We need EXPERT specimen extractors, NOT digger/miners!

Simply mechanizing helped us over the crisis that the big neighbor mining corporations can’t overcome with $70K job offers> lack of manpower, and they have everything else. We have adjusted in large part to accommodate my disability, but have  SO ZEROED IN on the paystreaks and  minimized the labor involved to achieve very profitable production in short episodes quickly that we realized all we all need now are some pro, dedicated & experienced HIGH-END specimen extractors who understand that in such an arrangement with us here on these well-known localities YOUR SKILL can pay off in shares of production net profits perhaps better than mining with the big guys. Lots of crystal pockets, lots & lots.

PLEASE HELP Frank. email


“Highgraders” Screenplay, western, romantic adventure 4$ by author









I CANNOT QUIT. Everything is ready. The road is good. MONSOON means MINING!

I have to get these mines operating. THERE’S MILLION$ TO BE MADE! LET’S DIG! GRASP the magnitude of our strike by way of what our neighbors have.*(see video link to Taylor-Hermosa Mine)

These commercial claims, fully permitted, were developed to benefit many people, including myself, my top priority being new teeth, to replace the ones I broke or lost during my seizures because they are, as is, seriously affecting my recovery from the other serious medical problems.

{As per my current lack of working crew} Too many applicants misrepresented their qualifications (color-blind, no less!), lied, had family problems, or otherwise disqualified themselves, but the real disappointments in my heavy heart wasn’t so much the lack of helping hands as the lack of, dare I say, daily communications by fellow miners and tradesmen, or complete failure to follow-thru by locals when I did issue a contract. [as in expecting to get a road condition report requested two weeks ago]. So, without being in reliable, dependable production mode, as the rich deposits would easily support, we are not enjoying the sales we should, nor are you out there with sincere interest in the trade making the kind of high income we could enjoy mining amethyst here together.

It has been too long that I have suffered; I admit it would be too ambitious, maybe imprudent or wreckless, to try to resume the kind of activity & exertion I want to, so that this gem bonanza is realized fully. But I’ve been unable to get a side-kick personal helper for mining, tho I do now have a visiting doctor. (ironic, no?)

I can be of great help & guidance, even “working” a couple mines occasionally, but the way to really capture a significant market share in category with dependability for the client and stability for the crew is for me to make a big change immediately.

The monsoon rains will wash down a lot of mineralized ground and excavated paydirt for us, SAVING many hours of handling & prosessing, as well as helping us stay zeroed-in on the highest-paying streaks of pockets.


Border War paradox precludes Miners' Rendezvous


Inspiration and opportunity to share. HELP Frank resume mining, in Arizona.

When the middle of the day is too hot to ‘work’ we will dig early & late, underground whenever possible, or do other tasks, like specimen washing. Admittedly, there is some physically challenging parts of recovering specimens and gem rough to be expected, but by necessity as well as because independent owner-operators have flexibility, we have adopted many ways of overcoming limitations and use mechanical advantages to the max. In my case, as a disabled veteran now hardly able to walk, much less carry any weight, I have to resort to asking for some helping hands and using a few contraptions, apparatus, and machines. I have also focused on production from proven rich ground. The sites are ready, we need specimen miners for however long they can participate, as soon as possible. I have tents, base-camp, security, and support ready for YOU.           PLS Call 520-255-6744 & lv a message.

Here’s some inspiration:

How many crystal miners want projects? (Updated May 15th 12:00 hrs) +5/18 update! MINING BOOM GROWS! JUNE UPDATE soon.


SEE PAGE FOUR:  http://www.patagoniaregionaltimes.org/

12+ days ago I published this ‘recruitment’ & encouragement. Since then, local news in this booming mining community and within the trade network connecting to this high level of activity means even we small-scale specimen producers have influenced the huge corporate mines to consider the economic importance of specimen salvage & recovery. Of no surprise to several of us, this included high-value amethyst gem-cutting rough stock as well as expertly extracted top-end [museum & gallery grade display] specimens, some of which have appreciated in market and auction value 500% in five years. (according to a Forbes Magazine article recently.)

The parties interested in the New Hampshire amethyst expedition are advised that as I pondered how best to help that risky venture from here, proposed for June, into UNPREDICTABLE results {it has, after all, been TOO many years ago} my better judgement said, come here to ARIZONA to dig a sure thing WITH ME instead!

Fox Business “After the Bell” just featured the many incentives being offered to counter the widespread shortage of skilled, qualified workers; from house down payments, and rent assistance, to free land!

We CAN, and REPEAT our offers of generous shares of production profits, expenses taken off the top first, a choice of campsite occupation, and more. {Video streaming anyone?}

It’s time for us, as we resume mining activity, opening each mine IN TURN, to consider how many miners each project can enrich. All the TMCo digs (some are still nameless!) near Duquesne and Mt. Washington, AZ, will well support small-scale specimen & gem (rough) mining with an enjoyable and profitable production.  I’m adjusting to my own physical limitations, insofar as no longer expecting to do much more mining by my own hand or without help and machines. We operate BOTH from Patagonia as well as from the mining campsites on the claims.

Several are ready-to-open, ‘turnkey’ mining camp set-ups with immediate production, a world-wide market, and more, others require a bit more groundwork to extract commercial, reliable supplies evident at the surface IN QUALITY & QUANTITY.



So here is the “Incentive of the day”: We can agree to grant you new Timeless miners a generous BONUS of production share as mutually agreed, but EVERYONE who helps us operate commercially shall also share an equal bonus. Since TMCo’s best results are after-sale, [so we do not subject our endeavors together to separate marketing attempts] TMCo’s best business practice has been to set goals of production and marketing such that the Team shall inure to its benefit such net profit share each as to realize a revenue of not less than $36K per year.

Here’s a word apropos to this opportunity:

Reading the ground.

The deposit will have to have a name.