Patagonia Mining boom busted overnight.

Big crash, between revelations of CHINA control of the string of straw dogs mining companies, and the lack of any local control, continuing cartel attacks, heavy corruption, and the FALSE SECURITY show of Unarmed NG on? the border, which remains wide open, NO WONDER NO ONE WANTS TO WORK HERE    in the border war zone.. and in the past few days HOSTILITIES have DIVIDED Patagonia. Liberal traitors are taking a mile if you give them an inch, too many people are liars, and no good will come to a village whose marshals are too tolerant and cowardly to run the cartel meth gang out of town.

Patagonia Mining Boom growing!

We were not too surprised to see more progress at the many minesites we pass on our way to the Duquesne – Washington Camp area, but the sight of mid-road drilling, and surveyor-prospectors staking new claims ( some abutting one of ours) and the appearance of several new companies driving Harshaw Road, confirm our earlier conjecture that the regulatory and security atmosphere changes were about to have an effect (along with economic factors) which would be beneficial to our niche mining biz.

Along with NG & military on the border [already, advance forces have deployed, much to our relief, right on our property!] the safety and peacefulness of our mining is assured, at long last. {Not that we had not already employed adequate preparations.}

So with a lifting of the unreasonable restraints previously & wrongly imposed upon us by corrupt Forest Service in their now well-known over-reaches, we are applying normal, conventional methods and machinery to exploit our phenomenally richly minerallized deposits.

ACCORDINGLY we are re-issuing our recruitment for pro specimen extractors and others involved in mine operations focused on quality production rather than quantity sales. Residing here is a MUST, at least for the season. Please email me

Playlist for civility during uncivil times

{Photo courtesy Old Tombstone Studio }   All music remixes by Underground Fire, Frank Lavoie @ Amethyst Ranch Studio, with Audacity software.