CHINESE Hackers discovered, defeated and identified

Chinese Thugs, opinion shapers, propagandists and Chinese sympathizers, get off my site! I found your substitute video player over my own…the very definition of "Highgrader" is such a thief, attempting to ride upon, to pirate and hijack someone else’s work- a leech, a parasite, a low life bottom-feeding scum.
Fellow Citizen Readers and fans:
If you see something here that is NOT my work, report it- for you too are subject to such hacking and material interference on your site too!

Happiness is a warm website!

Good day! We are pleased to tell all that our other website is up and running!
Our videos, DVD’s and CD products are available through these websites.     Don’t forget to visit our always interesting and sometimes controversial blog   ALWAYS on the cutting edge of news and views from the Gunbelt of Southern Arizona.