An end to the nation; lets change horses!

Friends, Romans, & Countrymen, Fend off your fears, for I have come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

Between the Bad Apples in Washington, and the ones just up the street,
the news from the boardwalk, and the news from the internet, it seems
very clear that the scheming and backdoor dealing have made it
improbable that so many well laid plans of mice and men shall but aft
gang aglay. Basically, ill prepared businesses, and those who are on
the cultural cusp of closing down, like saloons, are TOO LITTLE TOO LATE recognizing our contributions & services to the community & its businesses. "If the world isn’t coming to Tombstone, we can bring Tombstone to the World."

For PRUDENT business reasons, and recognition that there is NO MONEY to
be made here, as well as to take advantage of better opportunities in
one of my other businesses, we have decided to NO LONGER PROMOTE or
feature Tombstone or any of its entities in our [Old Tombstone Studio]
projects. Only the HIGHGRADERS Independent Film Project will remain in
production. We may feature one more short film about some of our
performing friends who recently opened a new show at a local venue, but
because our company policy forbids promoting the consumption of alcohol, we will not be mentioning that business by name. Its been fun, its been real, but it has NOT been real fun. The audience was drunk & rude & noisy. We were reminded why we never go to bars. Drinkers are corrupt & evil, I think.
There will NOT be a TLCU Community web-tv station serving the
southeastern part of Arizona or Tombstone. We suggest potential
visitors & guests reconsider their plans to travel to the Gunbelt
area, as it is very unstable, highly volatile, and trending toward
unacceptable behavior, GRIFTERS & violence. We  recommend the
hiring of armed guide services if you wish to hike, camp, or travel the
backroads within twenty miles of the border.

Old Tombstone Studio Award Winner- Anti-war 5 star

Readers of our WAR 360 Blog on Yahoo know the range of efforts to express & convey the truth of war, corruption & treason, beyond mere politics has been the Imperative challenge to writers, musicians, & film-makers alike. Our first Honoree, John Pascuzzi of "A Single Thread" was awarded this Old Tombstone Studio Award in cooperation with Amethyst Ranch, for his creative music contribution to the Indie Film "Highgraders" [which just today cast the part of Johhny Ringo.]
Today we Honor PUPPETGOV.COM for their Inspired Anti-War Film "How You Ended the War"= a  tasteful, appealing but powerful with simmering undercurrents statement of TRUTH. Opening the film, John Wayne, a regular at the Crystal Palace in Tombstone!

Old Tombstone Studio Pre-release Indie Film Teaser-Trailer!

My Friends, and fellow Earthlings…
What once young men, over sixty do,
long after Paul Revere had ridden
off to Portsmouth & return,
The borrowed horse, Brown Beauty,         *Please Honor Us with your support and business!                     
still seeks Pasture Springs of Peace,
as Gardens siren for their tenders…
my brushes paint of metaphors rest.
What shall once young men do
but tend to one’s own work
in Peace’s Gardens.


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Good news from the "Gunbelt" of Arizona!   TOMBSTONE, Saturday

          "More or less exciting, depending on how aware one may be- of independent writers* and video producers who are generating
serious revenues along with the various localities and creative centers involved in the new cinema– the POTENTIAL NATIONAL WESTERN THEATER news from TOMBSTONE that the old high school, including the gym, directly adjacent & abutting the HISTORIC DISTRICT has been approved For Sale by the voters, as they activate the new school facilities on the north side of the ‘city’. At least one show producer has shown an interest, according to the Sierra Vista Herald article today! In some of the videos here, can be seen some views of the buildings on the edge of the district at Allen Street. The possibility of an ACTING SCHOOL and BROADCAST Facility, as well as a "Grand Ole Oprey" style syndicated show for broadcast, and a small TV station style LIVE presence on the INTERNET bodes well for the entire area’s economy, not considering tourism in terms of ‘across the threshold’ visitor numbers.
The co-promotional netword  of southeastern Arizona, Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties, with their complementary resources, outletted and promoted through such identifiable iconographic and historic presentation as could be foundationed in Tombstone- could serve the area economy in cooperation with capable and significant participants. In other words, If this goes where it could, "Hollywood, eat your heart out!"
* Donate now to the Amethyst Ranch Project, get an instant downloadable FREE COPY of the illustrated PDF Novel "Life at the Center of the Universe"!!! See the Catalog page of  $100 donation also reserves a campsite for you this season at Amethyst Ranch! {see Yahoo Group
listed in >finance>small business>start-up  as AmethystRanch (no space).
 Frank Lavoie
Old Tombstone Studio

Old Tombstone Studio New Video Releases active links parts 1, 2

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Highgraders Part 2
22 min – Aug 9, 2007
Old Tombstone Studio documentary details "making" the Tale of "Highgraders" into a storyboarded screenplay. Part 1 addressed the setting for the adventure, the lead…
21 min – Jun 15, 2007
Old Tombstone Studio series presents "Making" the Indie Film Project "Highgraders". It’s the first Indie western to be produced in Tombstone! Author Frank Lavoie