U.S. Geologic Reports suspected instruments of Corporate Mining Giants landgrabs, massive theft.

In a curious overlap of research, I have found TWO geologic reports, authored by the same geologist some 14 years apart, which are Contradictory in impacts; one summary defines the deposits as never being industrial economic targets, while the other seems to indicate a copper porphyry and some industrial potential. This report and reality on the ground are irreconcilable. The geology I SEE and what seems to be deceptive data is provable: convenient to demonstrate my point are the 2 documents on the S. Patagonia Mtns. and those of Rosemont’s proposed mine. They have “borrowed” over $230 million, spent on what? without digging! This Rosemont fiasco is NOT supported by geology, its about inflated estimates of ‘probable reserves’ and is MEANT TO FAIL. It’s about bail-outs, money laundering, insurance, bribes, and TAKING private property and public land by deception.
The PDF files will be posted in the share folder on this blog. I’ll point to the crucial parts, but see for yourself, the PROOF of CORRUPTION. They relied on getting past NON-GEOLOGISTS. The DATA may LIE but the Earth does not. Field check this work, you’ll see my point: They are shutting us all out of a major “niche industry” BOOM in small artisan style mining, a very rich set of small deposits can mean BILLIONS to the local economy. There is proof in the science of my assertion I found the stockworks that goes from Cananaea to The Santa Ritas, that my estimate of single claims holding 8 B $ potential was low by as much as 10%. The ore veins which would be DESTROYED by $3.50 pound copper mining are $3M/Ton…but must be extracted BY HAND. Massive profits by corporate copper mining giants comes with a MUCH GREATER LOSS to us, the real owners of the 1866 Mineral Estate Grant.