Public Evidence & Charges: AZ FS + BLM TREASON

From the desk of Frank Lavoie

Public Notice {The only notice to FS/BLM}  TO THE BLM:

"You have effectively abandoned and abbrogated your responsibility, resulting in a (con)ceding of Public Lands to Criminals and Terrorists: this being unconstitutional, illegal, and intolerable, knowledgeable members of the public are emboldened to assert possession, occupancy and DEFENSE of the Public Lands [in your stead]: a TAKING, by force if neccessary, of the CORONADO NATIONAL FOREST south of interstate 10."

 I recommend, advice, and support the public Taking Adverse Possession of ALL BLM LAND. I promote the idea of homesteading, farming, and mining, timbering and other lawful uses of the public lands by the general public, of, for and by the People. {Without the government or ‘permits’.} Mr. President, where’s my 40 acres and a mule? I want to start working right now! …working for myself and my family, not for your corporate enslavement scheme; nor will I wait until tomorrow. I shall take what I need starting with MY FREEDOM!

Concerning the Legacy of the Mineral Estate

Granted to The People [not government nor corporation] by Presidential

Proclamation in 1866, and the Imperative to Save both The Estate and the

Citizens’ Control over the great national minerals treasure as per the 1872

Mining Law and the Decision of 36 CFR Part 261 of 8 December, 2008 from

the usurpations and derelictions of the USDI, BLM and Forest Service,

to wit, the Minerals Management which contributed to the on-going death of

the Gulf of Mexico.

I herein document the FS/BLM/USDA practice of intentional

mismanagement from 1984 to 2010 : A brief set of well documented

examples of not just incompetence, but of purposeful denial of due process,

discovery rights, mineral rights, occupancy and operational rights of mining

claims and other lawful uses of the Public Lands, but also, very importantly

NOW -along the Border with Mexico in the Coronado National Forest of

Arizona, “Failing to deny haven or sanctuary to criminals or terrorists”, and

“Knowingly providing sanctuary and support to criminals and terrorists.”

Therefor, be On Notice, Concurrent with the Right and Privilege of owning

and operating a mining operation on claims upon the Public Lands the Mine

Owner has the responsibility to Protect the Lands, the Resources, and the

Legacy of the Mineral Estate Grant . There is no legal obligation by the miner

to absorb, absolve, or share the liability of the surface and subsurface

resource administrators, on behalf of the citizens or other permittees, just to

conduct one’s own operation so as to not create cause for legal action. When

the Forest Service and BLM act in “Plain Error” and directly cause harm, loss,

damage, and clearly actionable violation of due process, private property

rights & civil liberties, it’s the obligation and duty for the owner of the

mineral estate to take whatever steps as he is sovereign upon the Estate to

hold and occupy it. The FS, without justification or due process has acted to

bring both the livelihood and occupation and operation of profitable mines to

a halt with the stewardship and protections of the resources, lands, and

Legacy also stopping. Almost immediately begins unauthorized mineral

materials removals, vandalism and theft, which makes the economic impacts

further reaching and likely to increase while the unfortunately abused small

miner is out of work pending resolution of a “mistake” done on purpose to

achieve what is not supported by regulation or court decision. That makes it

prudent and reasonable to include protection strategies from

mismanagement or worse, for the plain reality is that smugglers, criminals,

and terrorists are currently using the Coronado National Forest, and the

administration’s corruption to their advantage. I may surmise that the

officials are both cowardly in failing to promote and protect permittees, and

suspect of complicity and cooperation with the Cartel to keep potential

witnesses out of the smuggling corridors if only by virtue of their patently

uncooperative and hostile relations with those brave citizens willing to

undertake the risk and expense of developing profitable small mines for the

benefit of a large part of economically depressed southern Arizona.

There’s no honor in winning a fight that could have been avoided.

I personally find no advantage to fighting; it’s in error to think there is justice

or an element of ‘fairness’ in a ‘battle’ in which one party has a chance to

defeat the other. I generally refuse to fight, preferring instead to just win/end

the war. Just show absolutely no mercy, and do not participate in a ‘fight’, a

court battle, a lawsuit, an appeal. Do not dignify or legitimize by response a

bureaucratic red tape attempt to interfere with the honest conduct of

peaceable and honorable vocation.

I filed, paid my fees…I OWN MY CLAIMS.

Starting in 1978, rising values for varieties of quartz, among other gem specie

long dominated by imported, inexpensive gem-stock- rose enough to make

domestic sources competitive. Attempts to develop well-known historic

deposits of high quality were met with red tape and regulations designed for

industrial metal mines and large volume low unit value minerals like copper.

A less skeptical public began to ‘Romance the Stone” when the famous 1972

gem tourmaline strike in Maine had reached a market value of $60 million in

six short years. Other fabulous discoveries followed disproving the ‘fluke of

luck’ doubters and establishing by 1981 that there were, indeed, large worldclass

gem deposits in America worthy of mining efforts.

In 1981, I participated in an investigation for the Senate Committee on

Natural Resources at the invitation of Senator Gordon Humphrey, as we

looked into Forest Service stone-walling and red tape stalling of mining

permit applications. The Amethyst we found – deep purple- appraised at

$150,000.00 per cut pound. {2270 carats}.

I had written a 25 page report, had all the paperwork done & fees paid, when

we were ‘raided’ by two FS Rangers who showed up at our very remote

campsite pretending to be lost, asking for help, off duty, out of uniform, and

without the supervisor on duty’s knowledge or permission. When we

returned to our vehicles, they had their uniforms on and pressed false

charges to keep us off the mountain all summer until a November trial. Yes, a

lot of our discovery was subsequently stolen, and that was the second such

incident. At trial, we proved that corrupt Rangers had previously given

highgraders directions to my 1st find, as listed on the two-year delayed

permit application, and issued a bogus “For Educational, recreational, noncommercial

purposes” permit in Jan. ‘81 [deep snow]. The large, distinct

crystals appeared just two weeks later at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

{STD Minerals, Michael Haritos} for sale. We flew out and bought some of our

own find for analysis, but it wasn’t until 1990 that a FS commissioned

science study proved us right. 1984: We proved the FS ‘wrong’.

This has been a very long war!

What was at stake, the news and CNN reported, was $50 million or more in

recoverable gem crystal which could be mined by hand methods. I have

produced a documentary film of 1 hour, 33 minutes, on the

NH Amethyst

Strike Story* [

*on VEOH and Google Video.] including an editorial on this court

case and Forest Service mismanagement. The 1911 Weeks Law

did Not say

no mining was to be allowed in the Eastern National Forests, it stated that the

local resources were to be administered by, and for, the advantage and

benefit of the local communities.

{P.S. We held our $600,000.00 civil judgement ‘in abeyance’ pending Forest Service

‘cooperation’. I thusly expected in subsequent mining operations, that the FS would not be taking

a ‘hostile’ attitude toward small specialty miners. I was wrong, but it took years to find out, and a

lot of effort to prove that even now, the FS/BLM is in Contempt and defiance of 36CFR Part

261. }

1984 – 1988

For about 5 years I mined quartz in Arkansas at my commercial, bonded operation until Sen.

Dale Bumpers and Gov. Clinton imposed a lease scheme by which we had to bid to keep our own

mines. Corruption! (Uncompensated 14

th Am.‘taking’.) Six tons of production and a great

business was destroyed by politicians. So I testified, and moved my business to Colorado.

Here we go again:

For “The Rest of the Story” please watch my 1 hour documentary

film”Saga of the Blue Frog Mine” on Google Video.

In 1994 or 1995, a “Terrorist Training Camp” and madrassa was raided in Buena Vista

and Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was complete with AK’s RPG’s, explosives, the usual stuff,

which was also found in a storage unit in Colorado Springs. After 911 in 2001, a local TV station

re-ran the raid story under the ‘local terrorist connection’ byline, and an FBI spokeswoman said

they apparently missed some of the members and the whereabouts of their new training camp.

We found it in the Pike National Forest, 37 miles from Ft. Carson. Automatic weapons fire all

night long at Sportsmens’ Paradise on the South Platte River. I know, I was fired upon with about

300 rounds, and I fired back only three…but that’s a story for another time. Twice before the huge

Hayman wildfire, attempts were made to initiate a forest fire within ten thousand feet of the

Rocket Mine at Crystal Creek. On Day One of the ‘Towers’ operation June 8th [and a nice strike]

FS Ranger Terry Barton Starts fire with two pages of meth lab instructions. [pers comm FBI].

From the full letter, these relevant portions:

{Part of the dragged- out process of getting a “Plan of Operations” OK’d for a ½ acre mine!}…

OK, fast forward to last year and now, June, 2010, Santa Cruz County, Arizona:

Frank Lavoie:

I DID NOT REPLY. They did not follow due process, failed to notify me PRIOR to

trespass without my permission. What claim? Where? When? Who? This is speculative,

with surmise & conjecture..IN VIOLATION and defiance of 36 CFR Part 261..a CRIME,

and the notice below was sent to me 45 days beyond the Due Process date, also

violating my rights. This DOES NOT CHANGE the rights of discovery, my

ownership of the mineral estate, or my rights to occupy and mine. In that it is

patently wrong and “Plain Error” in defiance and contempt for the 36 CFR Part

261 decision IN OUR FAVOR as parties to the class action suit against the Forest

Service following the Hayman Wildfire. SO FOR REASONS STATED ABOVE

we shall hold our ground and claims as well as the 8-billion $ estimated value of

the deposit we discovered and claimed. YES I said a huge number- which can be substantiated by

structural geology and geochemistry & by inclusions in quartz crystals, something the local authorities say is not a

‘locateable’ mineral, denying that it is the prospecting key to establishing the existence of a related and associated

metal deposit. [note 2006 falsehood of gem amethyst “not locatable”; revelation of material found is not an AZ



In this case, its 5% RHENIUM in molybdenite in 200 ton pods & pockets in

a fault-bounded stock-work structure with pegmatite and aplite and alpine cleft

deposits. Look it up and figure it yourself at current prices. So it’s not too

shocking that Corporate mining giant Freeport- McMoran’s exploration geologist,

Ian Merkle, visited me in an admitted case of industrial espionage 1 ½ years ago.

And its obvious that someone recently has utilized a willing Phoenix BLM office

to advance Rep. Grijalva and Rep. Giffords’ stated agenda and proposed


halting all mining claims in Pima and Santa Cruz Counties [as well

as all uses of the Coronado National Forest] regardless of the methods used.

I refuse to recognize nor obey such a compromised,

politicized, and corrupt administration.

I intend to hold and occupy those claims I have recorded and to use all rights to

effect the safety, security, and integrity of my authorized mining operations and

the rights of all others accepting the legacy and responsibility for the Mineral

Estate Grant of 1866.

If I am offered compensation for this illegal “Taking” commensurate with the

current market value for all the components of the Mineral Estate…and this did not

affect other miners I might consider it, but considering the value of US Currency

and the irresponsible nature of the government, I may not consider it for it would

be a travesty and an injury to the Lands to abandon them to the carelessness of a

demonstrably irresponsible corrupt government.

Highgraders and Claim-Jumpers in uniform!


Take note of the DATES! Why did they wait so long? So the reply time would be expired

and nothing could be done! THEFT BY ADMINISTRATIVE “ERROR”!

Worse, this appears to be a common practice.

How clearly can it be said? This is a classic violation of due process. They think I

have to prove that they made yet another error, when its already been revealed & made a

court decision that they are NOT ALLOWED to do this deceptive illegal mismanagement

any longer. Maybe they have NOT READ 36 CFR Part 261.


So, after such a history, the FS/BLM continues the 25 year policy of resisting lawful

mining while doing nothing to curtail or prevent criminal use of the public lands. The economic

repercussions can be estimated to be in the range of TRILLIONS of dollars nationally, but the

social and practical losses are inestimable.

Personally, I can acquire all the raw materials I need to make a very

good living for my family and friends WITHOUT filing a mining claim or

operating at commercial levels. BUT I had endeavored to file and develop

commercial mining claims for the employment and benefit of the entire area.

The only thing accomplished by the BLM is ECONOMIC INJURY

and loss of

opportunity as well as destruction of the trust between the owners of the

Mineral Estate Grant and the current administration.

“Frank & Barbara, this is a fascinating plan you have and it would seem to help fill the

demand for mineral collecting and historical/recreational opportunities. Publicly accessible

sites are surprisingly rare in this region. We did a bit of Googling about the area and it looks

like you could have some spectacular mineral specimens. We’ve talked it over here and are

not quite sure how we can best help you. This is a different type of inquiry than we normally

receive. Are you working with AZ Office of Tourism or Dept. Of Commerce in any way? We

have contacts in both who can help us identify programs or grants that could be applicable,

although state funds are really tight these days. We’d like to continue the dialog & see what

we can do to assist you. Thanks for including us.”

Lee Allison, AZ State Geologist

Maybe the BLM & FS have been TREASONOUS LIARS and thieves, looting the

resources, all along. With everyone concerned now with the collapsing economy, is it time to

tolerate or allow such tremendous resources….billions upon billions, to be mismanaged, or

worse, diverted from the intended beneficiaries, the people, to corporate types?

This is about

private property rights and Taking Back Our National Sovereignty. Its about this:

I DARE CALL IT TREASON. The treasure is no small gift, it is ours and the means to our

independence and our freedom, and that of generations to come.

It is our DUTY TO



, it is important to reiterate that although specialty ‘niche’ rare minerals are well

represented by beautiful gemstones at a substantial billion dollar annual domestic production

level, there are

many relatively unknown minerals which are far more significantly precious in

terms of their being essential to high technology alternative energy and the wireless transmission

of power. An example of true worth is an inexpensive beryllium ceramic material which can

safely hold high-level radioactive wastes as a near-indestructible solid ‘container’ strong enough

to survive re-entry from space, facilitating the possibility of saving humanity from the inevitable

plutonium doom by permitting the sending of these wastes into the Sun. That’s priceless!

Amateur recreational prospectors expend much more field time than their professional

counterparts. They account for a majority of New Discoveries & new local wealth benefits.

RIGHT NOW the BLM is screwing up an AZ mining boom in niche minerals & small mines,

and ruining much of the last remaining opportunities for regional economic recovery and local

independence. Here’s a 1984 news clipping as a reminder of what this is about and how long this

back-door highgrading collusion has gone on between officials and commercial interests

. {Sierra

Vista AZ Forest Service District Office TAKE NOTE:}


The massive

amounts of excavated materials permitted in large corporate

mine operations make any fool Forest Ranger (Law Enforcement) like Erik Kim

{Badge #1942} who decides that a mere campsite or prospectors mining camp

occupied for more than 14 days, is “causing significant impact” sound like an

absolutely corrupt criminal interfering with lawful use of Our Public Land on a

lame false excuse, without authority, and his tickets constitute solicitation of a

bribe since the fines are to be mailed to some post office box in North Carolina,

according to the stick-on label! He is a criminal official I intend to ‘arrest’ on

sight. I remind those BLM fools in Phoenix that they cannot act, as they have,

when the economic impact is $100 million or more.

{From 1984 Rock & Gem Magazine, ‘What’s New in Minerals’ by Bob Jones}

The Moat Mtn. Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, & Topaz gem fields NOW can be

estimated in the BILLION$ in potential production…HAND_DIGGING ..if the Forest

Service were HONEST. Here’s an appraisal to show the point:

My Arizona discovery-strike, I assert, is of material ranging in value

from these prices and higher, in considerably larger deposits. Too much may be

lost, and too many other citizens affected, for me to allow such a loss, for myself

or others, and above all, is OUR public responsibility to protect the legacy for our

children, beyond that small bit of land for which we have assumed stewardship.

This editorial opinion and finding of facts is the sole product of Frank Lavoie. It

was not influenced, sponsored, or financed by any other entity or party and its

sole purpose is to serve as a notice of intent and policy position statement.

Frank Lavoie


th June 2010

(Also see the addendum of 29 June to follow.)

Addendum for Mineral Estate Notice of Intent from the Desk of Frank Lavoie

If nothing else, the oil disaster has restored appreciation for the outdoor life and renewed

the public’s love for not just the natural treasures of our National Parks and Public Lands, but the

national treasures of plentiful rural landscape and avenues of escape, recreation, and access to

natural resources. The burdened urban soul righteously fears the potential loss of refuge, peace,

and sanctuary of our National Forests. The loss of The Gulf in many ways reinforces how

important the recreational opportunities & local management of natural resources, interrelated

and interdependent businesses are to the over-all health & economy of the larger population.

The failure of government and corporate entities is the reality: their impotence &

cowardice, their irresponsibility & incompetence was the primary reason why the 1866 Mineral

Estate Grant put the Great National Treasure of the minerals NOT into the hands of government

or corporations, but reserved, given, and granted to the PEOPLE.

So by curious irony, we have laid claim to our part of the legacy, and the means to ‘save

the day’. This estate was not intended to be ‘locked away’ but to serve as the means to restore

and empower ourselves, our culture, our skills at self-governance, and to enjoy a clear, simple,

honorable re-connection with our basic success, our prudent use of natural resources. Such a life

of peaceful productivity is so meaningful it pulls the rug out from under those who now act to

expand the city ant-hill’s political pyramid of sand at the expense of the rural population and

landscape. The consumers, destroyers and war-mongers shall continue in their confusions &

rituals of social conditioning, inculturation and control, yearning for a distant & abstract ’peace

and independence’- freedom itself.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, we have seen corporate encroachment assisted by corrupt

land management agencies. The Buenos Aeries N.W.R. and Coronado National Forest have been

effectively abandoned to criminals & terrorists by officials posting closure & warning signs

discouraging public use. FS & B.L.M. have harassed & driven out campers and mining claim

owners; sent letters announcing, without due process, notice, or hearings that the claims are

“Forfeit” without any offer of compensation.

NONE of the laws are being followed. ALL the

Federal Officials, with shared responsibility with Border Patrol/ICE, paid to protect and

administer the Public Lands, and the public uses of the Public Lands, are stealing their pay by

NOT doing their duty. Overwhelming us like an oil gusher, corporate greed and closed-door

political abuse of power [in this case aided by Grijalva & Giffords] has positioned the incredible

mineral wealth of southern Arizona beyond the reach of the normal citizen prospector, but NOT

beyond the reach of the Cartel’s corporate copper mining monster money laundering fronts. This

also explains why the rest of the ‘iceburg’ keeps coming across the border unopposed.


The F.S. & B.L.M. has FAILED to DENY haven & sanctuary & support to terrorists and

criminals and foreign agents; FS/B.L.M. (B.P./I.C.E.) has KNOWINGLY acted in support of

terrorists and criminals to wit: obstruction of justice & due process; violation of private property

rights & rights of occupation; denial of and/or obstruction of public use of public lands; lies,

theft, and solicitation of bribes; making threats and bureaucratic assaults on Rights to Mine;

material interference of permitted conduct of business.

Further, F.S. has provided support to terrorists & criminals by acts of omission, to wit:

Abandonment of mission duty & responsibility to protect the land, resources, and public by

discouragement & opposition & acts to deny public presence upon the Public Lands; Failing to

publish the locations of smuggling trails, failing to capture or kill ‘marauders, raiders or

bushwhackers’. Failing to confront or capture Cartel ‘spotters’ who occupy observation posts and

act in direct support (traffic control) of cartel smugglers; Failing to confront threats to the public;

Failing to acknowledge internal corruption or to act in a manner trustworthy.

My Arizona discovery-strike, I assert, is of material ranging in value

from several thousand per pound of rough raw gem-stock to about $500,000 per pound of cut

gemstones, in considerably larger deposits. Too much may be lost, and too many other citizens

affected, for me to allow such a loss, for myself

or others, and above all, is OUR public responsibility to protect the legacy for our children, beyond

that small bit of land for which we have assumed stewardship.

When the associated high-value rare metal deposits are included, the value of just one 20 acre

mining claim may attain several billion! Even if a find is below the threshold of corporate interest

or official regulation, it should NOT BE DENIED, for every citizen is entitled to an honorable living,

an occupation, which is our right and legacy under the 1866 Mineral Estate Grant. There is nothing

wrong with a citizen

hitting it big, either, and if the advantageous circumstance is being able to

Hand Mine values from relatively easy to dig “soft” rock, that just means such good fortune when it

occurs EXEMPTS the miner from filing “Notice Level” or “Plan of Operations” papers, or even to

file a mining claim since there is No Significant Disturbance (as defined in the regulations). So that

just rots the officials’ socks, but THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT, though if they had just

been uncorrupted and cooperative, instead of hostile, they could have imposed conditions of

acceptability on the surface disturbances and excavations and manner of operation. As is, we enjoy

the loophole, and the legal “gray” area.

In view of substantive, substantial charges with abundant credible evidence and

testimony, I submit a simultaneous incredulity exists toward the court system based on these

officials already in Prima Facie defiance & contempt of 36 CFR Part 261. The avenue of remedy

thus compromised, impotent, and broken, the remaining course of redress is herein and hereby


IN THE PUBLIC Interest, (represented by) Frank Lavoie, dba as

“Amethyst Ranch” and “Timeless Mining Company” for himself, these

entities of endeavor and other citizens affected, in assertion and exercise of

the sovereign rights clarified by 36 CFR Part 261 WE do hereby publicly

claim and intend to hold forevermore with full rights superior to the U.S.

Government, {

which has NO RIGHTS} these lands described, including

patented claims formerly held on our behalf by the F.S./B.L.M. Santa Cruz

County Arizona, T24S, R16E, in Sections 3, 4, 5, 8, 9; ~ 500 Acres, Including

all those claims we recorded prior to this date, on public record.

This editorial opinion and finding of facts is the sole product of Frank

Lavoie. It was not influenced, sponsored, or financed by any other entity or party

and its sole purpose is to serve as a notice of intent and policy position

statement. Frank Lavoie, Tombstone, Arizona, 29 June 2010


Tombstone’s Good, Bad, & Ugly!

 TLCU was not the first to publicly point a finger and name names, there’s been a long line of Tombstone citizens & visitors bravely taking on both the vendettas and the inaction of ‘higher authorities’ for far too many years! The currently posted video evidence of the intolerable + blatant corruption in Tombstone is but another stone on the mountain of evidence. It is undeniable, or we would choose a diplomatic neutral position, if only in deference to business…but there has been no business hereabouts that one might say puts food on the table.  We would far prefer to help generate a feast than see another day of righteous peoples being done dirt. We believe in ideas being shared right now*, along with some we have published here, are the way we must go right now, not tomorrow, not after some interminable ritualistic process of the ‘establishment’, for we see clearly that we have trusted the prosecutors, the judges, the Feds, and others, to clean our house for us, to paint crosswalks for us, to break some bureaucrat’s "historic" red tape for us, to "get us a grant"… it goes on and on. Haven’t we learned our lesson (here and nationally) there’s NO WYATT EARP here anymore to defend us. We have only ourselves and our RIGHTS, our RESPONSIBILITIES which include both citizen’s arrest and the use of deadly force against a felon in the commission of a felony, not to mention TREASON! History has proven, THAT IS SUFFICIENT. It’s not "our" government, we’ve said as much. In fact, we believe "We don’t need no stinkin badges."

* see the Feature Films section above.

The Case for Individual Self-Governance

Good Morning, Neighbors! Our local festival of the Old West, Helldorado, ended on a tragic note, with two elderly visitors, a British couple 75 & 82 yrs old, struck & killed in a horrible auto/pedestrian accident on Fremont Street across from the town marshal’s office. The irony being that it was a local driver who struck them, one familiar with the crowds of guests during Helldorado frequently crossing Hwy 80. The double whammy has been the TV news also showing the major & marshals pointing the finger at D.O.T., while themselves under recent criticism for "Policing" the town in a way that serves a private agenda while failing to safeguard the town. This really strikes at the heart of the matter when one observes the NEW PAVEMENT & PAINT recently put on Fremont Street by AZDOT, with double bike lanes BUT NO CROSSWALKS PAINTED. It looks clearly like contributory negligence on the parts of BOTH AZDOT and the City of Tombstone. We have seen, on previous occasions, Arizona Rangers assisting pedestrians at the site of the recent deaths…but no one was present on behalf of the town assuring safe crossings, and no one took time to PAINT CROSSINGS FOR THE CITIZENS< Schoolchildren, nor Our Guests, who number in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS each season.   The {six} crosswalks WILL BE PAINTED, by the Responsible Officials, or by Vigilantes in the dead of night, mayor, if you are not seen out there in daylight with a brush in your hand… DUSTY!

Repertory Co. presents, "The Orps of Tombstone" ~ October
17, 24 & 25, and November 14, 15 & 21, 2009

– An Old West comedy presented by the Tombstone Repertory Company and
performed in historic Schieffelin Hall, corner of Fourth & Fremont
streets in Tombstone, Arizona. October 17th, 24th, November 14th & 21st performance at 7:00 PM. October 25th & November 15th matinee at 3:00 PM. For more information contact the producer Ron Zatochill at (520) 249-8944 or visit their website at: here to view the poster

TLCU  Editorial note by Frank Lavoie:
With all the resources we have at hand, WE can ALL wonder why Tombstone has FAILED to PROTECT the newly recognized HOHOKAM VILLAGE SITE on the north side of town, within city limits [wouldn’t a proper ‘dig’ & interpretive center be a visitor draw?]; Why it has FAILED to trade some of its abundant rock resources for top grade paving on every street in town? We can ask WHY there is still no network of SAFE RIDING trails & paths for everyone, nor even a completed sidewalk system which currently is in disrepair? Why are there still unfair restraints on Tombstone people who may not need or cannot get a storefront, do not qualify for a non-resident peddler’s license, and are SHUT OUT of doing business in Tombstone, or FROM Tombstone, because the prejudicial city council, mayor, and "rules" make NO PROVISION for such free enterprise, home craft or artist endeavors to be licensed by residents here? WTF?

Further, if I may be so bold as to propose this: The old high school building is still unsold [no wonder, at that price!] WHY NOT GRANT IT to the non-profit coalition TACO, to be Tombstone’s  Disabled Veterans’ BENEFIT DINNER THEATER & Media Production Facility, hosting the Community Web TV studio?  !!! The town might realize a much greater return of guests and revenue with a regular performing arts center, shared with all!
Where is our clinic? Our Community garden?
With too much currency going to bankers, war maker corporations, even the small local misuse or under-use of resources, talent, and possibilities…becomes clearly intolerable. This is harder to bear each day when the ‘answers’, the breaking out of self-imposed limitations & conventional thinking is the truthful solution. Its such a shame for so many to be ‘snapping’ under the pressure, the lack of confidence, the unwillingness to abandon failing strategies!

Here again, is a TLCU  Special guest documentary. It’s worth the time if it just helps focus how locally and globally, people tend to make the same errors in thinking, in trusting others to govern them.  WAR itself shows as clearly as any writing in the sky, that God’s Children Enjoy Enlightened Self-Governance. They know that to give that privilege & responsibility to Anyone Else is to deny the Center of the Universe within You! 

Bio-warfare! Evidence links Alaskan 1917 epidemic bodies, Army

update Monday 27th,15240,162552,00.html

H5N1 Originates From Alaska in 1997

Robert S. Finnegan
April 26, 2009

In 1997, freelance investigative reporter Robert S. Finnegan, then
living and based in Alaska was present when Dr. John Hultin managed to
con the Natives of Brevig Mission Alaska into allowing him to exhume
the bodies of several Native Alaskans against the almost violent
protests of the Natives.  Plying the Natives with lies and money,
Hultin managed to find two corpses that appeared still viable for
extraction of the H5N1 DNA buried in the permafrost.  One corpse
retained the viral DNA in its desiccated lungs.  He then returned to
the lower 48 with enough DNA to resurrect this killer virus that had
been eradicated in the early 1900’s.  Hultin turned virus samples over
to the CDC and the U.S. Army (Jeffery Taubenberger) who then proceeded
to weaponize the virus H5N1, baptizing his new doomsday creation with
the name “Bird Flu.”  This virus that had long been eradicated has now
been released once more to kill again, this time possibly billions of
human beings across the planet, by combining with the brand new killer
H1N1 that has the capability to cross barriers in pigs, birds and
humans  becoming a “Super-Super” virus.

featured stories   H5N1 Originates From Alaska in 1997

Dr. Death

“Dr. Death,” Johan Hultin. Photo by Kim Komenich.

Today, on this date the world is seeing the results of this evil
“research” as a new pandemic roars out of Mexico into the United
States.  I was in Alaska when this travesty occurred.  Unfortunately,
the Alaska Native Federation was unable to stop this theft.  “Doctor”
Hulin, the CDC, and the United States Army are guilty of crimes against
humanity – especially the CDC – who are now in the business of killing
rather than curing, and probably have been for some time now under the
Bush/Cheney crime regime.  The blame for this pandemic, if it indeed
becomes one, can be laid squarely at their feet.
 I have been waiting
for this to occur since 1997.  Martial Law, forced vaccinations and
mass death will follow shortly if this comes to pass.

Perhaps we slept too long.

Robert S. Finnegan
Jakarta, Indonesia
April 26, 2009

Origin of Virus

One theory is that the virus strain originated at  Fort Riley,  Kansas, by two  genetic mechanisms —  genetic drift and  antigenic shift
— in viruses in poultry and swine which the fort bred for local
consumption. Though initial data from a recent reconstruction of the
virus suggested that it jumped directly from  birds to humans, without traveling through swine [1], this has since been cast into doubt. One researcher argues that the disease was found in  Haskell County, Kansas as early as January 1918. [2]

Discovery of viral genomes
In February 1997,  Johan Hultin recovered samples of the 1918 influenza from the frozen corpse of a Native Alaskan woman buried for nearly eight decades in  permafrost near  Brevig Mission, Alaska [3]. He brought the samples to a team led by Jeffery Taubenberger of the US  Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). ...more follows….

WAR 360 thanks INFOWARS for the above…
for the rest of the COMPLETE RESEARCH REPORT with scientific details and references:

130 years ago Wyatt Earp… Tombstone today…

{Highgraded from The Tombstone News:}

Marshal�s Department Will Enforce 1998 Solicitation Ordinance
Meredith Littlejohn 03.APR.09

to Tombstone Marshal Larry Talvy, due to increasing complaints and
incidents occurring in the Historic District, the Tombstone Marshal�s
Department will now be enforcing Ordinance No. 5-1998 better known as
the Solicitation Ordinance.

�I personally spend at least three
hours a day dealing with issues on Allen Street and the other deputies
can spend up to three hours a day�, stated Marshal Talvy. �That is a
lot of time that could be used to investigate other crimes.� Marshal
Talvy went on to say that there are many times when TMO is
investigating open criminal cases when they are called away to deal
with complaints from frustrated businesses on Allen Street. �All calls
are important,� stated Marshal Talvy. �But we are going to have to
prioritize our responses. This may mean I get some complaints but the
department needs to be following up on many different issues including
the school break-in investigation. We have some people in jail and we
want to be able to ask them more questions, but we cannot send anyone
to see them because every time we do someone has to respond to a
complaint on Allen Street.� Marshal Talvy went on to say that he
attempts to go on all of the Allen Street calls himself in order to
free up his deputies to patrol, take calls throughout the city and to
do follow up work on investigations.

According to the solicitation
ordinance which was written in 1993 and adopted by Mayor Gene Harper
and his council, it was created because solicitation throughout the
city was becoming disturbing and disruptive to tourists, visitors and
businesses, leading to the loss access and enjoyment of public places
but also a sense of fear, intimidation and disorder.

The ordinance
defines soliciting as enticing, encouraging or requesting donation or
transfer of money or other things of value from another person,
regardless of the solicitor�s purpose or intended use of the money or
other thing of value. The solicitation may be, without limitation, by
spoken, written or printed word or by other means of communication.

of the actions now illegal according to the ordinance include; making
any physical contact with or touching another person or the person�s
property in the course of soliciting with out the person�s consent.
Following the person being solicited if that conduct is intended to or
is likely to cause a reasonable person to fear imminent bodily harm or
the commission of a criminal act upon property in the person�s
possession or is intended to reasonably likely to intimidate the person
being solicited into responding affirmatively to the solicitation.
According to Marshal Talvy at this time there is one business that is
currently breaking this section of the ordinance.

The ordinance
goes on to say that no one is allowed to intentionally or recklessly
block the safe or free passage of the person being solicited or
requiring the person, or driver of a vehicle to take evasive action to
avoid physical contact with the person making the solicitation.
According to Marshal Talvy, in the past this has been an issue with
passing out of handbills. �People block the flow of pedestrian and even
vehicular traffic which could cause injury or an accident,� stated
Marshal Talvy.

Another issue the Marshal has been dealing with is
the use of boisterous and unreasonable language which is also covered
in the ordinance; No person who is visible or audible to any person on
any street within the limits of the City of Tombstone shall in a loud
boisterous raucous offensive or insulting manner offer for sale,
solicit the purchase of, announce the availability of, or solicit the
employment of any services of facilities or solicit patronage for or
advertise any show exhibition, entertainment, tour, excursion,
sight-seeing trip or real-estate.

The ordinance also states that
solicitors shall not accost, annoy, entreat or confront pedestrians,
motorist, sightseers, tourists and members of the general public for
the purpose of marketing their products, shows, performances,
demonstrations or any like activity that requires attendance, patronage
or viewing.

According to the ordinance there are exceptions to the
rule. If a member of the public voluntarily approaches or communicates
with a solicitor in an attempt to gain knowledge concerning a show,
performance, reenactment or product then prohibitions contained in this
section are not applicable. Also according to Marshal Talvy, if a
business has someone standing on private property announcing a sale and
inviting someone in, that too is allowed as long as people are not loud
and boisterous. �No business wants to hear yelling on the street when
they are trying to converse with a customer and no one should have to,�
stated Marshal Talvy. Marshal Talvy then stated that businesses who
received the 30 day handbill permit will still be allowed to pass out
handbills as long as they stay within the parameters of the permit.

violation of this ordinance will be considered a Class One Misdemeanor
against the solicitor and/or the proprietor for which the solicitation
was made.

In the past many have stated that this ordinance is
unconstitutional. The ordinance addresses this issue. This ordinance is
not intended to limit any persons from exercising their constitutional
right to solicit funds, picket, and protest or engage in other
constitutionally protected activity. Rather its goal is to protect
citizens, tourists, visitors and other businesses or non profit
organizations from the fear and intimidation accompanying certain kinds
of solicitation that have become unwelcome and overwhelming presence in
the City of Tombstone.

According to Marshal Talvy, he is passing out
a copy of the ordinance to all the businesses and keeping track of
where he is going with the radio logs, so no one can say they did not
receive a copy. �Are we violating rights,� stated Marshal Talvy. �No,
but we are putting limitations on people while still allowing them to
promote in their own area. If someone feels it is not a proper
ordinance then they have every right to take it to a higher court, but
otherwise they will be cited as many times as needed and they can
donate money to the court coiffeurs.�
– The Tombstone News


TLCU Gunbelt Report

Man who assaulted Border Patrol agent sentenced

By Jonathon Shacat

Published on Thursday, August 21, 2008

— A man who sprained the finger of a U.S. Border Patrol agent who shot
but did not kill his hound-mix dog in Bisbee Junction last year was
sentenced to six months of home detention during a hearing in federal
court on Wednesday.

Gil Nelson pleaded guilty to assaulting
Jeremy Poser, a federal officer, in a plea agreement in U.S. District
Court in Tucson on April 22. The incident took place on Nelson’s
property near the end of Box Turtle Lane on April 10, 2007.

During a sentencing hearing Wednesday,
defense attorney Matthew Green said his client is a peaceful man. He
said Nelson’s actions were understandable given the unusual and
extraordinary circumstances that occurred. He asked the judge to impose
one year of probation.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Flannigan,
who prosecuted the case, said Nelson’s behavior was reprehensible and
there is no excuse for it. He said if Nelson wants to live along the
U.S.-Mexico border, he should be willing to deal with federal agents
who need to patrol the area. He said the term of probation should last
for three years.

Judge David Bury agreed there is no excuse for
Nelson’s actions. He said if someone hits a federal officer, he will
normally punish that person by sending him to prison. But in this
particular case, the judge made an exception to the rule due to
Nelson’s good character and the victim’s consent to the plea deal.

ordered that Nelson serve six months of home detention. He also placed
him on three years of probation, but the judge will entertain a motion
to terminate the probationary term early if the defendant is behaving

The judge also said Nelson should pay
restitution of $2,567. Green said that figure sounded too high for the
treatment of a sprained finger.

So, Bury said the order will be
effective in 60 days. The extra time will give the defense a chance to
review and approve the victim’s medical bills.

After Nelson was
arrested, he tested positive for using marijuana, but he has been
drug-free for more than a year, Green said. As a part of his punishment
for committing the assault, Nelson must submit to drug testing, limited
to not more than once per month, Bury said.

In the morning of the day of the incident, an agent responded to an activated sensor near the defendant’s property.

told him he was not happy with agents being on his property and
believed they were trespassing. Nelson also complained to a supervisory
agent at the Naco station.

That afternoon, the sensor went off again and Poser and two other agents responded, according to court records.

states in the factual basis listed in the plea agreement, “Officer
Poser was on duty, in uniform and responding to a traffic sensor in a
dry arroyo in the vicinity of my residence. My dog ran at Officer
Poser. Officer Poser felt threatened and shot my dog with his service
weapon. The dog ran home.”

“I came running out of the house
towards Officer Poser, yelling. I jumped on Officer Poser and attempted
to place him in a headlock with one arm and pulled back Officer Poser’s
left finger with the other arm. Officer Poser pepper sprayed me. I
grabbed Officer Poser’s hat and sunglasses that had fallen to the
ground and ran back inside my house,” he adds.

The other agents
arrived. Nelson came out of his house with a small jar of marijuana and
tried to conceal it in the tire of a disabled vehicle. Poser identified
Nelson and he was taken into custody. Later that day, agents found
seven bundles of marijuana weighing 160 pounds in the wash near the
defendant’s home, according to court documents. Nelson was not charged
with possession of marijuana.

Herald/Review reporter Jonathon Shacat can be reached at 515-4693 or by e-mail at

WE KNOW "The Rest of the Story" These officials are LYING, corrupt, Traitors. Agent POSER IS A KNOWN SMUGGLER & DRUG DEALER. He was CAUGHT in Tombstone, previously. He was mad because he lost his load.    Real Justice is coming to the agents stealing their pay for being partners with smugglers, for the ongoing corrupt conduct this is but an example of…the situation is a betting man’s plum- there will be gunfights, ambushes, the taking of heads- mostly because these agents have already lost their minds, lost their heads, when it comes to Common Sense. Its just a matter of whom & when they will meet their makers- at the hands of locals, honest agents, or the cartel. Life expectancy for Border Patrol just went down drastically, didn’t it?! Go ahead and discharge your firearms in residential areas, Border Patrol- and see what happens as the citizens demonstrate just how tolerable your foolhardiness is.…NOT. Live by the gun, die by the gun. The ENEMY, the Terrorists, are the BORDER PATROL. If they had EVER DONE THEIR DUTY, there would not be a meth epidemic, literally chemical warfare, across America- the BLOOD IS ON BORDER PATROL HANDS- they are ultimately responsible for the FALL of our Nation. Many of us perceive them as TRAITORS.Enough said?

[from the M3 Report:]

El Universal (Mexico City) 8/19/08

[Several lead stories addressed the government’s preoccupation with the war on crime.]
Mexico’s Secretary of Government (No US equivalent), Juan Camilo Mouriño,
replied to criticisms of President Calderón’s strategies and
performance in the war against crime by requesting that the other
political parties not seek political profit on the theme of security,
but rather to put public interest first. He asserted that President
Calderón is not dodging his responsibilities and will continue to
confront organized crime throughout his term. There is to be a high-level meeting of the National Security Council Thursday, apparently to iron out differences in strategies to combat the crime wave.
One of the administration’s staunchest political enemies, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (PRD), who lost the close presidential election
to Calderón, was criticized by his own party’s leader, Guadalupe Acosta
Naranjo, as “irresponsible” for trying to take advantage of public
concern over insecurity for political gain. AMLO (as he is referred to
in the press) had declared that the “political mafia” was worse than
organized crime and questioned the policy of the “strong hand” to
combat crime.


El Porvenir  (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)  8/20/08
(Portions of an op/column titled “Violent democracy” follow. The author is not named.)
Chihuahua is the most violent state. According to the geography of
executions four of every ten deaths linked to narcotraffic take place
there.. In Chihuahua democracy and development go hand in hand with
violence. Good coexists with evil. Chihuahua is an extreme case, but
when we analyze the entirety of places we find other similar cases. 
For example, 54% of executions (sic) take place in the 10 most
developed  places. We find two other states that evidence those
anomalous symptoms of violence, development and executions: Baja
California and Nuevo Leon. The democratic credentials of both are the
best which the country has. Nuevo Leon is the second most developed
state and Baja California the third. Unfortunately, both rank in the
top ten of violence.
Historically, Mexico has been a country of contradictions but seldom
have they been so evident. Today, the country’s most developed area is
immersed in a spiral of violence. The questions is, how long will its
democratic and financial institutions last in such an adverse context.

Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  8/20/08
The Juarez Hospital Center took emergency measures after an “armed
commando” assassinated some persons with gunfire right outside the
hospital building and when army personnel burst into the hospital
facilities. Now, gunshot victims and emergency cases are not being
attended during the night.
El Universo  (Guayaquil, Ecuador)  8/20/08
A shrimp boat named “The Lord of Justice” was found some 170 miles NE
of San Cristobal, part of the Galapagos Islands. It wasn’t fishing.
Instead, it was transporting 34 males (6 of them minors) and 31 females
(5 of them minors). All 65 Ecuadoreans aimed to reach Central America
and their destination was the United States. All have now been returned
to Ecuador by Ecuadorean officials.
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  8/20/08
There have been seven “execution style” homicides in Nogales, Sonora, in the past week. 
Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  8/20/08
There have been seven “execution style” homicides in Tijuana in the last three days.
La Jornada  (Mexico City)  8/20/08
headline: “The narcowar leaves 12 more “executed” in Chihuahua.
A businessman in Baja California and a rancher in Sinaloa were assassinated Tuesday when they resisted being kidnapped.
In Jalisco, a federal police agent was forcibly carried off, a practice
that does not have the objective of payment for ransom, but that of

TLCU Archimedian Leverage?

Thursday morning on TLCU Web TV: an OP-ED by FRANK…
"Why we make more sense than Washington." Re-Enacted Daily.

 John McCain continues to FAIL to help veterans
including THIS veteran who only needed John
to make a phone call to the VA to correct an error
 they themselves admitted to…sending a notice
 to an incorrect address…"Can I use ONE of Your adressess, John?" {He has at least seven BIG houses…I’m STILL Homeless!}

John McCain still cannot do the Right Thing!
[The VA owes me over $100,000,
John…you never gave me 2 cents!]
The FBI & DHS still owes $1.5M+ rewards for 
terror reports & witness protection…
to VETERANS who acted as True Patriots.
So is it any surprise that Viet-Nam veterans are against John McCain, since he continues to betray & abuse us?
Is it a surprise that a homeless [but obviously capable]
veteran would cop an attitude about the rich beer bitch
and her trophy boy toy full of arrogance and greed and selfishness
coupled with over-reaching ambition to acquire yet another house?
While being SO STINGY it would piss off the pope?
While homeless veterans sit behind FRY’s supermarket
in Sierra Vista asking for help, after the city Burned Out their camp?
John McCain is a CRIMINAL subject to arrest, so long as
this persists, a very solvable non-problem. Its not the
‘Homelessness’, John, its the ABUSE- by the likes of YOU!

TLCU Wednesday Reports

Life at the Center of the Universe,
Tombstone, AZ
"Why we make more sense than Washington"
Re-enacted daily.
Afternoon edition

First of two op-ed pieces on Important choices and how they lead to PEACEFULLNESS….

Peace & Gravity by Frank, with words by Alex Jones & Willie Nelson



TLCU Wednesday: Noon Edition
… from W. A. R. 360 New information on the events & situations in &
near the southern Arizona deserts & mountains has us, the locals,
and other people seeing the Prudent and Practical value of being aware
& alert. We are continuing to encourage & promote tourism,
travel, and adventure in the recently monsoon-restored beautiful area.
The wranglers, stagecoach drivers, and tour operators, as well as those
residents in the ‘outback’ of Arizona, back , way back, off the main
roads, up in the mountains, beyond the visible ranches…they have
learned many ways to adjust, adapt, and thrive in safety, in spite of
the news & goings on we report a small part of here, in the
"Gunbelt Report".
WAR 360 FYI:
[in case you missed yesterday’s headline:

Norte (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) 8/19/08
more people were killed yesterday in separate events in Cd. Juárez.
Three of the murders took place when an armed group entered a home and
carried out the executions in front of their family members.

Citizens’ U.S. Border Crossings Tracked

Data From Checkpoints To Be Kept for 15 Years

WAR 360: So
our while our " unexpected visitors" come & go, and too many of
them continue their criminal behaviors- beyond the simple crime of
illegal entry, invasion, trespass, and violation of OUR PRIVATE
PROPERTY RIGHTS…the Border Patrol simply will not stand there on the
Border controlling it, taking simple possession of the narrow strip instead of a ‘playing field’ of tens of thousands of square miles…
and that leaves us, and OUR GUESTS, our invited or welcome visitors from all over the world…[have
you seen the maps full of pins in Tombstone, where tourists mark where
they are from? Its apparent that we get hundreds of thousands of
adventure travelers from all over the planet.] To Provide our own
security, our own measures of protection, our own adjustments for
safety and self-defense.
And in that is part of the GRAVEST
THREATS to our personal & communities’ private & public safety.
We have addressed here, in the WAR 360 GUNBELT REPORT, that some
residents, in the aftermath of wild gunfire incidents involving smugglers and Border Patrol,
have publicly stated that the ONLY LOGICAL and reasonable response by
citizens was to REMOVE THE DANGER IMMEDIATELY with overwhelming
response by a unified community. It is unfortunate that the
HOSTILE relationships established by the Border Patrol* have negated
all possible cooperation or coordination with the citizens BP is
assumed to protect.
It has been clearly expressed that rash &
poor choices by BP to stage gunfights in residential & school areas
is not only intolerable, but justifiably reacted upon by citizens
within their rights to end the conflict by destroying all parties to
the clear & present endangerments or terroristic acts. *The
now famous case of POSER vs Nelson, wherein the intimidator/trespasser
BP agent shot the citizen’s dog to terrorize the neighbors into NOT
REPORTING the agent’s smuggling as Nelson bravely had.

Had Border Patrol or local marshals & sheriff’s deputies EVER DONE THEIR DUTY, {to safeguard the communities, rather than police them}- people in the ZONE would not be required to conduct their daily lives with the Ranchers’ "Constant Companion" by their side.
FOOL Judge WALLY HOGGATT, are you listening? The
BP/ICE have, in effect, established a large ‘protected border zone" of
impunity and free passage. They have an "Enterprise Zone" where
anything goes through, for a price. We have been reporting on Border
Patrol’s STAND-DOWN for months, now. Finally, others, not just Glenn
Spencer’s American Border Patrol, have noticed, if only by way of the
knowledge that the invaders violences and crimes and influences have
spread to and begun to dominate cities like Atlanta, far from the
border. Even the crime & corruption in Oklahoma has its direct connection to the TX, NM, AZ Gunbelt Towns, and the Mexican meth smuggling/vehicles runs. {ref: the "Topline" story.}
There is no "law" in the southern Arizona Counties which has
not been subject lately to simultaneous admissions of ineffectiveness
AND accusations of corruption, felonious conduct, and complicity in
cartel business.
One mayor admitted to a journalist that all
the marshals in town had been found to have their names on a cartel
beheading list, a very special hit-list indeed- and expressed his
opinion that the marshals leave town soon so the community did not have
to deal with the evil publicity that was bound to follow. The irony of
local citizens in a situation of virtual lawlessness is not lost on
those gun-toting individuals who have gathered by the thousands in
& around Tombstone, as their icon, "The Town Too Tough To Die"
continues its daily performances of WHY WE MAKE MORE SENSE THAN
WASHINGTON or the local officials:



Stay safe, enjoy the Monsoon Green, and welcome the PEACEFULNESS

More after 2pm… Frank

Gunbelt Report & rumor of a Tombstone Gunfight

See the Friday morning Gunbelt Report :
WAR 360
The morning Gunbelt Report only hints at the level of tension in the small communities of southern Arizona near the border, as gangs have become highly visible and completely UNOPPOSED, like in Tombstone.
Its VIGILANTE Weekend, and that theatrical charity group was playing to
a small audience today on Allen Street. What turned more heads was two
deputy marshals, locally known to be drug dealers who intimidate
witnesses, JD & JJ, being "Tailed" by a couple of well-heeled
cowboys, who might well have been Federal Agents- {they should wear
their own hair instead of wigs}-(none of the actors here use wigs, they
grow their own hair for the Victorian era look. )The comments this video journalist heard
indicate that too many people are livid and disgusted and have reached
the level of gunplay- people are openly speaking of "calling out" the
whole department, just like what has been happening just across the Mexican Border, where daily,
corrupted cops are shot by their own criminal buddies or by the Mexican
Military or Federal Police, even as some of them run into Arizona and
beg for asylum. Corruption knows no boundaries, so its my opinion that
its just a matter of time- a short time -if people are as sincere as
they seem to be about taking on or ambushing these criminals behind the
badges. If the PUBLIC attitude is so blatant, there is MUCH more to
this "iceberg" than is visible and spoken, so I think fair betting
money can ride safely on the highly likely possibility that HEADS WILL
ROLL here, soon, that is, if the likes of Smith and his gang survive
the other real vigilantes, which I dare speculate, is a Rather Large Group of heavily armed veterans and former cops & agents who
have dissociated themselves from Dever, Cloud, and most all of the
local communities law enforcement people, knowing full well what is
about to happen
. The FBI & DEA are Cowards, unwilling to take on these cartel hired cops, so…