Adversity for some, advantage for others.

A mountain of difficulty, a rocky trail, an uncertain view; we need but listen or watch briefly our [electronic] cyber-world to expose ourselves to stresses we did not evolve to resist. People, cultures and societies are “snapping”; assumptions and delusions and corruptions unravel in the concurrent short-term doubling of human knowledge. {at a rate estimated to be something less than every 9 months.} As metaphor, we stand upon the mountain looking back down on the ant-hills, the rows of ‘chicken coops’ in the hazy valley, pondering why so few below consider the climb worthwhile, or why they consider themselves unworthy or unable or unwilling to make the effort. They did not listen when we set out to leave the chaos, the meaninglessness, -the lack of company sharing a vision of a noble mission was a disappointment. BUT the few who are here are friends more than acquaintances, fellow time travelers, adventurers. Once clear of the smoke and mirrors, we find others have escaped the wars, and we both pine for those who cannot be with us as well as we marvel at our disproportionate good fortunes appearing as clearly as the actual mountains before us in the clear peaceful air.

The simplification is elegantly present. TIMELESS.

REAL PEACE, real quiet, outside the community matrix. The countryside, the open land provides the realization that permeates any open mind which has self-esteem sufficient to hike outside the city limits. Perspective gained with distance may be a lost advantage if the leverage is not applied. For too many today, the prospect of being [unemployed] the sole provider for oneself and family is too new a challenge; unprepared, dependent, they may become less disconnected, more cooperative, by necessity. For others, the ‘mother of invention’ is singing loud and clear, as many begin to actively participate in novel endeavors, some of which have appeared as subjects of very popular cable and satellite TV and Web TV Shows. “Hobbies” as such, as well as a whole range of “Cottage Industry” arts & crafts endeavors, Rural life-style and how-to’s have never been so enthusiastically redefined or popular. Adopting a former hobby as home-based biz has also been made affordable in part because of this networking of shared interests, whether it’s collecting, arts, or field work in the garden or further afield. Adventure travel and expeditions serve us a banquet of videos only dreamed of a few years ago. There’s great fun and inspiration for some [of us] in documentations of the new Gold Rush and related Prospecting expeditions, like The Meteorite Men series.

We share heartfelt hopes with many readers, that PEACE will somehow prevail [in spite of fearful contra-indicators abundantly broadcast] and thusly we may pursue, with unrestrained enthusiasms, the blessings of our land, our private property rights, our resources, our gardens, orchards, mines, and timber stands, our waters, our plants, our animals, our freedoms, our liberties, and our children.

Timeless Mining, an Arizona registered mineral producer and mine support services provider is assembling a private team of Joint Venture Agreement participants in a program of production and operations. Occupancy of the work-sites is required; inquire via email, please. Office: Box 134  Tombstone, AZ 85638

Work location(s) are near Nogales and Patagonia, AZ, mines and work camps are more than 20 miles from paved roads.

Networking Mining field videos for a new publication coming soon, operators/owners of domestic American small mines, join the Colorado & Nevada miners onboard the Miner’s Lunchbox. Contact us now for free publicity & promotion!

SPONSORED by Timeless Mining

Tombstone Silver Ore for sale, contains up to $100/lb of silver; (not intended for refinement) For mineral collections and study; with provenance certified genuine Tombstone high grade silver ore, as found in 1878.  {Acanthite, Alabandite, in MnS, w/minor rare micros, qtz.} Only $25/lb wholesale [$200 minimum] w/free shipping US. Easy Paypal purchase.

Authentic high grade silver ore from the Silver Queen of the Old West

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