Miners’ Lunchbox [Dec. 1st]

Old Tombstone Studio  &  Timeless Mining today initiated MINERS’ LUNCHBOX with an Invitation to American small mine operators to submit high definition video on any aspect of ‘artisan’ mineral production, prospecting, minerals & geology, permitting, or operations. We encourage documentation of mineral discoveries, promotional , educational, and entertaining mining related videos for publishing on the web as part of our new Expedition America series. We intend for this networking to help small mine operators to survive, thrive, and grow. We offer more than a publishing outlet with a special interest audience, we offer to assist our associates with an exclusive encrypted provenance system for registering significant discoveries, specimens, one-of-a-kind art & jewelry, etc. as a marketing and security edge. [also] We have an exclusive area advantage in Ground Penetrating Radar Services applied to special mineral deposits, {$3500 to $4500 per week plus expenses.} and our growing Miners’ Bench group includes contract miners, mineralogists, equipment operators, stone cutters, silversmiths, etc. ready to help us market together under a common banner at major trade shows like Tucson, AZ in February. Our audience, our client base, and our common interests have been addressed repeatedly at major gem & mineral show conferences, for at least ten years. The consensus: a need for such a domestic US “small miners” oriented Web TV channel with their voices and points of view well represented.

Admittedly, several good websites represent the mineral dealers and gem artisans well, and occasionally there’s a featured field trip or prospecting expedition dovetailed into the programs. The Meteorite Men and similar exploration programs, archaeological and treasure hunting, have only pique’d interest and demand for substantial and ongoing content in category, like the Travel Channel’s ‘Best Places for Cash & Treasures” series visits to a few American Gem Mines. We’d like to be part of that Great American Gem Rush on video as well as in the field. We will be producing and sharing our own mining and local expedition videos. If the mistakes being made by newcomers and ambitious novice prospectors can be minimized and mitigated with our experience & wisdom, if we can encourage and educate our labor pool, if we can contribute to our niche industry’s resurrection, if we can facilitate production of strategic and precious minerals, we can stand upon the dignified and honorable tradition together…we trust there will be a commensurate response from the world, and from Americans who can proudly exercise their preference and support for those preserving and exercising the Mineral Estate Grant of 1866 by which much of our private property rights and subsequent control of our own resources foundations our economic stability and our community’s peace.

Small MINE OWNERS & Operators Contact us NOW, to reserve your project or to get more information about the benefits and advantages of participation in this FREE SERVICE. We have a network of potential distributors for our programs which can rapidly grow with our portfolio of content. FREE ADS, FREE LINKS, no obligations; and you can show the programs from Miners’ Lunchbox on your site as a member of The Miners’ Bench.

Inspiration & Opportunity Shared!

btw, we are aiming at having a series “Expedition America Digs” on a major cable and satellite channel in 2011!

1 thought on “Miners’ Lunchbox [Dec. 1st]

  1. Hi Friends, Just a small holiday gift, but it’s a reminder that we think of you often as we produce our artisan mining videos of prospecting expeditions. Our opportunities are expanding to include publishing / sharing some videos intended to promote and support domestic small mine projects, similar to the Travel Channel’s “Best Places” series. We detail some of the ideas on our Facebook page, as Amethyst Rancher, and our blog, Oldtombstonestudio.wordpress.com. We INVITE you to consider participating by submitting to us your videos related to production of specimens and gem-stock, history of [pegmatite] mining, field work & safety, mineralogy, camp cooking, mining camp music, etc. as well as exploration and mining documentaries. We offer FREE hosting, and you can put your own ads into your films, too! We have a satellite set-up in Tombstone, AZ, and we can meet in person during the Tucson Shows in February for ‘Live’ broadcasts!

    The mineral dealers have had a few hubs and websites available to their advantage, and the numbers of adventure travel shows on cable and satellite and internet have greatly expanded in number and popularity, with Meteorite Men being an outstanding example. Conspicuously absent is the voice of, and for, small mine operators, supplied to the growing crowds of novice prospectors coming from the ranks of unemployed former rock-hounds, now demanding supply-side content, educational how-to materials, and an “inside view’ from the trade. There’s no question of a ‘gold rush’ underway [gold today at over $1400/oz.] and a lesser known, Great American Gem Rush also!

    As we produce high definition [web-cast] videos, and You add yours, both can be edited into pilots for a possible cable series, we can enjoy a low-cost promotion for our own separate businesses, advance the trends toward buying domestic, announce and network together to focus and magnify our audience and client bases, and make possible -events, conferences, and tours, for example.

    With a small group of regular contributors established, we will be offering to our (member) mine operators a system of establishing Registered Provenance, which is an inventory/production security system which cannot be defeated by counterfeit labels. It’s a way the Miner’s Lunchbox protects it’s members/mine owners while certifying legitimate mineral and gem products for our customers. We also offer group marketing under a common banner, and other Mine Support Services, including Security, Geologic Consulting, permitting and bonding, even Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys!

    We hope that in 2011, together, we will make a positive difference for all of our small domestic mine industry, make more money, and have fun doing it, while fostering appreciation, support, and a following for those who continue the honorable and historic tradition of “Artisan” small-scale rare mineral extractions.

    Frank & Barbara Lavoie
    Timeless Mining
    Amethyst Ranch
    Box 134 Tombstone, Arizona, 85638

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