2018-2020 Production preparations nearly complete!



Barbara and I are very well prepared. The RV Trailer, the tow trailer, an ATV (not in video) and all that gear, tools, packaging, mini-excavator, all of it is for TMCo mining, and soon will be in place on the claims. We have water systems, raw materials for cabins & campsites, trails & workings, we’re even ready to make further progress into our tunnels, too!

Small-scale specialized artisan miners, in particular those outside the ‘gold belt’  whose production of rare earths, exotic metals, gem & lapidary materials, are well overdue the consideration and appreciation they deserve, and have darn-well earned, have had a hard-rock time of it up to now. Even the large corporate mining projects who are our neighbors have been very public about their inability to recruit qualified miners. I commiserated with a Taylor-Hermosa high-up recently in pursuit of some high-technology we might both use, like the SEGWAY XT2.0 and the SIR 4000 GPR by GSSI.

My own adjustment is reversion to “Plan ‘A'”, that is, to dispense with mining for the market despite an abundance that would lend itself to volumes to sell, there are not enough available qualified miners who are not already busy & dedicated to include in our 2018 plans for processing anything less than top-end investor, collector, dealer & museum grades. I’ve generated my share of tonnage. Now we are refining our excavation choices, using mechanical advantages in place of miners.

Plates of Phantom 'ed Dauphine Scepters!

Phantom ‘ed Dauphine Scepters over a foot across in 2018