Carnelian Agate, ‘Four Mile” Mine

We have currently available, our NEW richly-colored and sometimes SCENIC local agate in small nodules, seams, and large chunks very suitable for many jewelry applications. We have very large pieces perfect for table slabs, inlay into furniture and musical instruments, art and lampwork/lightbox applications. Takes a high polish, too!

This material and its reliable supply are SO NEW & UNKNOWN we prefer to have our customers and artist lapidary clients LOOK AT IT IN PERSON, in which case we will be happy to ADD, in consideration of their discerning purchase, a vist to the quarry and a collecting privilege & allowance of TEN pounds for each ten pounds bought, a Two-For-One Sale!

This material is graded by color & quality and potential as “TOP GRADE” or as “Mine Run” as well as by Size. “Mine run” is very good agate with high yeild but unbrolen or not showing sufficient internal content under the outside coating matrix to grade w/o chipping or saw testing. SOME IS Top Grade All is mined and stockpiled as presumed to hold good agate content due to being noticably heavier than chunks of barren ‘lava’. We also clean our production to cull out rare duds or fractured pieces.


*MINE RUN: Hand-size or smaller {2# or less} is $25 per pound whole, plus shipping.

*MINE RUN: Larger chunks for larger saws, average softball size (these agate veins are irregular in shape.) in the 4 to 5 pound range each, whole, $35/ pound plus shipping.

*TOP GRADE {select} Smaller sized, $85/lb.

*TOP GRADE {select} Mid-sized up to ten pounds each, high yeilds of large cabs & scenic panel potential. $150/lb. Free shipping.

TOP GRADE, INDIVIDUALLY OFFERED, large to very large beautiful carnelian and classic sunset scenic $200/lb. Free shipping.