group of people who support us as we and much of Arizona battles negativity,
and a minerals interest group which apparently has been following this old prospectors trails for many years. (I am honored.)

This does NOT mean there will not be commercial mining ongoing,
so, as has been true for over 35 years, collectors, dealers, museums,
 can still think of Frank Lavoie as a good source of fine mineral specimens.
Look for our postings on Facebook and on Ebay as  Timelessgemminer

Despite this, there will be good news and surprises!

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