Inspiration and opportunity to share. HELP Frank resume mining, in Arizona.

When the middle of the day is too hot to ‘work’ we will dig early & late, underground whenever possible, or do other tasks, like specimen washing. Admittedly, there is some physically challenging parts of recovering specimens and gem rough to be expected, but by necessity as well as because independent owner-operators have flexibility, we have adopted many ways of overcoming limitations and use mechanical advantages to the max. In my case, as a disabled veteran now hardly able to walk, much less carry any weight, I have to resort to asking for some helping hands and using a few contraptions, apparatus, and machines. I have also focused on production from proven rich ground. The sites are ready, we need specimen miners for however long they can participate, as soon as possible. I have tents, base-camp, security, and support ready for YOU.           PLS Call 520-255-6744 & lv a message.

Here’s some inspiration:

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