Japan-Law Twin Quartz crystal specimens!

We are mining at the BUTTERFLY MINE now, in part because there’s a shortage of qualified specimen extractors for that “other” project which is labor-intensive, and the drop in market prices for the scepters, likely due to huge dumping of cheap similar crystals by the Chinese as much as the African influential production.

As an additional guide for our many quartz collectors, dealers, and researchers, I’m  including here the best study I could find on quartz crystal forms. (Crystallography)



Our NEW domestic Arizona artisan mining operations , RECENTLY ADVANCED by application of hi-tech derived data and meticulous attention to detail, patient scientific sampling and building upon a decades long dedicated data base (over 1350 expeditions in this immediate  area) have surprisingly [even to me!] resulted in our ability to “zero in”  on the richest portions of our deposits actually reducing the amount of expected conventional excavation & tunneling work while increasing significantly the amount & value of production!

The study of many local miarolytic vugs, chambers, + galleries, the several granite, aplite, and pegmatite vein systems, and the ore bearing dikes due to the presence at depth of a huge orebody, have supplemented the available public knowledge and historic mining records to reinforce our field-proven assertion that we have the most reliable, largest and best such sources now being commercially worked for these very rare forms of quartz crystals.


Our mini-excavator is almost ready (I need practice with the new machine) and we have targeted an area where we found large pieces of JL twins at the surface, and some on matrix, so we’ll see results right away.