Here we GO! Access to our “RED” amethyst mine!

HERE we would greatly welcome some  timely support AS IN CO-SPONSORSHIP funding of a little trail-work to initiate substantial production. We might be able to have this contracted & done in just a week! We do have specimens & gems to sell or trade immediately! Our mining neighbor stopped in to offer on-the-ground help. We seek a way to pay him.



Poster specimen until we dig more

Prize specimen dug by Terry Allison

30+ yrs war on rules; Victory at hand for NH amethyst strike, at last!

We are leasing our strategic patented {NHES041929} amethyst mine* on North Moat Mtn. North Conway, NH to a well-respected amethyst miner. *[aka The “Ravine”, “Boulders” and Pete Samuelson’s “Moose Pocket” locations].

We are offering a guide service opportunity to a local (NH) member of the Saco Valley or Southeast NH Mineral clubs to help guide my commercial miners to the locality, for a fee or participation dig share.  Likely in JUNE.


Patagonia Mining Boom growing!

We were not too surprised to see more progress at the many minesites we pass on our way to the Duquesne – Washington Camp area, but the sight of mid-road drilling, and surveyor-prospectors staking new claims ( some abutting one of ours) and the appearance of several new companies driving Harshaw Road, confirm our earlier conjecture that the regulatory and security atmosphere changes were about to have an effect (along with economic factors) which would be beneficial to our niche mining biz.

Along with NG & military on the border [already, advance forces have deployed, much to our relief, right on our property!] the safety and peacefulness of our mining is assured, at long last. {Not that we had not already employed adequate preparations.}

So with a lifting of the unreasonable restraints previously & wrongly imposed upon us by corrupt Forest Service in their now well-known over-reaches, we are applying normal, conventional methods and machinery to exploit our phenomenally richly minerallized deposits.

ACCORDINGLY we are re-issuing our recruitment for pro specimen extractors and others involved in mine operations focused on quality production rather than quantity sales. Residing here is a MUST, at least for the season. Please email me

Playlist for civility during uncivil times

{Photo courtesy Old Tombstone Studio }   All music remixes by Underground Fire, Frank Lavoie @ Amethyst Ranch Studio, with Audacity software.


What a way to launch the 2018 mining season! Local help + Amendment = Amethyst mining!

Click to access Small%20Miner%20Amendments%20to%20S145.pdf

The Secretary of Interior shall review and revise existing federal regulations, including but
not limited to 36 C.F.R. Part 9 and 43 C.F.R. Parts 4 and 3800, to make them congruent
with this Act. The Secretary of Agriculture shall review and revise existing federal
regulations to make them congruent with this Act, including but not limited to the striking
or repeal of 36 C.F.R. Part 228. The Secretary of Labor shall review and revise existing
federal regulations to make them congruent with this Act, including but not limited to 30
C.F.R. Parts 1-199. The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency shall
review and revise existing federal regulations to make them congruent with this Act,
including but not limited to 40 C.F.R. Parts 1-50.

Claim and mine topology

Mining engineering for AMC 406090

(a) 43 U.S.C. § 1702 is amended as follows:
(i) New subsections (q), (r) are added:
“(q) ‘mine operator’ means any person or entity exercising rights of
or through the holder of a federal unpatented mining claim.
“(r) Generally ‘mining casual use’ means excavation and/or
processing (including motorized excavation and processing) of less than
1,000 cubic yards of material annually per claim; or surface disturbance of
less than five acres of ground; use, maintenance, or occupancy of visiblyexisting
or previously-existing roads, trails, tunnels, mill sites, refining
sites, bridges, or existing mining-related buildings; staging, use or
occupancy of portable or removable equipment; subsurface operations; or
any combination of the foregoing or similarly-limited mineral development

Japan-Law Twin Quartz crystal specimens!

We are mining at the BUTTERFLY MINE now, in part because there’s a shortage of qualified specimen extractors for that “other” project which is labor-intensive, and the drop in market prices for the scepters, likely due to huge dumping of cheap similar crystals by the Chinese as much as the African influential production.

As an additional guide for our many quartz collectors, dealers, and researchers, I’m  including here the best study I could find on quartz crystal forms. (Crystallography)


Our NEW domestic Arizona artisan mining operations , RECENTLY ADVANCED by application of hi-tech derived data and meticulous attention to detail, patient scientific sampling and building upon a decades long dedicated data base (over 1350 expeditions in this immediate  area) have surprisingly [even to me!] resulted in our ability to “zero in”  on the richest portions of our deposits actually reducing the amount of expected conventional excavation & tunneling work while increasing significantly the amount & value of production!

The study of many local miarolytic vugs, chambers, + galleries, the several granite, aplite, and pegmatite vein systems, and the ore bearing dikes due to the presence at depth of a huge orebody, have supplemented the available public knowledge and historic mining records to reinforce our field-proven assertion that we have the most reliable, largest and best such sources now being commercially worked for these very rare forms of quartz crystals.


Our mini-excavator is almost ready (I need practice with the new machine) and we have targeted an area where we found large pieces of JL twins at the surface, and some on matrix, so we’ll see results right away.

2018-2020 Production preparations nearly complete!



Barbara and I are very well prepared. The RV Trailer, the tow trailer, an ATV (not in video) and all that gear, tools, packaging, mini-excavator, all of it is for TMCo mining, and soon will be in place on the claims. We have water systems, raw materials for cabins & campsites, trails & workings, we’re even ready to make further progress into our tunnels, too!

Small-scale specialized artisan miners, in particular those outside the ‘gold belt’  whose production of rare earths, exotic metals, gem & lapidary materials, are well overdue the consideration and appreciation they deserve, and have darn-well earned, have had a hard-rock time of it up to now. Even the large corporate mining projects who are our neighbors have been very public about their inability to recruit qualified miners. I commiserated with a Taylor-Hermosa high-up recently in pursuit of some high-technology we might both use, like the SEGWAY XT2.0 and the SIR 4000 GPR by GSSI.

My own adjustment is reversion to “Plan ‘A'”, that is, to dispense with mining for the market despite an abundance that would lend itself to volumes to sell, there are not enough available qualified miners who are not already busy & dedicated to include in our 2018 plans for processing anything less than top-end investor, collector, dealer & museum grades. I’ve generated my share of tonnage. Now we are refining our excavation choices, using mechanical advantages in place of miners.

Plates of Phantom 'ed Dauphine Scepters!

Phantom ‘ed Dauphine Scepters over a foot across in 2018