Peace reasserts itself as Gaiia screams

As talented and adept at expressing myself and writing lucidly intellectual honest research and subsequent opinion, I must apologize for being completely inadequate to the task of disparaging Amerika in any vicious fashion commensurate or adequate to the damnation, condemnation, decapitation that it, by any god’s justice, so deserves and is so long overdue to receive, perhaps, as some expect imminently, by the very hand of God.
To whom it may concern:
We consider it irrational, unreasonable and irresponsible to accept or tolerate USFS and BLM actions in the Border Zone of Arizona. Both are in defiance and contempt of 36 CFR Part 261  of Dec. 8th, 2008. They are in clear Prima Facie violations of permittee rightts, acted to deny due process, interfered with the lawful conduct of mining in process, unjustly causing financial losses & negative effects beyond the scope of their authority. Little research is required to confirm that operational small mines can & will widen production without interference from government, & can replace corporate giants in supporting the economy of Arizona, for the giants ship out their ore for processing, escaping the payment of royalties. Corporate giants are little restrained from a feeding frenzy upon small operations and their mineral estates. No surprise then small miners are voicing their declarations that their rights are NOT abbrogated, abridged, forfeited, limited, affected, negated, removed or transfered without permission or DUE PROCESS. We declare, demand, & require, exactly as a county sheriff’s authority allows, that the FS/BLM is, by default, removed from the Public Lands by the stewards of record of the mineral estate, and may take whatever measures found prudent and necessary, including the powers of arrest and the use of deadly force. This authority extends beyond the mining claim boundaries to where the agent, instument, or perpetrator of any violation or act affecting mining claim ownership, operation, occupancy, safety, security, privacy, quiet enjoyment, trade secrets or proprietary data, marketability, profitability, or future production. Yes, this would include highgraders & claim-jumpers as well as, you guessed it, "officials" & corporate landsharks & their political toadies.

From the desk of Frank Lavoie

Concerning the Legacy of the Mineral Estate

Granted to The People [not government nor corporation] by Presidential

Proclamation in 1866, and the Imperative to Save both The Estate and the

Citizens’ Control over the great national minerals treasure as per the 1872

Mining Law and the Decision of 36 CFR Part 261 of 8 December, 2008 from

the usurpations and derelictions of the USDI, BLM and Forest Service,

to wit, the Minerals Management which contributed to the on-going death of

the Gulf of Mexico.

I herein document the FS/BLM/USDA practice of intentional

mismanagement from 1984 to 2010 : A brief set of well documented

examples of not just incompetence, but of purposeful denial of due process,

discovery rights, mineral rights, occupancy and operational rights of mining

claims and other lawful uses of the Public Lands, but also, very importantly

NOW -along the Border with Mexico in the Coronado National Forest of

Arizona, “Failing to deny haven or sanctuary to criminals or terrorists”, and

“Knowingly providing sanctuary and support to criminals and terrorists.”

Therefor, be On Notice, Concurrent with the Right and Privilege of owning

and operating a mining operation on claims upon the Public Lands the Mine

Owner has the responsibility to Protect the Lands, the Resources, and the

Legacy of the Mineral Estate Grant . There is no legal obligation by the miner

to absorb, absolve, or share the liability of the surface and subsurface

resource administrators, on behalf of the citizens or other permittees, just to

conduct one’s own operation so as to not create cause for legal action. When

the Forest Service and BLM act in “Plain Error” and directly cause harm, loss,

damage, and clearly actionable violation of due process, private property

rights & civil liberties, it’s the obligation and duty for the owner of the

mineral estate to take whatever steps as he is sovereign upon the Estate to

hold and occupy it. The FS, without justification or due process has acted to

bring both the livelihood and occupation and operation of profitable mines to

a halt with the stewardship and protections of the resources, lands, and

Legacy also stopping. Almost immediately begins unauthorized mineral

materials removals, vandalism and theft, which makes the economic impacts

further reaching and likely to increase while the unfortunately abused small

miner is out of work pending resolution of a “mistake” done on purpose to

achieve what is not supported by regulation or court decision. That makes it

prudent and reasonable to include protection strategies from

mismanagement or worse, for the plain reality is that smugglers, criminals,

and terrorists are currently using the Coronado National Forest, and the

administration’s corruption to their advantage. I may surmise that the

officials are both cowardly in failing to promote and protect permittees, and

suspect of complicity and cooperation with the Cartel to keep potential

witnesses out of the smuggling corridors if only by virtue of their patently

uncooperative and hostile relations with those brave citizens willing to

undertake the risk and expense of developing profitable small mines for the

benefit of a large part of economically depressed southern Arizona.

There’s no honor in winning a fight that could have been avoided.

I personally find no advantage to fighting; it’s in error to think there is justice

or an element of ‘fairness’ in a ‘battle’ in which one party has a chance to

defeat the other. I generally refuse to fight, preferring instead to just win/end

the war. Just show absolutely no mercy, and do not participate in a ‘fight’, a

court battle, a lawsuit, an appeal. Do not dignify or legitimize by response a

bureaucratic red tape attempt to interfere with the honest conduct of

peaceable and honorable vocation.

I filed, paid my fees…I OWN MY CLAIMS.

Starting in 1978, rising values for varieties of quartz, among other gem specie

long dominated by imported, inexpensive gem-stock- rose enough to make

domestic sources competitive. Attempts to develop well-known historic

deposits of high quality were met with red tape and regulations designed for

industrial metal mines and large volume low unit value minerals like copper.

A less skeptical public began to ‘Romance the Stone” when the famous 1972

gem tourmaline strike in Maine had reached a market value of $60 million in

six short years. Other fabulous discoveries followed disproving the ‘fluke of

luck’ doubters and establishing by 1981 that there were, indeed, large worldclass

gem deposits in America worthy of mining efforts.

In 1981, I participated in an investigation for the Senate Committee on

Natural Resources at the invitation of Senator Gordon Humphrey, as we

looked into Forest Service stone-walling and red tape stalling of mining

permit applications. The Amethyst we found – deep purple- appraised at

$150,000.00 per cut pound. {2270 carats}.

I had written a 25 page report, had all the paperwork done & fees paid, when

we were ‘raided’ by two FS Rangers who showed up at our very remote

campsite pretending to be lost, asking for help, off duty, out of uniform, and

without the supervisor on duty’s knowledge or permission. When we

returned to our vehicles, they had their uniforms on and pressed false

charges to keep us off the mountain all summer until a November trial. Yes, a

lot of our discovery was subsequently stolen, and that was the second such

incident. At trial, we proved that corrupt Rangers had previously given

highgraders directions to my 1st find, as listed on the two-year delayed

permit application, and issued a bogus “For Educational, recreational, noncommercial

purposes” permit in Jan. ‘81 [deep snow]. The large, distinct

crystals appeared just two weeks later at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

{STD Minerals, Michael Haritos} for sale. We flew out and bought some of our

own find for analysis, but it wasn’t until 1990 that a FS commissioned

science study proved us right. 1984: We proved the FS ‘wrong’.

This has been a very long war!

What was at stake, the news and CNN reported, was $50 million or more in

recoverable gem crystal which could be mined by hand methods. I have

produced a documentary film of 1 hour, 33 minutes, on the

NH Amethyst

Strike Story* [

*on VEOH and Google Video.] including an editorial on this court

case and Forest Service mismanagement. The 1911 Weeks Law

did Not say

no mining was to be allowed in the Eastern National Forests, it stated that the

local resources were to be administered by, and for, the advantage and

benefit of the local communities.

{P.S. We held our $600,000.00 civil judgement ‘in abeyance’ pending Forest Service

‘cooperation’. I thusly expected in subsequent mining operations, that the FS would not be taking

a ‘hostile’ attitude toward small specialty miners. I was wrong, but it took years to find out, and a

lot of effort to prove that even now, the FS/BLM is in Contempt and defiance of 36CFR Part

261. }




1984 – 1988

For about 5 years I mined quartz in Arkansas at my commercial, bonded operation until Sen.

Dale Bumpers and Gov. Clinton imposed a lease scheme by which we had to bid to keep our own

mines. Corruption! (Uncompensated 14

th Am.‘taking’.) Six tons of production and a great

business was destroyed by politicians. So I testified, and moved my business to Colorado.

Here we go again:

For “The Rest of the Story” please watch my 1 hour documentary

film”Saga of the Blue Frog Mine” on Google Video.

In 1994 or 1995, a “Terrorist Training Camp” and madrassa was raided in Buena Vista

and Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was complete with AK’s RPG’s, explosives, the usual stuff,

which was also found in a storage unit in Colorado Springs. After 911 in 2001, a local TV station

re-ran the raid story under the ‘local terrorist connection’ byline, and an FBI spokeswoman said

they apparently missed some of the members and the whereabouts of their new training camp.

We found it in the Pike National Forest, 37 miles from Ft. Carson. Automatic weapons fire all

night long at Sportsmens’ Paradise on the South Platte River. I know, I was fired upon with about

300 rounds, and I fired back only three…but that’s a story for another time. Twice before the huge

Hayman wildfire, attempts were made to initiate a forest fire within ten thousand feet of the

Rocket Mine at Crystal Creek. On Day One of the ‘Towers’ operation June 8th [and a nice strike]

FS Ranger Terry Barton Starts fire with two pages of meth lab instructions. [pers comm FBI].

From the full letter, these relevant portions:

{Part of the dragged- out process of getting a “Plan of Operations” OK’d for a ½ acre mine!}…

OK, fast forward to last year and now, June, 2010, Santa Cruz County, Arizona:

Frank Lavoie:

I DID NOT REPLY. They did not follow due process, failed to notify me PRIOR to

trespass without my permission. What claim? Where? When? Who? This is speculative,

with surmise & conjecture..IN VIOLATION and defiance of 36 CFR Part 261..a CRIME,

and the notice below was sent to me 45 days beyond the Due Process date, also

violating my rights. This DOES NOT CHANGE the rights of discovery, my

ownership of the mineral estate, or my rights to occupy and mine. In that it is

patently wrong and “Plain Error” in defiance and contempt for the 36 CFR Part

261 decision IN OUR FAVOR as parties to the class action suit against the Forest

Service following the Hayman Wildfire. SO FOR REASONS STATED ABOVE

we shall hold our ground and claims as well as the 8-billion $ estimated value of

the deposit we discovered and claimed.

YES I said a huge number- which can be substantiated by

structural geology and geochemistry & by inclusions in quartz crystals, something the local authorities say is not a

‘locateable’ mineral, denying that it is the prospecting key to establishing the existence of a related and associated

metal deposit. [note 2006 falsehood of gem amethyst “not locatable”; revelation of material found is not an AZ


In this case, its 5% RHENIUM in molybdenite in 200 ton pods & pockets in

a fault-bounded stock-work structure with pegmatite and aplite and alpine cleft

deposits. Look it up and figure it yourself at current prices. So it’s not too

shocking that Corporate mining giant Freeport- McMoran’s exploration geologist,

Ian Merkle, visited me in an admitted case of industrial espionage 1 ½ years ago.

And its obvious that someone recently has utilized a willing Phoenix BLM office

to advance Rep. Grijalva and Rep. Giffords’ stated agenda and proposed

legislation halting all mining claims in Pima and Santa Cruz Counties [as well


all uses of the Coronado National Forest] regardless of the methods used.

I refuse to recognize nor obey such a compromised,

politicized, and corrupt administration.

I intend to hold and occupy those claims I have recorded and to use all rights to

effect the safety, security, and integrity of my authorized mining operations and

the rights of all others accepting the legacy and responsibility for the Mineral

Estate Grant of 1866.

If I am offered compensation for this illegal “Taking” commensurate with the

current market value for all the components of the Mineral Estate…and this did not

affect other miners I might consider it, but considering the value of US Currency

and the irresponsible nature of the government, I may not consider it for it would

be a travesty and an injury to the Lands to abandon them to the carelessness of a

demonstrably irresponsible corrupt government.

Highgraders and Claim-Jumpers in uniform!


Take note of the DATES! Why did they wait so long? So the reply time would be expired

and nothing could be done! THEFT BY ADMINISTRATIVE “ERROR”!

Worse, this appears to be a common practice.

How clearly can it be said? This is a classic violation of due process. They think I

have to prove that they made yet another error, when its already been revealed & made a

court decision that they are NOT ALLOWED to do this deceptive illegal mismanagement

any longer. Maybe they have NOT READ 36 CFR Part 261.


So, after such a history, the FS/BLM continues the 25 year policy of resisting lawful

mining while doing nothing to curtail or prevent criminal use of the public lands. The economic

repercussions can be estimated to be in the range of TRILLIONS of dollars nationally, but the

social and practical losses are inestimable.

Personally, I can acquire all the raw materials I need to make a very good living for my

family and friends WITHOUT filing a mining claim or operating at commercial levels. BUT I

had endeavored to file and develop commercial mining claims for the employment and benefit of

the entire area.

The only thing accomplished by the BLM is ECONOMIC INJURY and loss

of opportunity as well as destruction of the trust between the owners of the Mineral Estate Grant

and the current administration.

“Frank & Barbara, this is a fascinating plan you have and it would seem to help fill the

demand for mineral collecting and historical/recreational opportunities. Publicly accessible

sites are surprisingly rare in this region. We did a bit of Googling about the area and it looks

like you could have some spectacular mineral specimens. We’ve talked it over here and are

not quite sure how we can best help you. This is a different type of inquiry than we normally

receive. Are you working with AZ Office of Tourism or Dept. Of Commerce in any way? We

have contacts in both who can help us identify programs or grants that could be applicable,

although state funds are really tight these days. We’d like to continue the dialog & see what

we can do to assist you. Thanks for including us.”

Lee Allison, AZ State Geologist

Maybe the BLM & FS have been TREASONOUS LIARS and thieves, looting the

resources, all along, but with everyone concerned now with the collapsing economy, is it time to

tolerate or allow such a tremendous resource….billions upon billions, to be mismanaged, or

worse, diverted from the intended beneficiaries, the people, to corporate types?

This is about

private property rights and Taking Back Our National Sovereignty. Its about this:

I DARE CALL IT TREASON. The treasure is no small gift, it is ours and the means to our

independence and our freedom, and that of generations to come.

It is our DUTY TO


This editorial opinion and finding of facts is the sole product of Frank Lavoie. It

was not influenced, sponsored, or financed by any other entity or party and its

sole purpose is to serve as a notice of intent and policy position statement.

Frank Lavoie


th June 2010


Rendezvous for Rancher Krentz

Gathering in Douglas and all along the Gunbelt border zone.While the TREASONOUS Border Patrols 10,000 square miles of Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties, they fail to HOLD the mere 25 sq mi of the ACTUAL BORDER, 100 miles by 1/4 mile wide. They NEVER TOOK POSSESSION OR CONTROL. They are cowards, crimnals, and traitors…but Justice is with US, and HELL is coming!

Snake Oil for the American Disease

Prescription for "The American Disease".  COME HOME & LIBERATE America!
NOT wanting to admit the ‘bottle’ of snake oil is empty, or worse, that it is deadly, Americans are now being asked to  fund a refill.
130 countries, 700 bases…the ‘Great American Empire’s vast military expedition has just now discovered… the ever-present enemy
is one they carried with them from ‘home’; the corrupting ethers of callous avarice, unbounded greed and criminal war profiteering
as vast and powerfully skilled as the militant merchants of death, armed with the technologies of an otherwise peaceful future…
but merciless & unfettered, loosed upon the planet through the ‘American’ military-industrial-banker-politician’s Cartel. It has NO regard
for national sovereignty [not even US] nor religious freedom. In simple terms, the people of the US probably will not allow their ‘government’
to exist any longer in its current form, knowing of the CIA "undoings" with the last straw being their direct complicity in supporting
the opium trade and terrorists. {Karzai’s brother & control of Afghan opium and financing of ‘Al Queda" thus conclusive proof
911 was an inside job, another ‘false flag’ operation i.e. ‘Operation Northwoods’} This is just as the FBI seems also to have an
informant provocateur instrumental in every ‘wanna be’ theatrical terror cell they seem to ‘find’, yes, by circumstances of their own creation.
 Why would the CIA stop at destabilizing only other countries?
After enough provocation and targetting, the US’s many victims have developed [beyond localized reactions] the awareness
 & recognition of the roots of what Empire only now vaguely senses, shuddering at the Horror in the Mirror.


It totally goes to the heart of the matter when the Congressional Ethics Committtee (in the case of Murtha) finds clear connections between the lobbyists for defense contractors making campaign contributions  and the congresssman’s buddy getting big no-bid contracts. But because the "law" has been set up & written by such legislators, it appears the TREASON stays protected behind a proceedural wall due to lack of whistle-blower protections and the required independent inside evidence. Thus the WARMONGERS have triumphed over the 1st victim of war: Truth.

And The Truth is that it is the American Disease that has infected the world, causing reactive counter-terrorism [which the dunderheads call ‘terrorism or insurgency.] and to SAFEGUARD HUMANITY from the nuclear state sponsored terrorism of the US,
there must now be applied A CURE.
It will NOT be found in the 1900 pages of "health care" deception.
It will never be bought with "bail-outs".
It will never be legislated.
It will never come as a miracle no matter how much money is worshiped.

This Prescription means each patient must Think, Act & Live as a defender of peace, dismantling & destroying the Warmongering Mentality as well as the machinery of death which has personified American racism, Greed, Theft, & Genocide for its entire bloody history. There is No nationalism justified by war, only by a nation’s preservation and promotion of peace. America has failed criminally. Our military must now invade America from its scattered and ineffective deployments, must now fight the treasonous coup, the ‘Shadow’ government, the corrupted Pentagon & its corporate co-conspirators who, with Congress, the CIA and outside forces, sent them away on false pretenses, so that we, The People, could be suppressed tyrranized betrayed and ripped off, our whole Treasury plundered-  without The Peoples’ ability to overthrow the political police state by use of our own defense, our militarized citizens, our own Defenders of the Constitution, in effective numbers to overcome the private armies & politicized police now among us.
It is TIME for Our Forces
{they are NOT the private military of a dictatorship, nor the permutations of Blackwater style mercenaries under corporate control…are they?}



Endless war or Revolution?

W. A. R.  360  and TLCU Web TV editorial:

Is there any question THIS IS NO LONGER "OUR" Government? Revolution is overdue.
Is there any real debate, when it comes to a choice between Endless War and PEACE? Only if Humanity is left out!

Our children are asking, and if they can master live video teleconferencing, research & rapid response, devices well beyond computers and phones, why is our society, ‘our’ government engaged in Blunt & Stupid Criminal WAR & refusing to communicate with anyone, EVEN US, on the honest intellectual level of innocent children?


Bankers & governments & the military pretend to "protect" us from "Thieves", { read also "radicals, terrorists, ‘the other party’} from those who would take anything: homes, lives. liberties, away. But they cost us more than the thieves when we fail to assume the privilege or responsibility of dealing with the thieves ourselves, and responsibility for our own currency or property or lives, don’t they? The {False Evidence Appearing Real} of a small risk, the laziness & irresponsibility of citizens, and the abandonment of responsibilities to deal personally with theft, with prejudice, corruption, with lies and abuse… -abandoned to a Police State and a mountain of irrational magic words on paper called ‘laws’ and a truly criminal "justice" system of slavery & imprisonment…FUELS the very fires of Hell..what’s that smell? Its money burning!

Regardless of the political/economic system, capitalist, communist, democracy, democratic republic, dictatorship, or party of nationalist drunks…it is by nature the weakest social exchange possible, with the most shallow of commitments or exchanges, because, on average, CURRENCY is only as valuable as the use to which it is put. "Imagine," said one pundit, "the Chinese give
us televisions and we only have to give them printed paper!" By its own artificiality, such printed paper symbolic of something else, like legislation, and all such ink on paper is no better than the broken paper chain of the Constitution of the now defunct republic turned narco-democracy, crumbling like our infrastructure, our social structure…widespread systems collapse underway, irreversible…leaving too many citizens in mid-air. At least many know from there that what was ‘taken for granted’ is no longer so. A single piece of paper, call it a Constitution, a law, money, mortgage, diploma, license, deed, charter, insurance policy, bible, warrant…it is STILL just ‘magic words on paper’ and only as valuable or meaningful or useful as the parties agree & act to
faithfully accomplish in REALITY, here, now. The exchange or convention which once was the inflated, conflated or corrupted abstract involvement of TOO MANY others- by use of "currency" in the Private interaction & busy-ness of individuals…
can be made obsolete overnight! Barter, trade, and FOOD is the real ‘currency’.

By Destiny rather than choice, we revolt against the schemes now attacking individual freedoms & liberties. Millions are clue-less, mission-less, aimless..asking "Why me?’ "What’s next?" Even a good job of one’s own choice doesn’t seem as attractive as it used to,  Does it? Since then the same costs, impacts & demands on your time have been compounded with multiple interest, taxes, permits, licenses, and other "hands out" & too many "bail-outs" and generational indebtedness and national debts incurred, not to mention WAR COSTS UNENDING!

One solution among us is to be Open-minded. If not, the discomfort of today and the fear of an unknown tomorrow avoided by obsessing with the past, ‘establishment & history’, social convention, religion & tradition as unchanging as possible… ENSLAVES.
The false comfort of agreement is not as common a sentiment among Open-minded, forward-looking innovators. By Nature, evolutionary adaptation and creativity are survival skills. Our Timeless advantage -the willingness to choose our own individual paths, FREE from the chains that still hold our neighbors, has not been SO PRECIOUS as now.
Dance to a different tune.
All kinds of "MUSIC" have been labeled as ‘dangerous’. Music is dangerous to the demagogs & self-appointed guardians of the Status Quo. But music in and of itself cannot save us from political or social oppression, though it remains one of many tools we must use in our ongoing
 cultural Revolution.   


We are all about to experience WAR, upclose & PERSONAL

The research trail PROVES a CARTEL-MILITARY takeover,
a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT by FORCE (local to national) that is needing to be
countered, resisted, undermined, eliminated.

Render unto Cheney the things that are Cheney’s and Unto GOD the things that are Gods’.

197 other "American" Corporate Military Bases around the planet.

Don’t water-board me, Bro!

Since when? Since the revolt against the British FAILED.
They thought they were ‘free’, but the Queen and her Bankers had their hooks into the ‘new republic’ from day one…

 They refuse to account for TRILLIONS, enough to pay off all of every Americans’ debts.
Yet "they" have the audacity to ACT OUT their criminal intent now in the open.

WE also CONDEMN the FOOLS in that AZ State Patrol car that rolled into an RV campground
 today at 4 pm-onto private property without a warrant. One scream by the lady they were harrassing/visiting
would have brought their careers to an abrupt end, for many neighbors were watching, guns in hand, for this is, after all, TOMBSTONE. This is where we have told Border Patrol they are cowards and traitors for failing to take simple possession of the border, and we tell them in NO UNCERTAIN WORDS, ‘don’t go staging a gunfight (with smugglers) here, or the neighbors are bound not to have it, and will return fire on both your asses, bringing an end to such foolhardiness and taking risks in our backyards instead of doing duty on the Border.
only rational fear.

It would appear the TIPPING-POINT has been reached.

7PM MST We predict the next headline will be only 3 letters, and it will be a DOMESTIC story:

                                                           W A R

– Infowars –

It’s Getting Very Serious Now

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Chuck Baldwin
May 12, 2009

First, it was a Missouri Analysis and Information Center (MIAC)
report; then it was a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report; now
it is a New York congressman’s bill. Each of these items, taken on
their own, is problematic enough; taken together they portend “a clear
and present danger” to the liberties of the American people. It is
getting very serious now.

If one doubts the intention of
the elitists in government today to deny the American people their
right to keep and bear arms, consider what former Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger is purported to have said just a couple of weeks ago.

As readers may recall, the MIAC report profiled certain people as
being potential violence-prone “militia members”: including people who
supported Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and myself. In
addition, anyone who opposed one or more of the following were also
included in the list: the New World Order, the U.N., gun control, the
violation of Posse Comitatus, the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, the
Ammunition Accountability Act, a possible Constitutional Convention,
the North American Union, the Universal Service Program, Radio
Frequency Identification (RFID), abortion on demand, or illegal

The MIAC report prompted a firestorm of protest, and was eventually
rescinded, with the man responsible for its distribution being
dismissed from his position. The DHS report profiled many of the same
people included in the MIAC report, and added returning Iraq and
Afghanistan war veterans as potentially dangerous “extremists.”

As I have said before, it is very likely that when all of the
opinions and views of the above lists are counted, 75% or more of the
American people would be included. Yet, these government reports would
have law enforcement personnel to believe we are all dangerous
extremists that need to be watched and guarded against. If this was not
bad enough, a New York congressman has introduced a bill in the House
of Representatives to deny Second Amendment rights to everyone listed

According to World Net Daily, May 9, 2009, “A new gun law being
considered in Congress, if aligned with Department of Homeland Security
memos labeling everyday Americans a potential ‘threats,’ could
potentially deny firearms to pro-lifers, gun-rights advocates, tax
protesters, animal rights activists, and a host of others–any already
on the expansive DHS watch list for potential ‘extremism.’

“Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has sponsored H.R. 2159, the Denying
Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009, which
permits the attorney general to deny transfer of a firearm to any
‘known or suspected dangerous terrorist.’ The bill requires only that
the potential firearm transferee is ‘appropriately suspected’ of
preparing for a terrorist act and that the attorney general ‘has a
reasonable belief’ that the gun might be used in connection with

“Gun rights advocates, however, object to the bill’s language,
arguing that it enables the federal government to suspend a person’s
Second Amendment rights without any trial or legal proof and only upon
suspicion of being ‘dangerous.’”

WND quotes Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt as
saying, “By [DHS] standards, I’m one of [DHS Secretary] Janet
Napolitano’s terrorists. This bill would enable the attorney general to
put all of the people who voted against Obama on no-gun lists, because
according to the DHS, they’re all potential terrorists. Actually, we
could rename this bill the Janet Napolitano Frenzied Fantasy
Implementation Act of 2009.”

Pratt was also quoted as saying, “Unbeknownst to us, some bureaucrat
in the bowels of democracy can put your name on a list, and your Second
Amendment rights are toast.” He went on to say, “This such an
anti-American bill, this is something King George III would have done.”

Now that DHS has established both a list and a lexicon for
“extremists,” it looks to Congress to confer upon it police-state-style
powers through which these individuals may be disarmed and eventually
done away with. Rep. Peter King is accommodating this goal with H.R.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

me ask a reasonable question: how long does anyone think it would be,
after being profiled by DHS and denied the lawful purchase of firearms,
that those same people would be subjected to gun confiscation? And how
long do you think it would be before DHS began profiling more and more
groups of people, thus subjecting them to gun confiscation?

This was exactly the strategy employed by Adolf Hitler. The Jews
were the first people denied their civil rights–especially the right to
own and possess firearms. Of course, after disarming Jews, the rest of
the German citizenry was likewise disarmed. And we all know where that

I’m not sure how many of the American people realize that it was the
attempted confiscation of the colonialists’ cache of arms in Concord,
Massachusetts, that started America’s War for Independence. Yes, my
friends, it was attempted gun confiscation that triggered (pun
intended) the “shot heard ’round the world.” And now it would appear
that, once again, a central government is on the verge of trying to
deny the American people their right to keep and bear arms.

I am told that as of 2004, 50% of the adults in the United States
own one or more firearms, totaling some 270 million privately owned
firearms nationwide. I would venture to say that the vast majority of
these gun owners would find themselves matching the DHS profile of a
potential “extremist.” I wonder how many gun owners realize the way
they are now being targeted by their government, and just how
serious–and how close–the threat of gun confiscation has become?

If one doubts the intention of the elitists in government today to
deny the American people their right to keep and bear arms, consider
what former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is purported to have
said just a couple of weeks ago. Kissinger attended a high-level
meeting with Russian President Medvedev that also included former
Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz; former Secretary of
Defense William Perry; and former Senator Sam Nunn. Included in the
discussions was Kissinger’s assertion that the American people were now
ready to accept a “New Global Order.” He is also reported to have told
Medvedev, “By September we’ll have confiscated all privately owned guns
so it really doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll still be in charge.”
(Even though the national news media has not reported this statement,
the Internet is abuzz with Kissinger having said it. Whether Kissinger
actually made that statement or not, he, and rest of his ilk, have
repeatedly called for a New World Order, in which there will be no
constitutional protection for the right to keep and bear arms.)

This leads to a very serious question: how many of America’s gun
owners would allow their government to deny them gun ownership?
Further, how many would passively sit back and allow their guns to be

As humbly and meekly as I know how to say it: as for me and my
house, gun confiscation is the one act of tyranny that crosses the
line; debate, discourse, discussion, and peaceful dissent cease and
desist at that point. I say again, it is getting very serious now.

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IDIOT LIARS in the White House oblivious, incompetent?

IDIOTs?   TRAITORS! Did you listen Carefully to Janet Napolitano?
This is in truth, an extremely obvious case of world-wide biological warfare launched from WITHIN
 [created and deployed by] the US Government.
L.I.H.O.P.!!!Its an Emergency of great urgency;
yet the borders remain open?

In but one hour, the BP, ICE, and DHS Agents who are AT THE MOMENT
inside of Cochise County, Arizona, for example, could travel to the actual border,
TAKE POSSESSION and control,
and by sunset, the BORDER COULD BE CLOSED.
They do not even want to try?

The Treasonous sentry does not want YOU to see the border-war zone in its abandoned state,
and Janet will put you into a FEMA ‘Quarranteen‘ CAMP if you dis-obey, or refuse your vaccine…
MARTIAL LAW is but hours or days away.{?Thursday?}

Why are these idiots continuing to lie? Janet, you should be dancing with cholla!

WAR 360

WAR   360   
Biological Warfare launched by the US Government.
Cheney & Bush’s REVENGE?
Pat Robertson goes nuclear…
Baxter Company, Mossad, intel groups implicated.
CIA up to their eyeballs in Swine Flu complicity.
Ft. Huachuca Commander FAILS to detect or intercept
STEALTH FIGHTERS which orbited the HWY 80/82/90 circle.
[mentioned by DUSTY SILVER in this post.]
brings violence, retribution, THREATS
 as thousands stream across the border.

Border residents: Illegal crossings are rising

They say new fence is not hindering illegals

By Jonathon Shacat
Published/Last Modified on Sunday, Apr 26, 2009 – 02:16:31 am MST

Its not going to be ‘just another Sunday’…


From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff –

I am making a plea to everyone who reads this, please, please DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE THAT IS PURPORTED TO ‘PREVENT’ THIS FLU.

Remember 1976 and the so called Swine Flu outbreak that was
purported to be a coming pandemic? It only infected recruits at Ft.
Dix. Why? Because I believe that the so called Swine Flu virus infected
the recruits due to the vaccines they were given. Whether the
government developed the Swine Flu 1976 virus and infected the recruits
as a means to test the public to see if people would comply with a call
to take vaccination against Swine Flu, or the recruits became infected
via contaminated vaccine they were given as part of the recruit
regimen, that outbreak was as phony as they come. I was one of the
people duped into taking a Swine Flu shot and it made me so sick. I was
sick in bed for three months after taking the vaccine.

Do not take seasonal flu vaccine if you are told that it could help
prevent this brand new Swine Flu variant. It won’t do a thing to
prevent this flu. What it will do is serve up new genetic material to
the Swine Flu virus that I have dubbed Spanish Flu 2, the Sequel. The
Spanish Flu variant will use the gene sequences in the vaccine in
humans to develop more of the changes that make the virus more readily
infect humans. We do not want to give this virus more human genetic
material so that it will infect humans more readily person to person.
This is what vaccinated individuals do for pandemic strains.

There is also a safety issue in any experimental vaccine, much like
the one in 1976. Some people even feel that such a vaccine for pandemic
strain might require more than one vaccination which could actually be
a binary set up. The first shot might just add some genetic code that
stays dormant in the body until one gets the second vaccine shot which
then serves to only cause infection. It could trigger Guillain-barre
syndrome, Typhus or some other condition.

An Influenza vaccine does not protect or prevent a person from
contracting flu. It is purported to, maybe, prevent some complications
of flu and maybe shorten duration. I am not even sure it does that.
Personally, I feel the vaccine weakens our immune system and also
sickens us due to contaminants in the vaccine. I feel that people can
better protect themselves by washing hands often and thoroughly. People
should also use protective gloves when out and about during epidemics.
Don’t be afraid of “looking odd.” I would not be ashamed to use a mask
and gloves. I see that the Mexicans are using them.

A big problem during a pandemic is that these simple supplies will
become extremely scarce awfully quickly. Stock up now. Medical
supplies. personal hygene supplies and don’t forget fido, or any other
pet. Once a pandemic hits, it will be too late to stock up. Water, too.
We may lose clean water and electric power, so be prepared.


Pat Doyle

The Curse of a Criminal Nation

If the question of the day is to ARREST GEORGE BUSH & Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Don Rumsfeld, and so on..or not…
WE SAY it is neither a matter of policy nor politics, it is a matter of the

Curse of a Criminal Nation by Frank Lavoie
or, Why haven’t they been EXECUTED yet?
from a Republic Broadcasting Exclusive on Feb 22nd, 2008

The Big Curse of America : 500 years of terrorism on 500 nations- is an end to it near?
    We ask first if you saw the PBS special on Kit Carson before launching this essay,
or most recently "We Shall Remain"  on PBS
or are familiar with the series 500 Nations, or How the West Was Lost.
Please bear such American History in mind, in that we wish to merely
suggest a perspective to be pondered or used to illuminate the current
situation, including Kosovo  [Iraq?]  independence- in the light of some reports
that part of the opium marketing interests in addition to the CIA’s
regional instability services section, have been fingered in the
apparently manipulated controversy within and outside of Serbia. That
isn’t to say that other correlations are not also intended. Now the
exclusive essay:
When we use Google Earth to get a view of places in the news, or of our
own neighborhoods, we enjoy the familiar recognizable landscape from a
new perspective. We know exactly what we are looking at, even if we are
seeing it now from a point of view where we know it’s impossible for us
to stand. The places we walk, thinking we know well how straight the
path may be, is revealed in all its bends and curves. What seemed a
mountain when we climbed it is now shown realistically a hill.
Likewise, the topography, the geology of the land, exists without
boundaries.The subject is more than an imaginary line on the ground.
The rock under all our feet sets the course of rivers and the range of
mountains, no matter who draws a boundary around the resources, at the
convenience of the times and the politicians. Whole nations change
hands among global corporate tides of fortune
; Whole populations and
the natural resources at their feet are fought over by others far away.
Oil fields, pipelines, mines, private and public properties are traded
for favors, or traded as favors among politicians & "leaders" who
care not where we stand, what we stand for, or what piece of Earth upon
which we wish to stay.

1860: Gen. Canby waged war against the Navajo indiscriminately, or more
accurately, with great discrimination. Typical to the ‘manifest
destiny’ mindset of divide, conquer, and plunder, many ‘battles’ were
won but never the ‘war’. In efforts to bring an endless campaign to a
‘successful’ close, Canby & others negotiated "Peace" on their
terms in treaties they drafted & imposed upon the native
landholders. In most cases, troops were withdrawn immediately upon
effect of the ‘treaties’, leaving open opportunities for revenge by
displaced & disenfranchised survivors of the raids, battles, and
trick treaties. It didn’t mean widespread bad faith on either side to
live in peace, though not necessarily among each other- the sides were
trapped in an armistice which was neither dependable nor enforceable.
The general lack of any central authority remaining in the scattered
tribes left even the great Navajo Nation fragmented. Among both
settlers and natives, many families and groups conducted themselves
individually and independently. Peace itself is not neccessarily free
of theft, murder, depredations, or hostilities within or between
groups; they continue with or without a ‘peace treaty’, with or without
war, or the presence of force.

So it is possible, even today, to see worthless treaties and false
peace again predicated as it was in 1863 by General Carleton in New
Mexico. [June 15th] "
For a long time
past the ‘indians’ have murdered and robbed the people of New
Mexico…they were warned & told to inform their people that for
these murders & robberies The Tribe Must Be Punished, unless some
binding guarantees should be given that in the future these outrages
should cease…additional murders & additional robberies have been
perpetrated upon the persons & properties of our un-offending
citizens…it is therefor ordered…to prosecute a vigorous war upon
the men of the tribe…until it is considered at this headquarters that
they have been effectively punished for their long-term atrocities."


The order went out to kill all male resistors, to capture all the women
and children, and of course, TO TAKE all their LANDS in the process. To
control the looting, Carleton offered $20 for each captured Navajo mule
or horse, $1 for each sheep. "Volunteers" roamed the country destroying
crops, orchards, and gardens, stealing livestock for Carleton. "This
way will be pursued against you if it takes years, now that we have
begun, until you cease to exist or move. There can be no other talk on
the subject." From their point of view, the aim was to END 180 YEARS OF
WAR with the Native Americans- not to live in peace.

Using Divide & Conquer strategies continued through 1882 with
unscrupulous Indian Agents conspiring with land grabbers. Near
TOMBSTONE AZ the Chiricahua & Jacarilla Apaches finally had enough
of the provocations and with Tanza &  Naiche, sons of Cochise,
found new ways to retaliate, different from Geronimo. They made the
settlers dependent on their Farming and Orchards
while working on a
Really Big Curse
. 130 years later, we may be seeing the culmination of
almost 500 years of terroristic warfare, of trick treaties and broken
promises, in that what was started in America so long ago against the
Native residents of America may have been Just Cause for
a curse of revenge:  the
500 year long trace of a path American Government chose for itself, a
policy, a mindset, a ‘philosophy’ of murder, theft, genocide, and lies..
albatross of legacy and reputation which might take another 500 years to
forgive, but it shall never be forgotten, for "General George Bush, and General Dick Cheney" may have finally replayed the bad karma from early
fascist American history by completing the curse-
such people who would do such things so forbidden by the Great Spirit & the Nation So Gained were Doomed to Repeat the behavior for 500
years until the other Tribes of Earth, seeing 500 years of such crime,
would bring the White Buffalo to Dance upon them and return them to the
Earth forever to bring Peace itself back to every lodge.

Frank Lavoie

Whose side are they on?

When a tradition and FIRST AMENDMENT exercise become as pivotal as today’s
"Public talk on issues of public concern" in "seeking redress of grievances"
and such rights are NOT TO BE INFRINGED, Tombstone’s Ordinance 821J and the 1994 "Boisterous" Act are clearly
Prima Facie evidence of TREASON, aren’t they? Irrefutable debate concurs:
The appearance of Criminality, with public documented violations and apparent conspiracy to violate civil rights
AND civil liberties undertaken by the Mayor & Marshals of Tombstone

{with its obfuscational city charter now under investigation, a legitimate cloud is over the city’s source of authority}
has become a valid critical question demanding immediate resolution. But not by some LOCAL MAGISTRATE* with inherent conflict of interest*
who should have recused himself before now- upon the filing of these items upon the Tombstone docket,
for just as this ordinance was INEXPEDIENT to LEGISLATE, all actions or causes of action related to these ordinances and their citation during separate crimes of abuse of authority are beyond the scope, authority & jurisdiction of said magistrate;
they should have been removed from the docket prior to this time as NOT GERMAINE to ANY ISSUE before the bench, and unajudicatable given the "a priori" necessity to determine the constitutional validity and/or applicability of the ordinances or their [selective] application has never been examined, nor has any allowance ever been made for their challenge, which in itself is a DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS.

{*Not to mention allowing an abuse of the court for political and/or criminal purposes, advancing an agenda, negating constitutional protections, violations of the Oath of Office, TREASON.}
From local dictatorship & fascism to State & National levels, the betrayals are too similar Not to see the commonality, the same method of demonizing & assaulting those who may not agree with you.
WAR 360 Special news from "The Gunbelt Report":